Harry Potter, Just Blow On It

Title: Just Blow On It [Percy/Oliver]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17. No warnings really, just oral sex.
Summary: Oliver’s sustaining Quidditch-related damage, but the cure is almost worse than the condition. Percy offers medical assistance.
A/N: For the Sexual Healing Challenge, 941 words. Man, you think 1000 is a lot of words, but then the smut gets going, and it’s kind of a struggle.

Just Blow On It

Percy looked up from his desk when Oliver staggered into their dorm, his usual swagger looking rather more painful than usual. He collapsed onto his bed and moaned melodramatically.

“What’s wrong with you now?” Percy asked. “And don’t you dare complain about Quidditch practices again, you’re the bloody captain!”

Oliver flipped him a rude hand signal and began stripping off his trousers. Percy sucked in a breath when he caught sight of Oliver’s bare legs; the inside of his thighs were rubbed raw, the skin angry red and cracked. Oliver caught Percy’s eye and grinned ruefully.

“From being on the broom in wet robes,” he explained. “Pomfrey gave me some stuff for it.” Oliver rummaged around in his robe pockets and produced a jar of salve. He unscrewed the lid and sniffed the contents, then shrugged and dipped several fingers in.

“You’re staring, Perce,” Oliver remarked as he slapped a glob of salve on his thigh. The tips of Percy’s ears burned, but before he could look away, Oliver’s smirk disappeared and he yelped.

“All right?” Percy asked, standing up from his chair. Oliver squeezed his eyes shut and took several deep breaths.

“Holy hell, that stings!” he managed.

“How long do you have to leave it on?” Percy asked. He drifted closer to Oliver’s bed and removed the jar from Oliver’s hand just before it spilled to the carpet.

“Till it dries. Oh fuck, there’s no way I’m putting that on the rest of my skin!”

“I’ll help.” Oliver cracked an eye to peer at Percy, who seemed a bit flushed but gave a shy grin. “Should take off your underwear, though. Might get messy.”

Oliver snorted at the way only Percy could make a sentence like that sound perfectly sensible, but obeyed the order, grimacing as the elastic of his underwear skimmed his chapped skin. He flushed a little himself when Percy settled himself on the floor, kneeling between Oliver’s legs, but forgot the surge of warmth entirely when Percy spread a wide swath of ointment across his thigh.

“FuckfuckfuckFUCK, stop!” Oliver begged, trying to slap Percy’s hands away. “Shit, it’s like having salt ground into a gaping wound, Weasley, stop, I mean it!”

“No, Pomfrey told you to do it, and you’re going to!” Percy fended off Oliver’s attack and regarded him for a moment. “Although…it might help if we could distract you for a bit…”

Oliver was about to ask what Percy meant, when he realized that all the blood rushing to his stinging thighs was also pooling in his cock. Oliver reached down to pull the bottom of his Quidditch jersey over his half-erection, but Percy grabbed his wrist, stopping him.

“It would certainly be distracting,” Percy said. Oliver swallowed and gave a tiny nod.

“You can’t use your hands, you’ve got that stuff all over them.” Oliver flushed scarlet as he realized what he’d just said, but Percy didn’t look opposed, merely startled.

“I haven’t, before, you know,” Percy admitted quietly, “so you’ll have to say if I’m doing it wrong.” Oliver gave a strangled little giggle at Percy’s assumption that Oliver would even know the difference between a good and bad blowjob.

Percy licked his lips and shot Oliver a final glance before leaning forward to press his lips against Oliver’s head. Oliver drew a shaky breath and could practically feel the blood draining out of his brain as Percy gave a tentative first suck and Oliver roared from half-mast to ‘Arr, full speed ahead!’

He had nearly forgotten the whole point of the distraction when Percy suddenly slapped a double handful of salve on either thigh and began rubbing it in. Oliver arched and tried to twist away, tugging himself out of Percy’s mouth, but Percy pressed down on his thighs to keep him still.

“Relax,” Percy ordered before taking most of Oliver’s length back into his mouth, and Oliver whimpered, feeling light-headed. Giving him a moment, Percy waited until Oliver was sighing with every breath before beginning to rub the salve in again. The other boy twitched, but didn’t jerk away, and Percy hummed his approval.

The skin underneath his hands was so hot, the glide of his salve-covered palms across it fascinated Percy, just as much of the pulse of the vein on the underside of the cock pressed against his tongue. Both were throbbing, slick, and making Percy’s own cock ache.

Oliver’s gasps had turned into soft moans, and he was thrusting erratically into Percy’s mouth, trying to keep still but unable to manage it completely. Warm hands suddenly covered the back of Percy’s head, tugging and urging and stroking, and Percy had forgotten he was even supposed to be doing something with the damn salve, completely focused on sucking Oliver harder and deeper. He had discovered a little groove on the underside of Oliver’s cock, and when he pressed the tip of his tongue into it, Oliver shuddered underneath him and came, nearly choking Percy before he pulled back to suck only the top few inches of Oliver’s shaft.

Collapsing on his back, Oliver was dimly aware of Percy stroking salve more evenly across his abused thighs, but it seemed very distant. After a minute or two had gone by, Oliver lifted his head to see Percy watching his fingers trail across Oliver’s skin with a hooded expression.

“Do you know,” Percy murmured, “I’ve been feeling a bit chapped myself lately.”

Oliver reached down to tug Percy up onto the bed.

“I’ve got just the stuff for you,” Oliver announced, undoing Percy’s robe clasps. “Stings a bit, though. Need a good distraction.”

“Skip right to the distraction,” Percy advised.

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