SixTONES, Sweet-Type

Title: Sweet-Type [Hokuto/Juri/Shintarou]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Summary: This is a good side of Hokuto too, how praise makes him flushed and clingy, even better because fans can’t see this part.
AN: Written for shiritori. How sweet and beautiful was Hokuto’s solo during Fuma’s con? How amazing did Juri, Shin, and Hoku look for that whole thing??? I’m SO HAPPY that made it on DVD, and I’m so proud of those three for how good they looked and sounded. it’s completely my headcanon that Hokuto turns into a blushing, squirming wreck from any amount of praise kink.


“Sweet this time, hm?” Juri leans in to murmur in Hokuto’s ear, making him jump with surprise. Juri can’t help but chuckle even as Hokuto whirls to give him a rueful look. “Your solo. Sweet-type, this time.”

“Oh, yeah,” Hokuto agrees, offering Juri a self-conscious smile. It’s small, but real, and Juri loves the sight of it. “Although I don’t know why I have a solo when it’s Fuma’s concert…”

“Because you’re awesome?” Juri answers, sidling a little closer into Hokuto’s space. The truth is that Fuma is giving the three of them the perfect opportunity to show off and they’re all grateful for the chance, but that doesn’t mean Juri doesn’t mean the stuff that he’s murmuring to Hokuto. “You sound so good. I almost forgot, huh? Since lately they let Taiga do all the stuff.”

“I don’t mind…” Hokuto is having trouble looking Juri in the eye, like he always does when somebody praises him too directly.

“You should mind,” Juri presses. Hokuto is starting to blush a little, and Juri loves it. “When you do ballads that show off your voice properly, it’s so nice. Everyone should get to hear. What are you gonna wear?”

“I-I…a suit, maybe,” Hokuto says. “A little dressier than the back dance costumes, I think. Do you think that’s all right? I shouldn’t stand out so much, it’s Fuma’s—”

“Shh, don’t worry about him, Fuma can take care of himself,” Juri advises. “White suit, yeah. Innocent image to go with your sweet-type ballad. When you wear white, it shows off your eyes and dark hair sooo well.”

“Juri, come on,” Hokuto protests, but Juri only slides in closer, putting hands on Hokuto’s hips and holding him almost flush to his own hips, only a centimeter or two between them.

“I told you, right? How much we like your sweet side.” Juri grins when Hokuto squirms a little, cheeks now definitely pink. “How much I do. You’re so appealing when you’re more relaxed, when you smile.” Juri reaches up to brush his thumb over Hokuto’s lower lip. “So cute.”

“Stooop,” Hokuto whines, and even that’s so cute it goes right under Juri’s skin. But there’s another reason Juri doesn’t plan on stopping, and it’s in the way that Hokuto obviously enjoys being praised, biting his lower lip to try and keep from smiling. “You’re doing the thing!”

“Telling you how good you are? That thing?” Juri teases. Hokuto mumbles a yes, fingers twisting in the hem of Juri’s T-shirt. “I won’t stop at all. You’re so good, Hoku. You’re sweet and so handsome. SixTONES’ prince. They don’t get it at all, you know? Managers or whoever. That the sweet, shy you is just as sexy as when they tell you to be sexy-type. You’re so good just like this. You’re perfect.”

Hokuto makes a breathless, overwhelmed noise, and Juri pulls him in for a hug, chuckling softly. This is a good side of Hokuto too, how praise makes him flushed and clingy, even better because fans can’t see this part. Hokuto nuzzles the side of Juri’s neck, and Juri turns his head for a kiss that’s light, but just as sweet and clinging as Hokuto is.

“Heyyyyy,” Shintarou’s voice interrupts. Juri and Hokuto break to look at him, Juri grinning shamelessly, Hokuto a bit dazed. “You jerks snuck off for kissing without me?”

“Never,” Juri says, pushing Hokuto over towards Shintarou. Shintarou catches him easily, gathering him up into a strong, warm hug that Hokuto all but melts into. “I was telling him how nice his solo sounds.”

“Right?” Shintarou slides a hand up into the back of Hokuto’s hair, fingers twining in the strands to make Hokuto look him in the eye. “It sounds beautiful. You’re gonna be amazing.”

Hokuto’s whine is muffled by the press of Shintarou’s mouth. Juri reaches over to smooth his hand over Hokuto’s T-shirt, down his spine, before he curls up against Hokuto’s back, the two of them bracketing him perfectly. Rubbing his cheek along Hokuto’s shoulder, Juri tells him, “he already is amazing.”

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