Hey! Say! JUMP, Wait Your Turn

Title: Wait Your Turn [Yuto/Keito]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17
Summary: Yuto is afraid to admit to Keito that he wants it a little dirtier.
AN: Written for Shiritori. we’re watching Chinen and Takaki do France, so you’d think you’d get that pairing, but no, instead you get just some Frenchie insults.

Wait Your Turn

“Fit together in the shower?” Keito asks, tilting his head. “But why? I don’t mind waiting.”

Yuto slaps a hand to his forehead. Keito sits down on the bench his towel, expression patient, obviously ready to quietly wait his turn no matter how many members JUMP has.

“I don’t know why you’re even trying that,” Chinen counsels as he pushes Yuto along into the shower room. “You know he doesn’t understand subtlety.”

“How is asking him to shower with me subtle?” Yuto demands. “It’s not like I’m trying to confess! We’ve been sleeping together for three months!”

“We fucking know!” Takaki calls out from one of the stalls. “Quit yelling about his British dick already!”

“Shut it, Frenchie!” Yuto hollers back. Chinen has turned around to eye him evenly. “What?”

“Want to tell me what’s really bothering you?” he asks. Yuto is still spluttering that it’s nothing when Chinen grabs his wrist and drags them both into the same shower stall. “Relax, you prude. I demand hair-washing in exchange for my psychiatric services.”

“It’s…personal,” Yuto sighs, already reaching for the shampoo. He knows a lost cause when he sees one. Chinen looks over his shoulder from fiddling with the knobs, unimpressed. “Really, really personal. And complicated.”

“That’s what you get for seducing a straight guy,” Chinen informs him. He ducks his head under the spray long enough to wet it, then stares at Yuto imperiously until shampoo is applied. “And don’t get it in my eyes. So it’s some sex thing? You don’t want to be the girl anymore?”

“Nobody’s a girl,” Yuto says, giving Chinen’s hair a little yank. “If you mean bottoming, I like that fine. It’s just…you know his thing about condoms and girls?”

“Mmhmm,” Chinen agrees. “And I would too if I’d had to get my now you’re a man sex talk from his dad, yikes.”

“He won’t stop using them,” Yuto blurts out in a rush. When Chinen doesn’t immediately respond, Yuto adds awkwardly, “And I want…him to. A lot.”

“Yuu-chan, you freak,” Chinen purrs, and Yuto is going to regret this so hard, he knows it. “Have you told him that? Directly told him.”

“Yes!” Yuto retorts. “I tried! But he always says he doesn’t mind, and he wants me to be comfortable, and all this junk and it’s sweet, but…”

“Have you told him you want to go bareback because you’re a dirty pervert like on the internet?” Chinen asks, and Yuto grumbles that no, he has not said that. “Maybe try it. Or, speaking of the internet, I think Inoo-chan has some on-target schoolboy porn he could–”

“NO THANK YOU,” Yuto bellows. Takaki calls from the next stall over that if he didn’t want it, he shouldn’t get in the stall with Chinen, obviously. Yuto shoves Chinen out of the stall and tells him to go appease his train buddy, for fuck’s sake.

He stays in the stall, shampooing his own hair and stewing as he thinks about Chinen’s entirely practical advice. He’s too deep in thought to notice someone else coming in until there’s a shout of surprise.

“Sorry!” Keito says when Yuto whirls around. “Chinen said it was my turn, I can just…”

“Would you get in–OW!” Yuto bellows when soap slides right into his eyes, and these are not the sexy shower times he was hoping for at all as Keito rushes in to push his head under the water, slips, and sends them crashing into the tiled wall in a painful tangle of knees and elbows.

“Somebody needs to teach you two about shower sex safety,” Takaki comments when the two of them limp out, Yuto’s eyes still bloodshot. “Waterproof lube, waterproof!”

Yuto clears the bench with a roar loud enough to make their manager stick his head and find out who needs a clarifying trip to Johnny-san’s office.

By the time their next off-day rolls around and they go home from work the night before to make the most of it, Yuto has grudgingly come to realize that Chinen is right. There’s nothing for it but to admit to Keito that his boyfriend is a dirty, dirty freak in bed.

He was going to wait until they were in bed to bring it up, but when they’re stopping at the combini for food, Keito mentions that he needs to pick up some more condoms anyway.

“You don’t,” Yuto says, willing his voice not to crack.

“Why, do you have some?” Keito asks. He sounds so calm and normal, and Yuto hates how silly and blushy he feels about the topic. He’s an adult, dammit!

“No,” Yuto plows ahead as best he can. “I’m saying, you don’t need them, with me.”

“I keep saying, it’s not a problem,” Keito soothes. Distantly Yuto wonders how many times he’s had to say this to girls, but the flash of jealousy doesn’t help him keep himself on target, really.

“What I’m trying to tell you,” Yuto interrupts, “is that I’d rather you didn’t. When we’re,” Yuto looks around, remembering they’re in public and lowering his voice, “when you’re inside me, I want to just feel you, you know?”

Keito’s nose scrunches. “But…”

All of you,” Yuto clarifies as best he can with an added eyebrow wiggle for emphasis. Keito doesn’t answer for a few seconds, and Yuto wants to slink out of the place like a scolded dog, tail between his legs. “Sorry, like I thought, it’s too weird, right? I guess I’m a pervert like Chinen says, never mind, just forget I said anything.”

“You really want to feel that?” Keito asks. He looks more puzzled than horrified, and Yuto dares hope he hasn’t driven Keito back to girls in disgust. “All messy and whatever?”

“It’s more, it’s okay if it’s messy?” Yuto wants to explain himself better, but doesn’t know what words to use. “If it’s with you, I want to feel it.”

“Damn.” Keito drops his eyes, cheeks pink. “Let’s get out of here quick.” It’s not until he adds, “You always do shit like this in places I can’t kiss you,” that Yuto understands that Keito isn’t embarrassed at all, totally the opposite.

When they get back to Yuto’s room, door firmly locked, they strip with practiced efficiency without needing to exchange any words before they fall into Yuto’s bed together.

“It’s really okay?” Yuto asks between rushed kisses. “I’m sorry I’m like this.”

“Stop that,” Keito scolds. “I like you the way you are. If you want to try something different, let’s try it. Also, stop telling Chinen our business, tell me instead.”

“I tried!” Yuto insists, but Keito shuts him up with another fierce kiss. Then he shoves Yuto onto his back and watches with a heated grin as Yuto spreads his legs just for Keito. He pushes into the touch as soon as Keito trails fingers down along the inside of his thigh.

“Excited much?” Keito teases, and Yuto scowls at him.

“I’ve been thinking about nothing but this for days!” he protests. Fortunately Keito isn’t much for teasing himself, and rubs at Yuto’s rim to appease him momentarily while he leans over to find the lube in Yuto’s bedside drawer. “Finally,” he sighs when Keito is working the first finger in.

“I can’t wait to feel that around me,” Keito says, making Yuto groan and spread his legs even wider. He wills his body to relax faster, to just get on with it already, and even as good as Keito’s gotten at learning this part, it still seems to take forever to Yuto.

“I’m good, I’m good,” he swears at the earliest possible point he thinks Keito will believe him. “Please? Keito, please, I want you inside.”

Keito gives in, weak to Yuto’s begging as usual, and gets up onto his knees to settle between Yuto’s legs. Yuto whines in pleasure as Keito pushes in for the first time, the sting and stretch of it only making his skin burn hotter, makes him reach down to grab behind his knees to get Keito in deeper.

“It’s really hot when you do that,” Keito says, already sounding short of breath. His eyes are dark and focused only on Yuto, and Yuto arches under the attention, loving every second of it. “You want me that much?”

“Yeah,” Yuto says, reaching up to wrap arms around Keito’s neck. “Yeah, I want more. Keito, more.”

Keito drops to his elbows for leverage and thrusts harder, hard enough to make both of them grunt. He’s low enough to Yuto’s chest to block the view, but Yuto doesn’t care. He lets his eyes fall shut and focuses on the feel of it, of Keito hard and hot inside him, Keito’s breath puffing against his chest, the way Keito’s ragged breaths make his back rise and fall under Yuto’s hands.

When Keito sits up suddenly, Yuto opens his eyes to whine about it, but Keito wraps a hand around his cock and starts jerk him off before Yuto can form an actual protest.

“Well, okay,” Yuto says instead, rolling his hips up into Keito’s hand. Keito is still fucking him a little, not as deep or hard or before, but the steady roll of it still feels good as he fucks Yuto into his own fist. “Mmm, Keito.”

“Like that?” Keito asks, even though he knows well enough by now what Yuto likes. He proves it by making Yuto come only a minute later, spilling over his belly and Keito’s hand, squeezing tight around Keito’s cock for the long, breathless seconds of his orgasm.

“Yeah,” Yuto mumbles, not sure if he’s answering Keito’s question or whatever. He manages to lift his arms just enough to wave them imploringly. “Back down here.”

Keito leans back down and they wrap their arms around each other. Yuto feels good all over, Keito’s skin so hot and perfect rubbing against his own, and he keeps making small noises that he can’t quite control. It feels even better when Keito goes back to really thrusting, chasing his own release.

“Keep going,” Yuto encourages, eyes closed again, just clinging to Keito while the feel of it rolls over him. “Don’t stop, feels so good.”

“I’m close,” Keito mumbles, voice muffled by Yuto’s chest. He feels Keito’s shudder all through his body when Keito starts to lose it, moans himself like he’s the one coming as Keito twitches and pulses himself out inside Yuto. It’s exactly what he wanted, as close as they can get, Yuto humming in pleasure as Keito’s heartbeat pounds against Yuto’s chest.

They stay like that until they catch their breath.

“What you wanted?” Keito asks.

“Exactly,” Yuto assures. “Thank you.”

“Don’t thank me for sex, it’s weird,” Keito says, and Yuto laughs because of course that’s the part Keito finds weird. “Want to take a shower with me?”

“Together?” Yuto does a passable impression of Keito’s tiny British lilt. “But why? I don’t mind waiting.”

Keito pinches him and threatens, “Shut the fuck up or I’m going out to buy condoms.”

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