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Kis-My-Ft2, Standing Bet

Senga and Kitayama have a standing bet on the outcome of Busaiku rankings. (Senga/Kitayama)

Kis-My-Ft2, Not Gonna Taiko a Love Song

Senga needs more excitement in his university life (Kitayama/Senga, AU)

Kis-My-Ft2, Post-Graduate Studies

Kitayama likes feeling like a good senpai some of the time, especially when it's Senga asking. (Kitayama/Senga)

Kis-My-Ft2, Pay the Toll

Every time Senga wakes up Kitayama, the price of the toll increases. (Kitayama/Senga)

Kis-My-Ft2, Worth the Wait

Kitayama has spent years telling himself it's better this way, but Senga disagrees. (Kitayama/Senga)

Kis-My-Ft2, Small Talk

Senga wants something from Kitayama, and he doesn't mind talking him into it. (Senga/Kitayama)

Kis-My-Ft2, Spend the Night

After he moves to Tokyo, things are tougher than Senga expected them to be. But when Kitayama is there too, it doesn’t seem so bad. (Senga/Kitayama)

Kis-My-Ft2, Senpai’s Treat

21-year-old Senga doesn’t make a big show of it like 16-year-old Senga used to, but Kitayama likes that even more. (Kitayama/Senga)

Kis-My-Ft2, Dance With Me

Kitayama doesn't understand the fuss about pets until he meets Senga. (Kitayama/Senga, AU)

30 Kisses, (9) Sennen no Love Song

When Kitayama was 18 and Senga was 12, the gap between them seemed like an ocean. (Kitayama/Senga)

Kis-My-Ft2, Look Both Ways

Senga bounced on his toes, waiting for the train to hurry up and get to the station already. (Senga/Kitayama)

Kis-My-Ft2, Coming of Age

The first year Kis-My-Ft2 got to be all together for the New Year. (Kitayama/Senga)

26 JE Birthday Kisses, See For Yourself

Senga is tired of being treated like a baby. (Senga/Kitayama)

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