SixTONES, Early in Time

Ren is a serious kid surrounded by insanity. No wonder Taiga is his favorite. (Shintarou, Maika, Taiga)

Snow Man, Always Find Your Way Back

Miyadate doesn't plan on letting Watanabe get far enough to test it out anyway. (Miyadate/Watanabe)

EbiKisu, Itsuka no Yakusoku (Someday’s Promises)

Ebikisu finally get a second series of 12star concerts, six years too late and a million years too soon for Totsuka's heart. (Kitayama/Totsuka)

SixTONES, Dependence

somehow it always seems like Juri and Taiga have unpleasant breakups at the same time. (Juri/Taiga)

Chaotic Butterfly, Pictures or It Didn’t Happen

Adachi and Rin do NaNoWriMo. (Goto, Adachi, Rin)

Chaotic Butterfly, Thursday Doesn’t Even Start

The more calmly Mitsumi is sitting there, the more Fujishima just wants to rile him all up. (Mitsumi/Fujishima)

DBSK, Leftovers are Always Better the Next Day

Changmin can't figure out what the secret ingredient in Jaejoong's curry is. (Changmin/DBSK)

Free!, Call It Like It Is

Being Haruka's partner boyfriend thing is more challenging than Rin had honestly been hoping, or maybe it's just the quality of the advice he keeps getting from his friends. (Rin/Haruka)

Snow Man, Keep the Hat On

Snowmen are weak to low pressure. (Watanabe/Miyadate)

JE, It’ll Grow On You

Reia has a new haircut, so naturally Jinguji assumes it's all about him. (Jinguji/Reia)

SixTONES, It’s Only Weird If We Talk About It

Shintarou and Juri are devoted but questionable baby-sitters. (Shintarou, Juri, Maika)

SixTONES, Baby Bump

Hokuto's been looking a little different lately. Taiga likes it. (Hokuto/Taiga)

SixTONES, Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

Shintarou refuses to tell Juri what they're planning to name his daughter. (Shintarou, Juri)

Baka6, Stand On Your Own Stage

Shintarou accidentally ends up as a 17-year-old father, but it's only after that that all the really good stuff happens. (Shintarou/Maika, Juri, Baka6)

JE, This is the Road to Ruin (And We’re Starting at the End)

KitKats for sure can't fix what Yasui has. (Yasui/Juri)

Baka6, Epic

The only thing more serious than Juri's crush on Shintarou is how Shintarou doesn't seem to understand anything about it. (Juri/Shintarou)

JE, Wishful Thinking

Shintarou shares his birthday wish with Shintarou. (Hashimoto and Shintarou)

Chaotic Butterfly, Flavor of the Month

Everywhere Fujishima turns, it's pineapples lately. (Fujishima, Mitsumi)

SixTONES, Attention-Seeking Behavior

It's possible Juri got this haircut entirely so that Taiga will touch his hair. (Juri/Taiga)

Snow Man, In All the Gin Joints in All the World

Five universes where Miyadate has to chase down Watanabe, and one where he had him the entire time. (Watanabe/Miyadate)

Chaotic Butterfly, Flash

How Akai Ito entertain themselves the rest of their trip to New York for their photobook. (Kurosagi/Aoki)

Kis-My-Ft2, Can’t All Be Moonflowers and Poetry

Yokoo thought Nikaido's sex drive might kill him before he changes gender the first time, but now he's sure it will. (Yokoo/Nikaido)

JE, Many Happy Returns

Hokuto has a special birthday surprise for Jesse. (Hokuto/Jesse/Hagiya)

JE, Someday the Sakura Will Surely Bloom

Kawai gives the best hugs in the company, and Fukazawa is in desperate need of them. (Kawai/Fukazawa)

Snow Man, Get Your Money’s Worth

Miyadate and Watanabe enjoy karaoke. Or at least enjoy the room. (Miyadate/Watanabe)

JE, Meanwhile at Gamushara

Genki can make a dirty joke just as much as anybody else. (Genki/Jinguji/Reia)

A.B.C-Z, Short Term Goals

Hashimoto wants all the reasons, and Totsuka just wants to not be fired. (Hashimoto/Totsuka)

Baka6, Concept Art

Wings suit Jesse way more than they should, and that isn't even half of the problem. (Jesse/Kouchi)

JE, Backdance

Sanada never tells Nozawa no. (Sanada/Nozawa)

Hikaru no Go, Golden Week

It's common knowledge on the Igo circuit that Shindou goes a little crazy during Golden Week every year, but this year Touya might actually be out-freaking him. (Shindou/Touya)

JE, Too Cute

Chinen has an awful lot of kittens. (Gen, AU)

JE, Best When Well Dressed

Jinguji crashes Genki and Reia's shopping date, so Reia takes matters into his own hands. (Genki/Reia)

JE, A Perfectly Respectable-Sized Earthquake

Naps are Kitayama's favorite thing, and senpai are Yasui's. (Kitayama/Yasui)

JE, Man Down

Shori sustains injury during Shounen Club filming and Kotaki is the designated piggybacker. (Gen)

JE, Near Miss

Totsuka and Yabu's date nights are non-negotiable, once they manage to schedule it in these days. (Totsuka/Yabu unrequited)

Baka6, Coelliptic Orbit

What if the right moment comes and it's one of the times they aren't right there next to him? (Shintarou, Jesse, Taiga, Hokuto)

Baka6, Fake It Until You Make It

Taiga used to think he and Hokuto were just fooling around, but then they went on their fake anniversary date and now he isn't so sure. (Hokuto/Taiga)

Sexy Zone, Bad Timing

It's not the best Valentine's Day that Kento has ever had, but at least he gets to spend it with Fuma. (Kento/Fuma)

Hey! Say! JUMP, Snapshot

Yuto and Keito get the most ridiculous Valentine's Day photoshoot concept, but the camera never lies. (Yuto/Keito)

Baka6, Waiting Game

Waiting is the worst. (Juri/Shintarou unrequited)

Hey! Say! JUMP, Real Face

Yamada needs reassurance from his group sometimes. All of them. (Yamada/HSJ)

My Little Pony, Stardust in My Eyes

Twilight Sparkle is all filled up on weird lately, and that's even before she ends up in an alternate world where Applejack is Rainbow Dash's girlfriend instead of hers. (Twilight Sparkle/Applejack, Applejack/Rainbow Dash)

Baka6, Like a Million Thorns Along My Side

Juri knows he's a terrible person, but it's impossible not to take what Jinguji is offering when it's Shintarou that he's offering. (Juri/Shintarou[Jinguji])

Baka6, Hair Band

Taiga has a thing about hair, and maybe Juri does too. (Juri/Taiga)

JE, Body to Body

Shintarou and Jinguji swap bodies, and realize maybe their own problems aren't so bad after all. (Shintarou and Jinguji)

Hey! Say! JUMP, Life is Short (Eat Dessert First)

Takaki's presents for Chinen are a little…weird. (Takaki/Chinen)

Kis-My-Ft2, Well Begun Is Half Done

Tamamori and Miyata coming home together after Countdown is one of their favorite holiday traditions. (Tamamori/Miyata)

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