SixTONES, Baby Bump

Title: Baby Bump [Hokuto/Taiga]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13, mpreg
Summary: Hokuto’s been looking a little different lately. Taiga likes it.
AN: I apologize for the terrible of this but I’m very sick and hokuto is chubby and I’m going to sleep now. Written for Shiritori.

Baby Bump

“Ha, I win!” Shintarou declares, thumping down his bowl of noodles and staring at the others triumphantly. It might as well be Bakaleya filming again, except Shintarou isn’t wearing a school uniform and has grown like 10 cm since then.

“Nobody’s competing with you, idiot,” Juri says, eating his rice as a more sedate pace. He looks up from his phone to smile sweetly at Hokuto. “Well, Hokuto might be.”

“Wha?” Hokuto says through his mouthful of curry bread. The wrapper of the first curry bread and a couple onigiri are sitting in front of him. Everyone stares at him until he swallows. “What?”

“You’re gonna get yelled at again,” Juri advises, going back to his phone. “If you chub up anymore they won’t let you sing beside Jesse anymore.”

“It does make him look like he’s about to drop dead,” Shintarou says sympathetically. He slaps Juri on the back suddenly, making him choke. “Maybe that’s why they won’t let us sing together anymore!”

“Maybe it’s because then you’d have to actually sing?” Juri snaps back once his windpipe clears.

Hokuto shrugs and goes back to his curry bread. He’s been yelled at for his weight gain this week already, actually, but the truth is he doesn’t care, and that’s for two reasons.

“I think it’s hot,” Taiga murmurs, low enough that only Hokuto hears over Shintarou and Juri scuffling. Taiga leans in to brush lips over Hokuto’s cheek, one hand sliding down to squeeze the side of Hokuto’s waist. There’s enough there to get a good grip these days, and Taiga likes that more than a little.

The second reason he hasn’t exactly told Taiga about yet.

“I have something to show you,” Hokuto says when they’re in Taiga’s room, Taiga already flopped across his bed and watching shamelessly as Hokuto strips his shirt off.

“Pretty sure I’ve seen it already,” Taiga says dryly. Hokuto sticks his tongue out at him. Crawling up on the bed, Hokuto throws one leg over Taiga’s thighs to straddle him, then settles comfortably on Taiga’s hips. “I like what I see so far.”

Hokuto reaches for Taiga’s hands and puts them on his belly, where most of the pudge is centered. His face has kind of rounded out, it’s true, but his arms and chest are still well-defined from double dutch practice, all of him reasonably toned except the squish underneath Taiga’s hands. “See how it’s all right there?”

“Mmhmm,” Taiga says in approval, giving Hokuto’s belly a little squeeze.

“Remember how you told me to quit bringing condoms because you’re a freak who likes it messy?”

“Y…eah…” Taiga says slowly, looking up at Hokuto quizzically like he’s just realized they’re actually talking about something. Hokuto gives him a significant look. “What?”

“Congratulations, dad,” Hokuto says. “Well, I guess you could be papa if you wanted, it’s confusing if we’re both dad. We can work out names later.”

Taiga stares at Hokuto for several long seconds, then he bursts out laughing. “You weirdo! You really had me going, you looked so serious!”

Hokuto doesn’t mind if Taiga laughs, isn’t that worried really. Must be baby brain. For now he’s perfectly content to let Taiga roll him over and press him into the mattress, to kiss him possessively while his hands roam over every inch of Hokuto’s skin, stroking and squishing all the places he can get a good grip.

A week later when Hokuto bursts into tears over their last Team Ra performance and simply cannot pull himself together, Taiga gives Hokuto a long, searching look. Hokuto looks back, eyes still watery and really in the mood for some pickled yuzu, for some reason.

“You were just teasing me, right?” Taiga asks. Hokuto shakes his head. Taiga’s eyes dart down to Hokuto’s stomach and back up. “This is crazy.”

“Yup.” Hokuto grins when Taiga slips hands under his shirt to feel for himself, the touch nice against his skin. “All the best stuff is the craziest.”

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