South Park, Semi-Urgent Care

A couple hours in the urgent care is totally worth it, in Craig's opinion. (Craig/Tweek)

SixTONES, Tell Me Like You Mean It

The longer the shows run, the more of a mess Hokuto turns into, and the less Taiga can cope with it. Good thing there's Juri to the rescue. (Hokuto/Taiga, Hokuto/Taiga/Juri)

BNHA, Not the Least Bit Sorry

It's more than a little possible that Bakugou could kill Kirishima with her thighs alone, but Kirishima is really very okay with that. (Bakugou/Kirishima, girl Bakugou AU)

BNHA, The Lazy Way

Kirishima's routine of going on a morning run meets the immovable object of Bakugou once the weather turns cold. (Bakugou/Kirishima)

BNHA, Connect the Dots

Todoroki is really into Midoriya's freckles. (Midoriya/Todoroki)

BNHA, This is Not Goodnight Kissing

Todoroki tries to drag Midoriya to bed after an accidental common room couch crash. Midoriya wakes up a little too much on the way back to his room. (Midoriya/Todoroki)

Haikyuu, One Set Match

Sugawara is nervous for his first day as Karasuno's new math teacher, and even more nervous after Takeda takes him out drinking. (Sugawara/Takeda, AU)

Haikyuu, Snitches Get Witches

Yamaguchi's been practicing fireworks, but they're not as easy as they look. (Yamaguchi/Yachi, magic AU)

Yuri on Ice, Promises, Promises

They really shouldn't, but that never stops Yuuri and Victor. (Yuuri/Victor)

BNHA, Count to Ten (Then Start Over)

Kirishima might not be first in the class but he's way smarter than to take Bakugou at his word about exactly what he's ready for during his next heat. (Kirishima/Bakugou)

BNHA, Hopeless and Romantic

Kirishima is onto Bakugou. (Kirishima/Bakugou)

SixTONES, No Promises

Juri wants the impossible for his birthday present: to hook Hokuto and Taiga back up. Shintarou tries to give it to him anyway. (Juri/Shintarou, Taiga/Hokuto, SixTONES OT6)

BNHA, Standing Locust, Forward Fold

Iida is trying to hook up Midoriya and Todoroki and it's not going well, but not for the reason he thinks. (Midoriya/Todoroki)

Yuri on Ice, Sugar, Sugar

They're going to be late to the banquet in Barcelona but somehow that doesn't stop Victor from ruffling Yuuri up all over again. (Yuuri/Victor)

BNHA, Subscapula

Midoriya is a surprising font of practical training pain relief, as well as having to explain to Todoroki what having a crush on someone is like. (Midoriya/Todoroki)

Yuri on Ice, Could You Write a Song For Me

Yuri and Otabek have slightly more laid-back post-competition plans during Worlds than they did during the Grand Prix finals. (Yuri/Otabek)

Haikyuu, Usual Route

Tsukishima visits Kuroo and gets a little more than he bargained for. (Kuroo/Tsukishima, Oikawa/Daichi)

Kis-My-Ft2, 胸を張れ (Be Proud)

Tamamori didn't write the words to his solo this year, but he means them all the same. (Tamamori/Miyata)

Yuri on Ice, Approved for All Audiences

Yuri and Otabek try to adjust to Almaty, the Olympics, and pair skating all at once. (Yuri/Otabek)

Yuri on Ice, Vanilla

Yuri is just so cute first thing in the morning, Otabek really can't help himself. (Yuri/Otabek)

Yuri on Ice, Skipped Stitch

Renting an apartment together in St. Petersburg for the summer means that Yuri gets to learn all of Otabek's quirks. The knitting is a surprise. (Yuri/Otabek)

Yuri on Ice, Maybe He’s Born With It (Maybe It’s Phichit)

Phichit altruistically saves Yuri from the melodramatic makeup tendencies of his fellow Russians. (Yuri/Otabek, Phichit)

Check Please, Star Baker and Other Disasters

There's no way Bittle spend the whole day alone in Jack's house without baking something, right? (Jack/Bittle)

MacDonald Hall, Mutually Beneficial Metrics

Boots' classes and Bruno's school are both cancelled. Seems like it'll work out for everyone. (Bruno/Boots)

Yuri on Ice, A Moment on the Lips

Guanghong and Leo both get something they're craving the night before competition. (Leo/Guanghong)

Snow Man, Check-in

Abe checks on Watanabe and Miyadate after the start of Miyadate's heat. (Watanabe/Miyadate, Abe)

Yuri on Ice, Hamster in Russian is Not Hamster

Otabek brings the hamster when he moves to St. Petersburg, obviously. (Otabek/Yuri)

Snow Man, Koi no ABO

Miyadate's heat starting suddenly means Watanabe has to take care of him. (Watanabe/Miyadate)

Yuri on Ice, A Roe By Any Other Name

The only thing keeping Yuri on his feet is pure spite and the promise of the 4AM Tsukiji Market trip that the first morning in Tokyo definitely necessitates. (Yuri/Otabek)

Yuri on Ice, Midwinter’s Knight

Otabek's hoodie is made of magic, smells like the moon, and Yuri is not giving it back. AU where everything's the same except for Otabek's surprise supernatural tendencies. (Yuri/Otabek)

SixTONES, Sweet-Type

This is a good side of Hokuto too, how praise makes him flushed and clingy, even better because fans can't see this part. (Hokuto/Juri/Shintarou)

SixTONES, I Still See You (Even If the Light Is Stolen)

Shintarou wakes up from a concussion in a parallel universe, and Juri feels like the entire universe is hazing him. Both of them have a lot to learn from each other if they want Shintarou to get home again. (Shintarou/Juri)

Yuri on Ice, 4,752 Kilometers

Otabek is taking the slowest route possible to St. Petersburg, and Yuri's patience isn't what it used to be. Otabek helps him out over the phone. (Yuri/Otabek)

Yuri on Ice, Slow to Start

While Otabek found many of Phichit's life choices on the internet to be questionable, he had to admit that in this instance his advice seemed entirely sound (Yuri/Otabek)

Yuri on Ice, Press 1 For More Options

Otabek usually sees a fairly finite number of things when he answers a Skype call from Yuri. Yuri's cat is not usually the one calling. (Yuri/Otabek)

Snow Man, Promise

Watanabe and Miyadate have been together for so long that usually gifts between them are no big deal. (Watanabe/Miyadate)

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