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Kingdom Hearts, Last Thing’s First, First Thing Last

Everything feels weird, backwards, after the end of Dream Drop Distance, but Sora's determined to shove it all down and enjoy celebrating with Riku right next to him. Riku, more sensibly, has a few different ideas. (Sora/Riku)

Persona 5, It’s Because the Blossoms Scatter That They are Splendid

Ren, Ryuji, and Ann have to memorize traditional Japanese poems for class. Ryuji thinks traditional poetry is for chumps, Ren sets out to convince him otherwise in his usual weird, sexy style. (Ren/Ryuji)

BNHA, Morning Do Over

Bakugou wakes up with a killer migraine; Kirishima distracts him until his painkillers kick in. (Kirishima/Bakugou)

SixTONES, Cake It or Leave It

Jesse and Juri have to design a dessert that represents their unit for a Shounen Club cooking segment. It would probably be going a lot better if Juri wasn't such a cute distraction. (Jesse/Juri)

BNHA, Connect the Dots

Todoroki is really into Midoriya's freckles. (Midoriya/Todoroki)

Yuri on Ice, Promises, Promises

They really shouldn't, but that never stops Yuuri and Victor. (Yuuri/Victor)

BNHA, Count to Ten (Then Start Over)

Kirishima might not be first in the class but he's way smarter than to take Bakugou at his word about exactly what he's ready for during his next heat. (Kirishima/Bakugou)

Yuri on Ice, Vanilla

Yuri is just so cute first thing in the morning, Otabek really can't help himself. (Yuri/Otabek)

Yuri on Ice, 4,752 Kilometers

Otabek is taking the slowest route possible to St. Petersburg, and Yuri's patience isn't what it used to be. Otabek helps him out over the phone. (Yuri/Otabek)

Snow Man, Bait and Switch

Tricking the mark up to his room is easy, and Watanabe likes it when Miyadate plays the jealous boyfriend. (Watanabe/Miyadate)

A.B.C-Z, Goes Both Ways

"You're coming home with me after work," is all Totsuka says, but it makes Hashimoto grin irrepressibly for the rest of the day. (Hashimoto/Totsuka)

Prince, Cold Hands, Warm Heart

The third floor bathroom is supposed to be haunted, but all Jinguji finds in there is Genki. (Jinguji/Genki)

Haikyuu!!, Return to Sender

After training camp, Tsukishima starts getting packages from Nekoma's Kuroo, and somehow it turns into a thing that Tsukishima doesn't think is strange at all. (Kuroo/Tsukishima)

Prince, Crush Crush on You

Jinguji has a genius plan to protect Genki now that they're going to school together, and there's definitely no way it can backfire even a little. (Jinguji/Genki)

SixTONES, Not Someday But Now

Jesse has had this crush on Juri for years, but he's never found the right time to do something about it. (Jesse/Juri)

Seven Days, Go At Your Own Pace

Shino really likes taking his time. [Shino/Seryou]

The Raven Cycle, For Glad and Golden Hours

Christmas was in three days, and Adam Parrish was a bit frazzled. What do you get the Greywaren who can dream himself anything? (Adam/Ronan)

Haikyuu!!, Practice Makes Perfect

During Karasuno's week-long training camp in Tokyo, Sugawara and Asahi work on their connection. (Asahi/Sugawara)

Chaotic Butterfly, Every Day is a Start

It took Sakurai years to figure out how to let Kouji go, so it's no wonder he has no idea how to have him back home. (Kouji/Sakurai)

SixTones, Voice

Taiga needs vocal lessons when he gets cast in Elisabeth. He gets way more help than he bargained for. (Taiga, SixTONES, Horror)

Snow Man, Easy to Please

Miyadate and Watanabe relax after coming home from Singapore. (Miyadate/Watanabe)

SixTONES, Beauty School Dropout (Go Back to High School)

Taiga and Jesse get really into the uniforms while shooting the girl-version SixTONES comic. (Taiga/Jesse)

JE, Team Bonding

A couple of members of 2015 Team Ra get a little closer. (Hokuto/Reia/Shintarou)

Sexy Zone, Please Take Care of Me

If Kento would just give him a chance, Sou would show him that all he wants to do is take care of him. (Kento/Sou)

SixTONES, Bonus Round

Juri and Hokuto don't wait for Shintarou to get started. (Juri/Hokuto/Shintarou)

Raven Boys, Hotter Than the Sun, Sweeter Than Spring

Out in the sun-warm grass of the Barns, everything is funny, and Ronan makes Adam wish that it would always be summer. (Adam/Ronan)

Baka6, Hidemari (Sunny Spot)

Taiga thinks that Jesse could have his pick of better practice partners, but Jesse isn't having any of that. (Taiga/Jesse)

JE, Yippie Kay Yay

Jesse loses a bet, and Casey wins. (Jesse/Casey Anderson)

Kis-My-Ft2, Caught on Tape

Tamamori and Miyata are the reason why half the footage is completely unusable. (Tamamori/Miyata)

Snow Man, Always Find Your Way Back

Miyadate doesn't plan on letting Watanabe get far enough to test it out anyway. (Miyadate/Watanabe)

JE, It’ll Grow On You

Reia has a new haircut, so naturally Jinguji assumes it's all about him. (Jinguji/Reia)

Baka6, Epic

The only thing more serious than Juri's crush on Shintarou is how Shintarou doesn't seem to understand anything about it. (Juri/Shintarou)

Snow Man, Get Your Money’s Worth

Miyadate and Watanabe enjoy karaoke. Or at least enjoy the room. (Miyadate/Watanabe)

JE, Meanwhile at Gamushara

Genki can make a dirty joke just as much as anybody else. (Genki/Jinguji/Reia)

Baka6, Concept Art

Wings suit Jesse way more than they should, and that isn't even half of the problem. (Jesse/Kouchi)

JE, Backdance

Sanada never tells Nozawa no. (Sanada/Nozawa)

JE, Best When Well Dressed

Jinguji crashes Genki and Reia's shopping date, so Reia takes matters into his own hands. (Genki/Reia)

JE, A Perfectly Respectable-Sized Earthquake

Naps are Kitayama's favorite thing, and senpai are Yasui's. (Kitayama/Yasui)

Hey! Say! JUMP, Real Face

Yamada needs reassurance from his group sometimes. All of them. (Yamada/HSJ)

Baka6, Like a Million Thorns Along My Side

Juri knows he's a terrible person, but it's impossible not to take what Jinguji is offering when it's Shintarou that he's offering. (Juri/Shintarou[Jinguji])

Hey! Say! JUMP, Life is Short (Eat Dessert First)

Takaki's presents for Chinen are a little…weird. (Takaki/Chinen)

Kis-My-Ft2, Tango Foxtrot Kilo India

Tamamori wraps up his recording early, so Fujigaya rewards him. (Tamamori/Fujigaya, Kitayama)

A.B.C-Z, Like the Sun (Can’t Touch Your Hands)

Hashimoto doesn't let a little thing like being different species stand in the way of having everything he wants with Totsuka. (Hashimoto/Totsuka, AU)

Snowman, Dots and Dashes

Maybe if they had actually used the condoms instead of laughing at them, Miyadate wouldn't have gotten Watanabe pregnant. (Miyadate/Watanabe)

Kis-My-Ft2, Tokyo Girls Collection

"In our next life, I hope we're girls." (Nikaido/Senga, AU)

Kis-My-Ft2, No Place Like Home

Yokoo moves into a new apartment, and Nikaido starts seeing some disturbing things, but it's no big deal because even though he can see the ghosts, they've never paid any attention to him before. Right? (Yokoo/Nikaido)

Kis-My-Ft2, Trolling for Compliments

Kitayama gets a new haircut and Fujigaya breaks it in. (Kitayama/Fujigaya)

Hey! Say! JUMP, Shared Interests

The basis of Yuto and Hikaru's relationship is that they like the same kind of freaky porn. (Yuto/Hikaru)

Kis-My-Ft2, Take a Picture (It’ll Last Longer)

Kitayama and Miyata meet on a soccer field, have a lot of karaoke dates, and somehow manage to make it all work out between the two of them. (Kitayama/Miyata, AU)

Hey! Say! JUMP, Hands Up (Put Your Hands on Me)

Yabu does that thing with his hips too much. (Yabu/Takaki)

JE, Even Playing Field

Tamamori has one major advantage, in Yuto's opinion. (Tamamori/Yuto)

Hey! Say! JUMP, Hold Me Closer, Tiny Dancer

Yamada is the perfect size for cuddling. (Yabu/Yamada)

Bad Boys J, All Fired Up

Nobody has been able to get Danno all fired up lately, like Kaori said, and that includes Kaori herself. (Danno/Kaori)

Kis-My-Ft2, Spring Storm

Tamamori interrupts Miyata's script practice. (Tamamori/Miyata)

Kis-My-Ft2, Pay the Toll

Every time Senga wakes up Kitayama, the price of the toll increases. (Kitayama/Senga)

Kis-My-Ft2, Call Someone Who Cares

Of all the times Fujigaya should have never answered his phone, riding the bullet train late at night rates up at the top of the list. (Kitayama/Fujigaya)

Sexy Zone, Contact Dance

Nakaken will have to make it up to Fuma later. (Fuma/Nakaken)

Baka6, The Right Motivation

Hokuto's method of error correction is not working for Taiga. (Hokuto/Taiga)

Baka6, Out Past Curfew

Jesse's mother can kick Hokuto's ass, and she'll do it too if he brings him home on a school night. (Hokuto/Jesse)

Yara+THEY Budou, All the Conveniences of Home

Yamaryo is a salaryman and Yara works at a combini, and Yamaryo knocks over a lot of puddings. (Yara/Yamamoto)

Kis-My-Ft2, Miyata Stayed Up All Night

Think the title says it all on this one. Tamamori is not amused (but his mom is). (Miyata/Tamamori)

Kis-My-Ft2, Delay of Game

“Save it for later,” Yokoo advises, and Fujigaya whines at him. (Yokoo/Fujigaya)

Kis-My-Ft2, Spend the Night

After he moves to Tokyo, things are tougher than Senga expected them to be. But when Kitayama is there too, it doesn’t seem so bad. (Senga/Kitayama)

Kis-My-Ft2, Miyata vs Pillow-san

All Tamamori wants is to sleep, why is that so hard? (Tamamori/Miyata)

Kis-My-Ft2, Takes One to Know One

Nikaido's totally into it. Good thing Senga is too. (Nikaido/Senga)

Kis-My-Ft2, Closer

After they get the new studio, strange things start to happen. And then Senga finds the song. (Senga, Kis-My-Ft2, gen, horror)

Kis-My-Ft2, Senpai’s Treat

21-year-old Senga doesn’t make a big show of it like 16-year-old Senga used to, but Kitayama likes that even more. (Kitayama/Senga)

Yara+THEY Budou, Impatience

Yamamoto just can't wait. (Yara/Yamamoto)

Kis-My-Ft2, Big Bang

If this is what he gets out of it, Nikaido is totally willing to take Senga to all the Korean concerts that he wants. (Nikaido/Senga)

Kis-My-Ft2, Addictive

Kitayama is totally doing it on purpose. (Kitayama/Fujigaya)

Kis-My-Ft2, He Started It

Yokoo knows Nikaido doesn't know exactly what he's asking for, but it doesn't stop him asking for it. (Yokoo/Nikaido)

Kis-My-Ft2, Fortune Favors the Bold

Sometimes Miyata has these moments of boldness that work out shockingly well. (Tamamori/Miyata)

Butoukan, Hush

Butoukan goes to the onsen to bond; Yamaryo and Yara bond a little more closely than originally intended. (Yara/Yamamoto)

Loveless, In the Darkness (The It’s Only Natural Remix)

Soubi is having trouble sleeping, but only because Ritsuka keeps waking him up. (Soubi/Ritsuka)

30 Kisses, (19) Yellow Gold (Wear It As Your Crown)

Just because Tamamori can see Miyata's colors, that doesn't mean there aren't any mysteries left. (Miyata/Tamamori)

30 Kisses, (7) Deep Your Voice

Miyata needs Nikaido as a stand-in for Tamamori's massage date. (Nikaido/Tamamori)

Kis-My-Ft2, Idiots

Miyatama are the reason that Kisumai has a radio show instead of being allowed on TV. (Miyata/Tamamori, Miyata/Tamamori/Kitayama)

Kis-My-Ft2, If You Miss Me Like I Miss You

Maybe it's jetlag or post-vacation letdown, or maybe Senga just wants Nikaido to welcome him home properly. (Senga/Nikaido)

Kis-My-Ft2, A Traditional Sort of Guy

Sharing a hotel room is a little different, now that Nikaido has confessed. (Nikaido/Senga)

Kis-My-Ft2, In Character

Sure Tamamori claimed all he wanted to do after filming ended was sleep. (Tamamori/Miyata)

Mis Snow Man, Candles Aren’t the Only Things Getting Blown

By the time Sakuma turns eighteen, the Snowmen have already had Fukazawa's legalizing birthday to practice. (Sakuma/Snowmen)

Kis-My-Ft2, Playing Doctor

Tamamori's costume has an interesting effect on Miyata. (Tamamori/Miyata)

JE, Easy to Satisfy

They don't get to do it nearly often enough these days, in Kitayama's opinion. (Kitayama/Totsuka)

Kis-My-Ft2, Off-Shot

Nikaido finally gives in and does exactly what Senga's solo shots are begging you to do. (Nikaido/Senga)

Kis-My-Ft2, Date Night

Nikaido is pushy, Senga is the girl always, Yokoo is old-fashioned, Miyata is easy, and Fujigaya is really pissed off that he didn't get invited. (Miyata/Nikaido, Senga/Yokoo)

Kis-My-Ft2, Seven by Seven

I just wanted an excuse to write a lot of crazy Kisumai pairings. And a Kawai cameo. (OT7, various combinations)

ABC-Z, A Pencil That Needs Sharpening

Hashimoto shares Totsuka's shower, and Totsuka isn't made of stone. (Hashimoto/Totsuka)

Kis-My-Ft2, Permanent

Tamamori does a poor job of hiding his interest in Miyata's perm. (Tamamori/Miyata)

Arashi, Re-Assignment Female (The Option B Remix)

After they get turned into girls by the combined forces of KAT-TUN and NEWS, Arashi does what any grown men would do in their situation. (OT5)

Butoukan, C=Normal (The Like a Lady Remix)

Sooner or later, Yamamoto will figure out that Yara showing up as a girl is not at all an accident. Probably. (Yara/Yamamoto)

Big Time Rush, Going Overtime

Logan always has to stay after practice, but tonight he finds out what the others have been up to in his absence. (OT4)

JE, Surprise Confession

Jin says it's too hot, and Yamapi makes him reverse his position. (Yamapi/Jin)

Mis Snow Man, Gekokujou

There's lots of reasons Nozawa prefers sleeping at Sanada's house, and Sanada doesn't want to roleplay. (Sanada/Nozawa)

Kis-My-Ft2, International Roll-ations

The Tamamori/Miyata interlude I wrote for yeska_noka's rollerderby girl AU. (Tamamori/Miyata)

Kis-My-Ft2, Nobody But You

Nikaido interrupts Senga's interview for a few choice words. (Nikaido/Senga)

Hey! Say! JUMP, Music and Lyrics

Hikaru's having trouble with their new love duet, and Yabu provides some inspiration. (Yabu/Hikaru)

Kis-My-Ft2, How Miyata Became an Idol

Tamamori's mother has an excellent suggestion for Miyata's new idol look. (Tamamori/Miyata)

Kis-My-Ft2, Roommates

Their rooming assignments in Sapporo are…not what they expected. Nikaido and Kitayama make the best of the situation. (Kitayama/Nikaido)

A.B.C.-Z, It’s All For Science

Hashimoto's having trouble sleeping during their first tour; Goseki has an obvious solution. (Hashimoto/Goseki)

Kis-My-Ft2, No More Wait

Not that Senga ever likes waiting, but Nikaido's 20th birthday is proving more of a challenge than most. (Senga/Nikaido)

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