Kis-My-Ft2, Takes One to Know One

Title: Takes One to Know One [Nikaido/Senga]
Rating/Warnings: R
Summary: Nikaido’s totally into it. Good thing Senga is too.
AN: Written for Shiritori.

Takes One to Know One

A weight lifted from his shoulders when a smile again lit up Nikaido’s face, even brighter than the one he’d given when Senga had said he had a surprise for him. “You don’t think it’s stupid?” Senga asked shyly.

“No.” Nikaido palmed the safety piercer, the plastic cool in his hand, but it was making his blood rush just thinking about Senga holding him down and marking him, permanently. He swallowed hard. “It’s not stupid.”

He tried to play it off coolly, but Senga could obviously tell just by looking at him, his nervous smile turning into a heated grin. “Nika…you’re totally into it, huh?”

“No!” Nikaido bluffed. “Don’t be a freak, I just think Fujigaya’s is hot and we’re idols after all, and…”

“Liar,” Senga said with affection. He reached over to take back the piercer and crawled into Nikaido’s lap, pushing him back until Nikaido’s back was against his bedroom wall at an awkward angle. He rucked up Nikaido’s shirt enough to bare his stomach and skimmed fingers along the warm skin, making Nikaido bite down on a groan. “You’re totally the freak here, you’re getting hard already.”

“You’re on top of me, pushing off all my clothes!” Nikaido protested, reaching over to grab a pillow to wedge behind himself for some comfort.

“It’s gonna look so hot,” Senga murmurs, almost to himself, brushing two fingers over the warm skin just above Nikaido’s naval. “And after it’s healed, Taipi says it feels sooo good…”

“Ugh, don’t even tell me how you know that,” Nikaido grimaces, letting his head fall back against the wall. “Are you really gonna? Or just talk about it?”

“Tell me it’s okay,” Senga says, unbuttoning Nikaido’s jeans and pushing then down, well clear of the area. He looks up to meet Nikaido’s eyes, and Nikaido’s heart skips a beat at the way Senga’s gaze is concentrated only on him. “Is it really okay?”

“Yeah,” Nikaido whispers. He’s a little scared, the part just before always the worst, but the idea of having Senga’s mark on him, of wearing something that’s just for him and nobody else, it’s worth it. “Do it.”

Senga’s eyes turn dark enough that Nikaido wonders if maybe there is something here they should investigate for the future, but then his attention is occupied with Senga’s fingers, the chill of the alcohol as Senga disinfects the area, the way Senga uses his free hand to hold Nikaido’s skin in place. Nikaido closes his eyes, unable to watch this part.

“Should I count to three?” Senga asks.

“Just do it,” Nikaido tells him, voice shaky. He hears Senga draw a deep breath and then the loud click just before sting of it registers. “Ow!”

“Sorry,” Senga apologizes, rubbing a little at the flat of Nikaido’s stomach, trying to soothe without touching the part that actually hurts.

“Shit shit shit,” Nikaido curses, arching a little, not that he gets far with Senga’s weight on top. “That is not the same as an ear piercing, fuck!” He peels open his eyes, but keeps them up on Senga’s face, not daring to look down yet. “How’s it look?”

“Really good,” Senga says, voice breathy, and Nikaido thinks it’s entirely unfair that he’s the one getting pierced and Senga is the one lighting up with adrenaline. “Heal fast, piercing-san~. I’ve got plans for you.”

“Don’t talk to it, fuck,” Nikaido says. “Just distract me or something, okay?”

Senga is entirely down for that, literally, as he slides down Nikaido’s body, dragging Nikaido’s jeans and underwear down with him. Despite the whole thing, Nikaido is still halfway hard from Senga’s nearness and teasing, enough so that Senga chuckles when he gets a good look.

The first lick to Nikaido’s tip makes his nerves crackle since he’s already on edge, and when Senga wraps a hand around Nikaido and gives him a firm stroke he lets his head fall back and just gives into it.

“Let me hear you, okay?” Senga asks, but he doesn’t wait for an answer before swallowing as much of Nikaido’s cock as he can, mouth hot and wet and perfect. Usually Nikaido tries to keep quiet, embarrassed when he finds himself getting loud, but today he gives Senga what he wants, just opens his mouth and lets all the whimpers and pleas tumble out.

“Kenpi,” he tries to warn when it’s all too much, and Senga pulls back to tongue Nikaido’s head, stroking the rest of his length with a perfect and familiar amount of pressure. The soft moan Senga gives when Nikaido spills over his tongue makes Nikaido shudder all over, until he goes limp, heart racing.

He holds out his arms and whines, and Senga crawls up into them, chuckling. “You owe me one, but takes your time. We might have to come up with a few different favorite positions for a couple weeks anyway.”

“You are such a freak,” Nikaido informs him, before he tugs Senga down so that he can taste himself on Senga’s tongue.

Senga’s laughter feels too good to miss anyway.

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