Kingdom Hearts, The Princess of Heart and the Frogs

Sora brings Riku and Roxas to New Orleans and promptly loses them, Roxas is tired of accidentally being dragged on their dates, and Riku makes a surprisingly cute cursed frog? Princess and the Frog crossover. (Sora/Riku Roxas)

Kingdom Hearts, Visit the Worlds, Get Lei’d

Riku and Sora bring each other back souvenirs from worlds they visit; Sora just gets teased a lot less about it. (Sora/Riku)

Kingdom Hearts, Practical Magic

Sora and Riku are finding it hard to readjust to life at home on Destiny Islands. (Sora/Riku)

BNHA, Don’t Name It If You Aren’t Keeping It

Kirishima doesn't know what to call what's happening between him and Bakugou; he just wishes Bakugou would call it something already. (Kirishima/Bakugou)

Kingdom Hearts, Home is Where

Seasalt Trio try to figure out where home should be. (gen)

Kingdom Hearts, Don’t Be a Wheel

Sora drops Namine off in Twilight Town and Roxas continues to use "third wheel" incorrectly. (gen)

Kingdom Hearts, It’s a Date…Maybe

Xion is trying to figure out what a date is and whether she's going on one or not. (Xion/Namine, Axel/Roxas)

Kingdom Hearts, Why Roxas Should Not Pet-Sit

Riku and Sora go to visit Kairi and Lea training at Merlin's and learn that guinea pigs are not tiny meow wows. (gen)

Kingdom Hearts, Written in the Margins

Sora and Riku work things out in the Dark Margin at the end of KH2. (Sora/Riku)

Kingdom Hearts, The Seaweed is Always Greener

Sora and Riku have a standing date, and Sora's been saving up Atlantica as a surprise to finally take Riku to. His date plans, like most of Sora's plans, don't exactly work out the way that he wants them to. (Sora/Riku)

Kingdom Hearts, Keep One Eye Open For Me

Riku can never tell Sora exactly what he wants to say in his texts. Mickey suggests he ought to practice until he finds the right words. (Sora/Riku)

Kingdom Hearts, Last Thing’s First, First Thing Last

Everything feels weird, backwards, after the end of Dream Drop Distance, but Sora's determined to shove it all down and enjoy celebrating with Riku right next to him. Riku, more sensibly, has a few different ideas. (Sora/Riku)

Kingdom Hearts, Change of Scenery

Riku and Sora have the day off while Yen Sid is away. Sora plans to sleep through as much of it as possible, but Riku wouldn't mind a change of pace. (Riku/Sora)

South Park, If Wishes Were Horses

Ever since Kenny turned into a rebel princess, nothing about his life in the Hoard has made sense to Tweek. (Tweek/Craig, Butters, gen She-Ra AU)

BNHA, A Little Uneven

Kirishima goes over to the Bakugou's for dinner, but his old-fashioned grandmother is just as big a roadblock as Bakugou warns that she will be. (Kirishima/Bakugou)

Persona 5, It’s Because the Blossoms Scatter That They are Splendid

Ren, Ryuji, and Ann have to memorize traditional Japanese poems for class. Ryuji thinks traditional poetry is for chumps, Ren sets out to convince him otherwise in his usual weird, sexy style. (Ren/Ryuji)

Persona 5, Get a Clue

Ren is being extremely obvious and it is not helping at all. (Ren/Ryuji)

Free, Within Spitting Distance

Rin steals one of Haru's firsts and owes him one in return. (Rin/Haru)

Haikyuu, Taken for a Ride

Kuroo's been taking advantage of the situation just a little, but it's not like Yaku's not getting anything out of it. (Kuroo/Yaku)

BNHA, Morning Do Over

Bakugou wakes up with a killer migraine; Kirishima distracts him until his painkillers kick in. (Kirishima/Bakugou)

South Park, Tying Rockets to My Shoestrings

Craig and Tweek start navigating the difference between making up and making it all up. (Craig/Tweek)

Yuri on Ice, Vermin and Other Hotel Amenities

Victor's honor as a husband is being thrown into question by invasive hotel lizards. (Victor/Yuuri)

South Park, Just Like Superman and Wonder Woman and/or Batman

Craig has a low opinion of both underwear gnomes and playing superhero, but Tweek doesn't mind it if they can be a team.(Craig/Tweek)

South Park, Valentine’s Day is Fake (But We Aren’t)

Tweek thinks Valentine's Day is a fake marketing scheme. Craig figures out that he doesn't care even if it is. (Craig/Tweek)

BNHA, Do Your Worst, I Can Take It

Kirishima Eimi finally scored a real date with Bakugou Katsumi, but she ends up being the one wrapped around Bakugou's fingers. (Kirishima/Bakugou, genderswap)

SixTONES, Cake It or Leave It

Jesse and Juri have to design a dessert that represents their unit for a Shounen Club cooking segment. It would probably be going a lot better if Juri wasn't such a cute distraction. (Jesse/Juri)

BNHA, Perfect Fit

Mina and Toru take Ochako out shopping, and Ochako discovers that stores exist with clothes actually meant to fit on girls with actual curves. (Ochako, Mina, Tooru, gen)

South Park, Semi-Urgent Care

A couple hours in the urgent care is totally worth it, in Craig's opinion. (Craig/Tweek)

SixTONES, Tell Me Like You Mean It

The longer the shows run, the more of a mess Hokuto turns into, and the less Taiga can cope with it. Good thing there's Juri to the rescue. (Hokuto/Taiga, Hokuto/Taiga/Juri)

BNHA, Not the Least Bit Sorry

It's more than a little possible that Bakugou could kill Kirishima with her thighs alone, but Kirishima is really very okay with that. (Bakugou/Kirishima, girl Bakugou AU)

BNHA, The Lazy Way

Kirishima's routine of going on a morning run meets the immovable object of Bakugou once the weather turns cold. (Bakugou/Kirishima)

BNHA, Connect the Dots

Todoroki is really into Midoriya's freckles. (Midoriya/Todoroki)

BNHA, This is Not Goodnight Kissing

Todoroki tries to drag Midoriya to bed after an accidental common room couch crash. Midoriya wakes up a little too much on the way back to his room. (Midoriya/Todoroki)

Haikyuu, One Set Match

Sugawara is nervous for his first day as Karasuno's new math teacher, and even more nervous after Takeda takes him out drinking. (Sugawara/Takeda, AU)

Haikyuu, Snitches Get Witches

Yamaguchi's been practicing fireworks, but they're not as easy as they look. (Yamaguchi/Yachi, magic AU)

Yuri on Ice, Promises, Promises

They really shouldn't, but that never stops Yuuri and Victor. (Yuuri/Victor)

BNHA, Count to Ten (Then Start Over)

Kirishima might not be first in the class but he's way smarter than to take Bakugou at his word about exactly what he's ready for during his next heat. (Kirishima/Bakugou)

BNHA, Hopeless and Romantic

Kirishima is onto Bakugou. (Kirishima/Bakugou)

SixTONES, No Promises

Juri wants the impossible for his birthday present: to hook Hokuto and Taiga back up. Shintarou tries to give it to him anyway. (Juri/Shintarou, Taiga/Hokuto, SixTONES OT6)

BNHA, Standing Locust, Forward Fold

Iida is trying to hook up Midoriya and Todoroki and it's not going well, but not for the reason he thinks. (Midoriya/Todoroki)

Yuri on Ice, Sugar, Sugar

They're going to be late to the banquet in Barcelona but somehow that doesn't stop Victor from ruffling Yuuri up all over again. (Yuuri/Victor)

BNHA, Subscapula

Midoriya is a surprising font of practical training pain relief, as well as having to explain to Todoroki what having a crush on someone is like. (Midoriya/Todoroki)

Yuri on Ice, Could You Write a Song For Me

Yuri and Otabek have slightly more laid-back post-competition plans during Worlds than they did during the Grand Prix finals. (Yuri/Otabek)

Haikyuu, Usual Route

Tsukishima visits Kuroo and gets a little more than he bargained for. (Kuroo/Tsukishima, Oikawa/Daichi)

Kis-My-Ft2, 胸を張れ (Be Proud)

Tamamori didn't write the words to his solo this year, but he means them all the same. (Tamamori/Miyata)

Yuri on Ice, Approved for All Audiences

Yuri and Otabek try to adjust to Almaty, the Olympics, and pair skating all at once. (Yuri/Otabek)

Yuri on Ice, Vanilla

Yuri is just so cute first thing in the morning, Otabek really can't help himself. (Yuri/Otabek)

Yuri on Ice, Skipped Stitch

Renting an apartment together in St. Petersburg for the summer means that Yuri gets to learn all of Otabek's quirks. The knitting is a surprise. (Yuri/Otabek)

Yuri on Ice, Maybe He’s Born With It (Maybe It’s Phichit)

Phichit altruistically saves Yuri from the melodramatic makeup tendencies of his fellow Russians. (Yuri/Otabek, Phichit)

Check Please, Star Baker and Other Disasters

There's no way Bittle spend the whole day alone in Jack's house without baking something, right? (Jack/Bittle)

MacDonald Hall, Mutually Beneficial Metrics

Boots' classes and Bruno's school are both cancelled. Seems like it'll work out for everyone. (Bruno/Boots)

Yuri on Ice, A Moment on the Lips

Guanghong and Leo both get something they're craving the night before competition. (Leo/Guanghong)

Snow Man, Check-in

Abe checks on Watanabe and Miyadate after the start of Miyadate's heat. (Watanabe/Miyadate, Abe)

Yuri on Ice, Hamster in Russian is Not Hamster

Otabek brings the hamster when he moves to St. Petersburg, obviously. (Otabek/Yuri)

Snow Man, Koi no ABO

Miyadate's heat starting suddenly means Watanabe has to take care of him. (Watanabe/Miyadate)

Yuri on Ice, A Roe By Any Other Name

The only thing keeping Yuri on his feet is pure spite and the promise of the 4AM Tsukiji Market trip that the first morning in Tokyo definitely necessitates. (Yuri/Otabek)

Yuri on Ice, Midwinter’s Knight

Otabek's hoodie is made of magic, smells like the moon, and Yuri is not giving it back. AU where everything's the same except for Otabek's surprise supernatural tendencies. (Yuri/Otabek)

SixTONES, Sweet-Type

This is a good side of Hokuto too, how praise makes him flushed and clingy, even better because fans can't see this part. (Hokuto/Juri/Shintarou)

SixTONES, I Still See You (Even If the Light Is Stolen)

Shintarou wakes up from a concussion in a parallel universe, and Juri feels like the entire universe is hazing him. Both of them have a lot to learn from each other if they want Shintarou to get home again. (Shintarou/Juri)

Yuri on Ice, 4,752 Kilometers

Otabek is taking the slowest route possible to St. Petersburg, and Yuri's patience isn't what it used to be. Otabek helps him out over the phone. (Yuri/Otabek)

Yuri on Ice, Slow to Start

While Otabek found many of Phichit's life choices on the internet to be questionable, he had to admit that in this instance his advice seemed entirely sound (Yuri/Otabek)

Yuri on Ice, Press 1 For More Options

Otabek usually sees a fairly finite number of things when he answers a Skype call from Yuri. Yuri's cat is not usually the one calling. (Yuri/Otabek)

Snow Man, Promise

Watanabe and Miyadate have been together for so long that usually gifts between them are no big deal. (Watanabe/Miyadate)

Yuri on Ice, Come When Invited

The 2022 Olympics are in two months, so Otabek proposes the only one way they're going to change Yuri's citizenship in time. Or he just plain proposes. It's one of those. (Yuri/Otabek)

Yuri on Ice, Two Make a Pair

It started out as a joke, socked feet on hardwood flooring, but somehow the pair skate became something much more for Yuri and Otabek in the end. (Yuri/Otabek)

Kis-My-Ft2, Yuta on Ice

Tamamori's free skate is a battle against stamina, and Miyata's concentration. (Tamamori/Miyata, Yuri on Ice AU)

Yuri on Ice, Hamster in Kazakh is Still Hamster

Otabek is terrible at social media, but his hamster's cuteness means that doesn't matter. (Yuuri, Yuri, Otabek, gen)

Kis-My-Ft2, Akashi

Fujigaya doesn't give Kitayama his birthday present until afterwards, when no one is watching. (Kitayama/Fujigaya, Buttmark AU)

Snow Man, Took It Too Far

Watanabe's prank on Miyadate goes a little too far. (Watanabe/Miyadate)

Snow Man, Bait and Switch

Tricking the mark up to his room is easy, and Watanabe likes it when Miyadate plays the jealous boyfriend. (Watanabe/Miyadate)

Haikyuu, Normal is Relative

Somehow survive is Tsukishima's mantra about training camp, just try to get through. (Kuroo/Tsukishima)

Kyouryuuger, Quadratics

One minute Ian is annoying and gets under Souji's skin for no reason, the next minute Souji realizes that the reason Ian is annoying him so much is because Souji likes him. (Souji/Ian)

A.B.C-Z, Goes Both Ways

"You're coming home with me after work," is all Totsuka says, but it makes Hashimoto grin irrepressibly for the rest of the day. (Hashimoto/Totsuka)

Prince, Cold Hands, Warm Heart

The third floor bathroom is supposed to be haunted, but all Jinguji finds in there is Genki. (Jinguji/Genki)

Yuri on Ice, Close My Eyes and Tell Myself

Victor struggles to maintain the delicate balance on the edge of a skate blade. (Victor, Yuuri, Yuri)

SixTONES, Brown-Eyed Monster

Juri's jealous, even though he doesn't have to be. (Juri/Shintarou)

Love-tune, Sunbeam

Hagiya must have had a rough night but unfortunately can't remember much of it. (Yasui/Hagiya)

SixTONES, Water Conservation Week

They don't need an excuse, but Juri thinks Jesse's are cute anyway. (Jesse/Juri)

Snow Man, Better Hold on Tight

Maybe their roles are a little reversed, but it's all good when Miyadate and Watanabe are together. (Miyadate/Watanabe)

Kis-My-Ft2, Consolation

Tamamori is a high maintenance pet. (Tamamori/Miyata)

Steven Universe, Fiction: Interpolating Thoughtless Problematics and Demolition

Peridot decides to show the internet people how they're doing it wrong; Lapis reads Pretty Hairstylist Vol 6 for the third time. (Peridot, Lapis)

SixTONES, Chainlink

Perfect is overrated, which is good because nothing about Hokuto and Taiga is perfect. (Taiga/Hokuto)

Snow Man, Experiment in Six Variables

Abe and Sakuma have fun with the scientific method. (Abe/Sakuma, OT6)

Prince, Back to Nature

Genki has to admit nature isn't the worst thing ever. Maybe the second worst. (Genki/Jinguji)

Kis-My-Ft2, I’m In If You Are

The important part isn't how they match, but how they're different. (AU, Kitayama, Fujigaya)

Kis-My-Ft2, Can You Scream?

The Screamers crash-land in Tamamori's apartment. (Tamamori, Miyata, Screamers)

Snow Man, Concert Hangover

The train ride home is the worst, but the morning after isn't so bad. (Watanabe, Sakuma)

Kis-My-Ft2, Unbreakable Wall

Kitayama's accidental introduction to ghost catching happens in a girls' bathroom, because of course it does. (Gravity Verse AU, Kitayama)

Kis-My-Ft2, Best Jeanist

Kitayama gives Fujigaya exactly what he wants and has a good time doing it. (Kitayama/Fujigaya)

Prince, Social Capital

Kishi manages to find the one thing gayer than spending the night in a hotel room with Genki and Jinguji. (Prince)

SixTONES, And One to Grow On

It's Shintarou's last year to act completely unreasonable, so he'd better take advantage while he can. (Shintarou/SixTONES)

Snow Man, Winding Down

Concert weekends are great, but Miyadate getting Watanabe in his own bed is better. (Miyadate/Watanabe)

Kis-My-Ft2, A Road There Isn’t Two Of

Tamamori grows best when backed into a corner, unfortunately. (Gravity AU, Tamamori, Miyata, Fujigaya)

Haikyuu!!, Return to Sender

After training camp, Tsukishima starts getting packages from Nekoma's Kuroo, and somehow it turns into a thing that Tsukishima doesn't think is strange at all. (Kuroo/Tsukishima)

Haikyuu!!, Smoke ‘Em if You Got ‘Em

Ukai tries to quit smoking for reasons. (Ukai/Takeda)

Haikyuu!!, Split Ends

Asahi can't exactly go to job interviews looking so 'wild.' Sugawara and Daichi help him with a style change. (Daichi, Sugawara, Asahi, Kiyoko)

Haikyuu!!, Fulcrum

Oikawa and Sawamura go to the same university and somehow end up as roommates, which is a good thing because Sawamura doesn't know what to do without a team to focus on, and Oikawa still has no idea how to take care of himself. (Sawamura/Oikawa)

Kis-My-Ft2, Turn Your Conflict Into Strength

Tamamori is going to prove himself even if it kills him. (Gravity Verse AU, Miyata, Tamamori)

Ebikisu, Power Play

The Tokyo Stars are in the playoffs, Kitayama is leading the leagues in goals, and Fujigaya is leading it in anxiety. (Hockey AU)

SixTONES, Sweet Talk

Hokuto gets a little run down during tours, and as his roommate, Shintarou's job is to take care of him. (Shintarou/Hokuto)

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