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SixTONES, Tell Me Like You Mean It

The longer the shows run, the more of a mess Hokuto turns into, and the less Taiga can cope with it. Good thing there's Juri to the rescue. (Hokuto/Taiga, Hokuto/Taiga/Juri)

SixTONES, No Promises

Juri wants the impossible for his birthday present: to hook Hokuto and Taiga back up. Shintarou tries to give it to him anyway. (Juri/Shintarou, Taiga/Hokuto, SixTONES OT6)

SixTONES, Chainlink

Perfect is overrated, which is good because nothing about Hokuto and Taiga is perfect. (Taiga/Hokuto)

SixTONES, Baby Bump

Hokuto's been looking a little different lately. Taiga likes it. (Hokuto/Taiga)

Baka6, Fake It Until You Make It

Taiga used to think he and Hokuto were just fooling around, but then they went on their fake anniversary date and now he isn't so sure. (Hokuto/Taiga)

Baka6, You Are the No. 1 Boyfriend

Studying is hard, and Taiga is kind of a distraction. (Hokuto/Taiga)

Baka6, The One I’m Waiting For

Just because Hokuto is worth waiting for, that doesn't mean Taiga is exactly enjoying the wait. (Taiga/Hokuto)

Baka6, Slow and Steady

Hokuto likes this part so much, he doesn't see what the rush is all about. (Hokuto/Taiga)

Baka6, The Right Motivation

Hokuto's method of error correction is not working for Taiga. (Hokuto/Taiga)

Baka6, It’s All in the Delivery

Juri likes making Taiga blush, and Hokuto can surely see the appeal. (Hokuto/Taiga)

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