SixTONES, Tell Me Like You Mean It

Title: Tell Me Like You Mean It [Hokuto/Taiga, Hokuto/Taiga/Juri]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17, threesome, sweet dirty talk, praise kink, messy sex
Summary: The longer the shows run, the more of a mess Hokuto turns into, and the less Taiga can cope with it. Good thing there’s Juri to the rescue.
AN: Written for thesecretdoor for SixTONES exchange 2017, and I hope you enjoy it! I tried to go a little rougher and messier than I usually do just for you.

Tell Me Like You Mean It

Taiga didn’t harbor any delusions that he was the best boyfriend in the world. He certainly wasn’t winning that award this summer, with two shows running back to back, the second one full of not only his loud as shit bandmates, but also Snowmen doing all kinds of flexible half-naked stuff every time he turned a corner.

Unless it was Watanabe. Then it was flexible entirely naked stuff.

So it wasn’t so much that he was avoiding Hokuto as that he was avoiding everyone, curled up in the corner of the least-used dressing room with his earbuds in and a magazine, trying to pretend he couldn’t hear shouting and suspicious thumping through the wall.

He could, on the other hand, hear the dressing room door open, and when he looked up to give a warning glare at whoever was interrupting, there was Hokuto, looking just as tired as Taiga felt. His hair was mussed and his eyes were ringed, but he offered Taiga a small smile anyway.

“I don’t want to talk,” Taiga warned, swallowing a wince at the way Hokuto’s mouth pressed into a line. Taiga tried to explain, “I don’t want to do anything. If I can’t recharge some I’ll look like a complete asshole all afternoon show.”

“I just want to sit,” Hokuto shrugged. He sprawled out on the floor next to Taiga, grabbing Taiga’s discarded sweatshirt as a pillow. Five minutes later he was already asleep, forehead pressed into the outside of Taiga’s thigh.

Taiga dropped a hand to Hokuto’s hair, threading his fingers through it, grumbling at himself internally. He couldn’t have just asked what Hokuto was there for before snapping? Did he have to be a dick all the time? Hokuto shifted into his touch, still asleep, and Taiga let his head fall back against the wall to stare at the ceiling. He was the worst.

“You’re not the worst,” Shintarou said when he was helping Taiga stretch ten minutes before the start of the afternoon show. “Like the two of you sure aren’t Tackey and Tsubasa, but who is, right? It’s no big deal you’ve got a short temper when you’re tired, it’s not like Hoku doesn’t know that after all this time.”

“I’m supposed to grow up at some point,” Taiga grumbled, reaching for his toes. Shintarou shoved him down harder, merciless. “Ow. Just because he knows it doesn’t mean he should put up with it.”

“I think it’s a lot of progress that you’re even thinking about how much you’re fucking it up with him,” Shintarou soothed, then cracked up when Taiga called him a bullshit busybody variety show commentator.

“You guys are having too much fun over here,” Juri interrupted, and Taiga glared balefully up at him from the floor. Juri nudged Taiga’s hip with the toe of his sneaker. “Are you being a dick again? I just had to feed Hokuto half of my pudding and tell him how sweet and cute he is to cheer him up. That’s the second time this week. If I had a punch card for this shit, I’d be due a free night with your boyfriend, dude.”

“Juri!” Shintarou scolded, but he was still laughing.

“If you want one so bad—” Taiga started to snap, then stopped mid-word, brow furrowing. “Wait.”

“Uh-oh, I know that look,” Shintarou said, leaning in expectantly. “That look means some good shit is coming.” Juri put his hands on his hips, waiting too.

Taiga looked over his shoulder to make sure no staff were around to overhear. “Come here a second.”

At the end of the day Taiga came up behind Hokuto while Hokuto was packing up his bag, his socked feet noiseless on the floor.

“Boo,” he murmured right in Hokuto’s ear. Hokuto jumped satisfyingly high before throwing a glare over his shoulder; Taiga struggled to keep from grinning. “Hey. Come home with me Sunday night.”

“Oh, now you want attention?” Hokuto asked, exasperated. “I can’t. Monday is our only day off. I need a day to myself, and I have a bunch of stuff at home I keep putting off.”

“Do it anyway,” Taiga urged, hands settling on Hokuto’s waist and leaning into his space.”Come on.”

“Taiga, I can’t—”

“It’ll be worth your while, I promise.” Taiga rubbed his cheek against Hokuto’s jaw. “Say yes.”

Hokuto’s shoulders slumped, going limp in Taiga’s grip. “Yes.”

“Good.” Taiga kissed him in reward, slow and deep. By the time Taiga pulled away to admire his handiwork, Hokuto’s eyes were low-lidded, cheeks pink, and he was much more cooperative, just the way Taiga liked it.

That cooperation didn’t last a few days later when, just after they got to Taiga’s house, a knock on the door revealed Juri with a packed bag and a foil-wrapped container.

“He didn’t tell you?” Juri asked as he was shrugging off his bag and toeing off his sneakers.

“Taiga, what the hell?” Hokuto demanded.

“Let’s bring it in the kitchen,” Taiga told Juri, skirting the question, but Hokuto was having none of that.

“Tell me what’s going on or I’m going home,” Hokuto demanded, crossing his arms.

“Aw, come on, man, stay,” Juri coaxed. He shook the foiled container. “My mom made us a ton of karaage.”

Hokuto’s frown melted into confusion, looking from Taiga to Juri and back again. “You don’t like karaage that much.”

“No, but you do,” Taiga answered. Hokuto kept starting at him, uncomprehending. “When you get worn down, you need a lot of reassurance. You want to have sweet things whispered to you, you want to be told you’re doing ok, that everything’s good. And I really suck at it.”

“Yeah, you do,” Hokuto said with feeling.

“But Juri doesn’t.” Taiga shrugged. “So I asked him to come over too, and if you’re all right with it, he’ll tell you everything you want to hear while I’m fucking you. And if that’s not what you want, we’ll eat dinner and watch a movie and you can go home, whatever.”

“And you’re ok with that?” Hokuto asked incredulously, cheeks staining charmingly pink.

“It’s just Juri,” Taiga tried to downplay the situation, nudging Hokuto towards the kitchen.

“You like sharing even less than karaage,” Hokuto pointed out slyly. He was smiling, though, some of the tension leaking out of his shoulders, and the knot of tension in Taiga’s chest dissolved somewhat.

“Yeah, well, don’t worry, I’ll be keeping you plenty busy on my end,” Taiga assured, pushing Hokuto after Juri. He was quiet the whole time they were eating, pushing around pieces of his karaage and listening to Juri and Hokuto fill up the space with chatter. He really didn’t like to share, but he forced himself to think instead about Hokuto stretched out between him and Juri, Hokuto looking so pretty taking it from both of them.

Taiga claimed the first bath as host’s right, then stretched out on his bed without bothering to dress to wait for the others, wincing as his back realigned and his muscles started to gradually unkink. When Hokuto trudged back into the room, flushed pink and damp from the hot water, Taiga beckoned him over imperiously. Dropping his towel, Hokuto crawled into Taiga’s bed and leaned over him, chewing his lip.

“Your hair’s still soaking wet,” Taiga scolded, reaching for his own towel shoved just barely out of the way. He dropped it onto Hokuto’s head, rubbing roughly. “Do you want a cold on top of everything?”

Hokuto snorted softly, and when Taiga pushed the towel back, Hokuto’s mouth was pursed in a mixture of amusement and exasperation.

“Even when you’re trying to take care of me, you’re so mean about it,” Hokuto said. “I know what this is about, you know.”

“I’m always trying to take care of you,” Taiga said, more sharply than he meant. Hokuto closed his mouth, eyebrows rising. “Because you suck at it, and you’re a complete baby when you get sick.”

“That’s why, huh?” Hokuto asked, dubious. Taiga threaded fingers through his still-damp hair and pulled him down to kiss him roughly rather than answer.

Juri came in while they were kissing, but didn’t interrupt. He pulled himself up on the end of Taiga’s bed and sat, watching. Taiga spared him a glance with one eye before closing it and focusing on kissing Hokuto. Hokuto being pressed up against him, warm and willing and sweet, was something Taiga never got tired of, just like he never got tired of Hokuto’s soft noises. Taiga pulled his mouth away so that he could hear more of them, nibbling Hokuto’s ear and dragging a hand down Hokuto’s spine teasingly. When he got to Hokuto’s ass, he palmed one cheek squeezed it roughly.

“Oh!” Hokuto twitched against Taiga, digging his fingers into Taiga’s back. “H-hey!” Taiga opened his eyes to take in Hokuto’s pink cheeks and dark eyes; he squeezed again, grinning at Hokuto’s choked-off noise.

“Don’t act like you’re embarrassed,” Taiga said, teasing because he knew that Hokuto usually wasn’t anymore, but sometimes Hokuto played up his innocent side because he knew Taiga liked it. Hokuto whined and hid his face against Taiga’s shoulder. “Are you acting shy just because we have an audience? Liar. You’re already hard from just him watching.”

Hokuto opened one eye to examine Taiga’s face, as if waiting for permission. Behind them, Juri shifted, rustling the blankets. Taiga took a deep breath and guessed they were really doing this, since it seemed stupid to back out now.

“Go on, show him,” Taiga encouraged, pushing at Hokuto’s shoulder. “Shameless. Getting so hard over someone other than your boyfriend.”

“That’s not really it,” Hokuto protested. When he rolled onto his back, though, he was nearly the entire way hard. Juri gave an appreciative whistle, and Hokuto’s blush deepened.

“Well?” Taiga asked. Juri and Taiga both looked at him. “You didn’t come here just to watch, did you? Go on, already.”

“Heh,” Juri chuckled as he crawled over, carefully balancing over Hokuto. “Sorry for intruding.”

“Shut up, geez.” Taiga planted a hand between Juri’s shoulder blades and pushed so that Juri landed with an “oof,” all of his weight on Hokuto’s chest.

It wasn’t the first time Taiga had ever seen Juri kiss Hokuto, but it was the first time the three of them had been alone together. The privacy of it felt somehow more exciting than Taiga had expected, as well as the gentle, easy way Juri was kissing Hokuto. It took a minute or two, but gradually Hokuto began to relax into it more, his arms sneaking around Juri’s neck to cuddle closer.

“Mm,” Juri said in approval, pushing up to one elbow to look Hokuto over. “Kissing you is so nice, you’re so warm and clingy.” Hokuto glanced away shyly, and Juri looked over at Taiga. “So? How do you want to do this?”

Taiga thought about it, looking them over. “Sit up, against the headboard. Hokuto in your lap.” They both obeyed, exchanging bemused looks when Taiga repositioned them a little, moving Juri’s legs apart just enough that Hokuto was still balanced on his thighs, but the space between Juri’s thighs left Taiga with unobstructed access to Hokuto’s hole.

“Thought about this a lot, huh?” Juri asked, grinning. His arms were already around Hokuto’s waist, tugging him closer, Hokuto’s hands on his shoulders for balance.

“He always rushes me,” Taiga said. He ran his palm down Hokuto’s spine again, down over the curve of his ass until his middle fingertip was swirlingly teasingly around Hokuto’s hole. “This way you can keep him busy.”

“That ok?” Juri asked Hokuto, who was already nodding as he nudged his hips in tighter, knees framing Juri’s thin hips. Juri kissed Hokuto’s cheek, the corner of his mouth, the tip of his nose. “So sweet.”

“Do it right,” Hokuto demanded, leaning in to capture Juri’s lips for himself. It was messier than the kisses before, wetter and deeper. What little jealousy lingered as Taiga watched, reaching for the lube and condoms in his bedside table, was quickly buried under the obvious way Hokuto preened under Juri’s attention, and his quiet, breathless noises.

When Taiga slid the first finger in, Hokuto pulled his mouth away from Juri’s with a gasp.

“Are you gonna make some noise for us?” Juri asked, turning his head when Hokuto tried to kiss him again, dodging him. “Your noises are so cute, come on.”

“They aren’t,” Hokuto protested. Taiga swirled his finger inside Hokuto, knuckle grazing over his rim, and Hokuto whined brokenly. “Aaah.”

“See? I love your voice.” Juri nosed at Hokuto’s hairline, then licked at the shell of his ear. “You sound so good when you’re into it. Does it feel good when Kyomocchan touches you like that?”

“Yeah,” Hokuto breathed. He was shifting, trying to rock down against Taiga’s finger, but Juri’s thighs were holding him up. “I want more.”

“Then you should tell him,” Juri coaxed.

Hokuto let his head flop back, Taiga close enough that Hokuto’s head landed on his shoulder. Hokuto blinked up at him with bright eyes. “More. Please?” Taiga kissed him, every bit as slow and deep as Juri, and then slid a second finger into Hokuto’s slick, tight hole along with the first. Hokuto moaned and shivered, caught between the two of them.

“Can I touch you?” Juri asked, kissing along the stretched tendon of Hokuto’s neck. “I really want to.”

“Uh-huh,” Hokuto said, voice vague. He groaned softly when Juri wrapped a hand around his cock and stroked him slowly.

“This part of you is cute too,” Juri said. “Look, you look so good sliding through my fingers.”

“Juriiiii,” Hokuto whined, squirming. Taiga looked over Hokuto’s shoulder to see too. When he looked up, Juri was watching him, amusement glittering in his eyes.

“Doesn’t it look so good?” Juri asked.

“Really good,” Taiga agreed, drawing another sweet moan out of Hokuto. He reached for one of Juri’s hands that was digging into Hokuto’s back, tugging it down by the wrist and wrapping his hand over top. The next time he pushed into Hokuto, one of Juri’s fingers pushed in along with two of Taiga’s, making him straighten his spine.

Please,” Hokuto panted, fingers digging into Juri’s shoulders. He was struggling to lift his hips, to fuck himself down harder on their fingers, but Juri’s remaining hand on his waist kept him from doing that. “Please! I want…I…”

“Tell us what you want,” Juri murmured, licking at Hokuto’s lower lip before kissing him lightly. “I bet Taiga will give it to you if you ask.”

“I,” Hokuto struggled to speak as Taiga fucked his fingers into Hokuto harder, curling them, reaching deeper. “I want…ohhh…”

“Can I suck you off?” Juri asked, glancing over Hokuto’s shoulder to meet Taiga’s eyes. “Your dick is so cute, of course I want to taste it.”

“Y-yeah, if Taiga—”

“Do it,” Taiga interrupted, tugging his fingers free and grabbing Hokuto’s waist to drag him off Juri’s lap with a muffled thump of his ass hitting the mattress. “I definitely want to see this guy’s pretty mouth wrapped around your dick.”

Juri slid off the side of the bed, and they pushed Hokuto to side on the edge, Juri kneeling between his legs and Taiga spooned against Hokuto’s back. Taiga watched over Hokuto’s shoulder, idly pinching at Taiga’s nipples, as Juri licked at Hokuto’s tip before sliding his mouth down over it.

“Yeah,” Taiga said in approval; Hokuto squirmed and moaned softly, until Taiga slid his hands down to press Hokuto’s thighs into the bed. “Don’t you dare come.”

“Taigaaaa,” Hokuto whined, held firmly in place between the two of them, only able to pant and moan. Juri not only was great at sucking cock, good with his tongue and attentive, he looked so good doing it. Juri stared up at the two of them while he swallowed Hokuto steadily, all the way down to the base, then came back up to suck on Hokuto’s head. Hokuto’s hands found their way into Juri’s hair, smoothing it back from his face, tugging on the strands. “Ohhh.”

Juri kept working Hokuto until Hokuto was a panting, squirming mess, only held in place by Taiga’s grip. He tugged on Juri’s hair, and when Juri didn’t move, pulled harder, until Juri came off him with a soft pop. He licked his puffy lips as he stared up at Hokuto and Taiga.

“I’ll come if you keep going,” Hokuto warned, breathless. Juri turned his head to lick at Hokuto’s palm, then sucked one thumb into his mouth, flicking his tongue over the pad of it.

“Can’t have that,” Taiga purred in Hokuto’s ear. “You can’t come until I’m fucking you. Do you want me?”

“Yeah,” Hokuto answered, voice shaky. He arched when Taiga pinched the soft, hot skin of Hokuto’s inner thighs. “Yes! Taiga, please please please…”

“So pretty when you beg,” Juri groaned, nuzzling harder against Hokuto’s hands. “Look how hard you’ve got me too.” Juri sat back to show his own cock, hard and thick.

“Hm, Hoku, you wanna suck Juri? It’s only fair since he did it to you,” Taiga asked.

“Want you,” Hokuto said stubbornly, twisting his head to kiss Taiga. It was uncoordinated, Hokuto all a mess already.

“You can do both,” Taiga promised.

Hokuto on his elbows and knees was quite a sight, back arched and ass in the air, his hole still slick from being fingered and twitching. Taiga pressed his thumb against Hokuto’s wrinkled rim and Hokuto pushed back, his ass swallowing the digit easily. Taiga never got tired of how sensitive Hokuto was, how he pushed against Taiga’s hand, begging for more with both his body and voice. Taiga spread Hokuto’s ass cheeks apart with his thumbs so he could see every centimeter of his cock sliding into Hokuto.

“Yes,” Hokuto moaned, going even lower on his elbows. “Yes yes yes, ohhhh.”

“Nngh,” Taiga echoed, grabbing Hokuto’s hips and pulling him back, until he was buried as deep as he could go.

“Still want me?” Juri asked, now back to sitting against the headboard. One of his hands was wrapped around his dick, the other against Hokuto’s cheek. Hokuto looked up at Juri, and although Taiga couldn’t see his face from his position, he knew what it looked like, Hokuto’s eyes glassy with lust, his lips wet and puffy, his skin stained pink. That part Taiga could see, the blush having spread over his ears and down his neck all the way to his shoulders by now.

“Suck him,” Taiga ordered, drawing his hips back and pushing back into Hokuto hard enough to make him whimper. “Go on, he can take it.”

“Can you? I bet you can, come on,” Juri urged more sweetly, cupping Hokuto’s jaw. He moaned in appreciation when Hokuto did what they asked, wrapping lips around Juri’s cock and sinking down, further and further with Taiga’s thrusts until he was nearly swallowing Juri whole. “Wow, you really can.”

“He’s been practicing,” Taiga commented. He and Juri sorted out a rhythm between them, Hokuto push-pulled between them, moans and whimpers audible even around Juri’s cock.

“Oh, you’re so good,” Juri praised, head tipping back. He worked both of his hands into Hokuto’s hair since he didn’t need them to hold his dick steady, winding fingers in the sweat-damp strands and pulling until Hokuto whined, high and sweet. “So beautiful, don’t stop, that feels so good.” Juri’s eyes drifted up to catch Taiga’s, eyes glittering. “Doesn’t he feel good?”

“Yeah,” Taiga grunted, most of his attention on Hokuto’s hips hot under his hands, the tight squeeze of Hokuto around his cock.

They drew it out as long as they could, Juri praising Hokuto and stroking his hair while Taiga concentrated on fucking him deep and just right, until their hands were the only things holding Hokuto up on his knees.

“I’m so close,” Juri warned. “You’re gonna make me come, sweetheart, that’s how good you are, I’m almost there.”

“On his face,” Taiga ground out, almost past words himself, his own orgasm clawing at the base of his spine, but he didn’t want it to end just yet, just a little more. Juri obeyed, using his grip in Hokuto’s hair to hold his head steady while he pulled out of Hokuto’s mouth, finishing himself off with two rough strokes.

“Mmm, so nice,” Juri panted, rubbing the head of his cock messily against Hokuto’s mouth and cheek. “You look so good.”

Taiga wanted to see for himself. Pulling out of Hokuto abruptly, he shoved at Hokuto’s hip, tipping him over, and then shoved again to roll him on his back. He did look good, Juri’s come smeared across his cheek and nose, drool slicking his chin, trembling and flushed all over. His eyes were wide and so dark, staring up at Taiga, begging wordlessly. Taiga’s hand was on his cock before he knew that he was doing it, pulling roughly until he came too, his own come streaking Hokuto’s stomach and the crease of his thigh.

“Taiga,” Hokuto moaned, desperate, arching his back. His cock was pulled up tight against his stomach, rubbing a sticky patch of precome on his skin, but he made no move to touch himself, only stared at Taiga pleadingly. Taiga shoved three fingers back inside Hokuto and curled them, making Hokuto moan shrilly, bending his knees up to get Taiga in deeper, to get more.

“Mm, come on,” Juri encouraged, sliding in to pillow Hokuto’s head on his thigh, reaching for his cock. “You’ve been so good for us, don’t you want to come? Tell him he can.”

“Hurry up and come,” Taiga growled, and Hokuto did, back arching clear off the mattress, pulsing himself out in Juri’s grip before going entirely limp, chest heaving. Taiga flexed his fingers a few more times, feeling Hokuto clench around them, before pulling them free. “Hokuto.”

“Huh?” Hokuto answered faintly. His eyes blinked open, unfocused, for a second before falling shut again.

“Wow, that was amazing,” Juri murmured, stroking fingers through Hokuto’s sweaty hair. “You’re so beautiful when you’re all messy and fucked out. Want us to take care of you? Hey, no sleeping yet, you’ll be all sore and gross when you wake up.”

“Don’t caaaare,” Hokuto whined.

“Yeah, you do.” Juri slid out from under Hokuto and got up from bed, giving Taiga’s shoulder a shove. “I’ll be right back. Be useful, you.”

“Gross,” Taiga grumbled, half-hearted, as Hokuto’s groping hands dragged him down into a tight cuddle. Taiga stroked Hokuto’s back in slow, wide strokes until he calmed down and stopped shivering with oversensitivity. “But cute.”

Hokuto didn’t answer or even open his eyes, but he did smile, it stretching across his face sweetly, and cling tighter with his arms around Taiga’s chest. When Juri came back with warm washcloths and a few bottles of water, it took both of them to clean up the deadweight of Hokuto and get him to drink something before flopping back down.

“You can stay,” Taiga offered as Juri reached for his clothes. “It’s late.”

“Nah,” Juri said, tugging his jeans on and running a hand through his sex-wild hair. “Trains are still running, and it’s our only off day tomorrow. Be good, you two.” Juri leaned over them to kiss Hokuto’s forehead and then Taiga’s, making Taiga roll his eyes. “And would it kill you to tell his guy you love him? I mean, damn.”

Juri strolled out of Taiga’s bedroom, phone already in his hand, shutting the door behind himself with a soft click. Taiga heaved a quiet sigh and looked down to find Hokuto’s eyes were open, staring up at him through dark lashes.

“You do?” Hokuto asked, whisper soft. Taiga grit his teeth, because of all the things he was terrible at saying, this was the very worst one.

“Did all this for you, didn’t I?” Taiga said, but exhaustion took all the sharpness out of it. “Do you think I’d do this for anyone else?”

Hokuto shook his head, biting his lip, and Taiga bent to kiss him, licking at his lip to get him to stop doing that. He just had to hope for both their sakes that it would be enough for his actions to speak louder than words.

Otherwise they would have to get Juri a punchcard after all, and sharing Hokuto that often was well beyond Taiga’s limit.

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