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30 Kisses, (30) Never My Love

Kitayama and Fujigaya are the last two. They just hope an-an doesn't find out. (Kitayama/Fujigaya)

30 Kisses, (29) Cosmic Child

Totsuka has loved Hashimoto ages, like everybody does, but falling in love with him is another story. (Totsuka/Hashimoto)

30 Kisses, (28) Shake It Up

On the set of Kamen Rider Kiss, Fujigaya gives Senga and Nikaido a different kind of motivation for their "once friends now enemies" subplot. (Fujigaya/Senga, Fujigaya/Nikaido)

30 Kisses, (27) Oshare

Fujigaya and Miyata get a drama together. (Fujigaya/Miyata)

30 Kisses, (26) Road to Playzone

Things between them haven't always been so smooth. (Hashimoto/Tsukada)

30 Kisses, (25) Cherry Sweet

There's some benefits to having a third roommate during debut tour. (Kitayama/Miyata)

30 Kisses, (24) T Song 1 Vs Exit

Senga and Tamamori compete with Nikaido and Miyata over who is most worth watching. (Senga/Tamamori, Miyata/Nikaido)

30 Kisses, (23) For the Sake of Tomorrow, I’m Here

If Kawai and Tsukada are going to be so useless, then it's up to the pair of them in the end. (Goseki/Totsuka)

30 Kisses, (22) Spotlight

Being Takizawa Hideki's partner is like being on a variety show with no commercial breaks. (Tackey/Tsubasa)

30 Kisses, (21) Body Talk

Tsukada doesn't mind if Goseki invades his practices more than a little. (Goseki/Tsukada)

30 Kisses, (20) Girl is Mine

Kitayama and Fujigaya have to protect what's theirs. (Kitayama/Tamamori)

30 Kisses, (19) Yellow Gold (Wear It As Your Crown)

Just because Tamamori can see Miyata's colors, that doesn't mean there aren't any mysteries left. (Miyata/Tamamori)

30 Kisses, (18) Hajimari no Ne

When Kawai laughs like that, Totsuka can't help but laugh too. (Kawai/Totsuka)

30 Kisses, (17) Kiss My Calling

Goseki calls, and Hashimoto comes running. (Goseki/Hashimoto)

30 Kisses, (16) Sing For You

One of the things Miyata loves best about Senga is how easy things are between them. (Senga/Miyata)

30 Kisses, (15) Angel or Devil

This year is Kamen Rider Kisumai, and Fujigaya plans to enjoy it to the very fullest. (Fujigaya/Tamamori)

30 Kisses, (14) Zutto Nakama

It's the longest month of Kawai's life, except the month it takes to recover. (Kawai/Tsukada)

30 Kisses, (13) Tell Me Why

Tamamori's idea rarely turn out as he plans, much like Kitayama's house parties. (Yokoo/Tamamori, Yokoo/Miyata)

30 Kisses, (12) Love Meee

Life with Fujigaya is hard (but happy). (Yokoo/Fujigaya)

30 Kisses, (11) The Thing More Important Than Words

They don't talk about it, but sometimes Totsuka worries about Tsukada. (Totsuka/Tsukada)

30 Kisses, (10) Asu ni Mukatte

Kitayama's got a lot to be grumpy about this morning. (Nikaido/Kitayama)

30 Kisses, (9) Sennen no Love Song

When Kitayama was 18 and Senga was 12, the gap between them seemed like an ocean. (Kitayama/Senga)

30 Kisses, (8) Vanilla

Kawai needs attention sometimes too. (Kawai/Goseki)

30 Kisses, (7) Deep Your Voice

Miyata needs Nikaido as a stand-in for Tamamori's massage date. (Nikaido/Tamamori)

30 Kisses, (6) The Bridge That Reaches to the Future

Hashimoto has been tracking Kawai down for practice lately, but not the kind like usual. (Kawai/Hashimoto)

30 Kisses, (5) Oyasumi Mail

Nikaido doesn't enjoy this whole 'Miyata goes to Osaka to be a sexy idol in a stageshow' thing. (Miyata/Nikaido)

30 Kisses, (4) Grey Zone

After a concert, Nikaido and Senga relax in their hotel room in the usual way. (Nikaido/Senga)

30 Kisses, (3) Kimi wa Karma

The more things change, the more they totally don't. (Kitayama/Yokoo)

30 Kisses, (2) Tell Me Why

Senga wants to know if he's going to have to work this hard every single time. (Senga/Yokoo)

30 Kisses, (1) Ame Ame Ame

Yokoo isn't sure this wasn't Nikaido's plan all along. (Yokoo/Nikaido)

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