26 JE Birthday Kisses, See For Yourself

Title: Kiss Twenty-Three: See For Yourself [Senga/Kitayama]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for Yokoo’s advice in action.
Summary: Senga is tired of being treated like a baby.
AN: For 26 Birthday Kisses, Kiss Twenty-Three: Kiss on the Cheek.

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Kiss Twenty-Three: See For Yourself

“You wouldn’t think it was any fun anyway,” Kitayama assures, kissing Senga’s cheek casually on the way by, and then he and Fujigaya head out, door closing behind them and cutting off their laughter.

“Why does he always do that?!” Senga demands, collapsing on the couch of the dressing room and kicking at his gym bag on the floor.

“Refuse to take you out drinking illegally?” Yokoo asks. Yokoo is the only one left in the room besides Senga, straightening up all the bits of detritus that build up over the course of a day when seven people plus a bunch of A.B.C. are stuck in the same room.

“Not that!” Senga rolls his eyes. “He treats me like a little kid! ‘You’re not old enough, Ken-chan.’ ‘You wouldn’t like it, Ken-chan.’ ‘Go practice your skating, Ken-chan.’ It’s completely ironic!”

“I think that last one is because your skating sucks,” Yokoo comments sagely as he drops a bundle of wrappers in the trash bin. “And the word you want is ‘annoying.'”

“Wataruuuuu,” Senga whines, slumping down on the couch even further as Yokoo sits down beside him. “I want Hiro to take me seriously!”

“You want Hiro to like you,” Yokoo corrects him, and before Senga can protest adds, “you want Hiro to like you.”

“No,” Senga grumbles. “Okay, maybe. He likes everybody else! He likes you and Taipi and Nika and Tama-chan and Miyacchi, and sometimes even Kawai!”

“I’m not sure Kawai even knows what unit he’s in any more,” Yokoo chuckles. “Anyway, Hiro’ll come around eventually. He is a college graduate, you know, and you’re barely in high school.”

“We’re both Kisumai,” Senga says stubbornly, crossing his arms. “I get solos the same as he does, and I can bodyroll better!”

“Well, that’s certainly a solid basis for a relationship,” Yokoo says, shaking his head. “Okay, you want to know how to get Hiro’s attention? I think I can help you.”


The next day when Kitayama shows up for work and heads towards the couch, he finds it already occupied by Senga, who is eating a little combini cup of ice cream.

Very, very slowly.

Senga uses the little wooden spoon to dig out a tiny bite of ice cream, and brings it to his mouth. He hums his pleasure as he sucks the ice cream off the stick, letting his eyes flutter shut and tilting his head back so that the bob of his Adam’s apple is obviously as he swallows. His tongue darts out to catch any stray drops of ice cream on his lips. Then he starts all over again.

Kitayama watches the entire process wordlessly, until Senga is scraping the bottom of the cup, and then after licking his thumb clean with a neat curl of his tongue, Senga sighs in satisfaction.

“Delicious~,” he announces, then tilts his head like he’s just noticed Kitayama. “Morning, Hiro! How are you?”

“I’m…” Kitayama swallows visibly, “…good.”

“Good.” Senga beams guilelessly at Kitayama until Nikaido pipes up and asks whether he might see Senga in the hallway for a moment, voice a few notes lower than usual.

On the way out, Senga pauses to kiss a shell-shocked Kitayama on the cheek casually before heading through the door.

“What do you think you’re…” Nikaido starts to hiss as soon as they’re outside the door, but Senga claps a hand over his mouth and leans closer to the crack in the door.

“Hey,” he hears Kitayama say, “does Senga seem different to anybody today?”

Senga’s wild grin doesn’t dim at all as Nikaido nips Senga’s palm sharply to get it off his mouth, and then Senga flips them around so that he’s the one pressing Nikaido into the wall for once.

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