Kis-My-Ft2, Can’t All Be Moonflowers and Poetry

Title: Can’t All Be Moonflowers and Poetry [Yokoo/Nikaido]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17, Warning for the fact that Nika’s species changes genders every 3 months or so, so there’s some weird alien sex stuff.
Summary: Yokoo thought Nikaido’s sex drive might kill him before he changes gender the first time, but now he’s sure it will.
AN: Hashien AU universe, written for Shiritori.

Can’t All Be Moonflowers and Poetry

Before lifting them up to their lips to drink, Dr. K and Yokoo clinked them together, making the purple liquid inside shimmer with opalescence.

“Goseki’s going to kill you for drinking the last of this without him,” Yokoo commented mildly. He took a sip and it burned the whole way down, but in a way that was strangely enjoyable.

“You’ll just have to find some more next trip, and then he’ll never know,” Kawai said blithely, but the swish of his tail told a more accurate story about his guilty conscience. “Or once he’s killed me he can just suck it back out of my liver. It’ll take at least a month to metabolize the last of this stuff.”

“For you two, that’s almost a romantic thought.” Yokoo took another sip and the lights in the room took on the same opalescence as the drink.

“Speaking of romance, how’s bunny-chan? Given how much sand I’ve been cleaning out of his ears, seems like you two are having a rough patch.”

“Can’t all be moonflowers and poetry, I suppose.” Yokoo shrugged. “If he weren’t knocking me down for sex three times a day, I might be confused.” Kawai giggled a little, and Yokoo would have assumed it was the alcohol except for the tip of his tail twitching. “Something you want to say?”

“Picking fights, increased sex drive, testing a partner’s patience, those are classic symptoms, you know.”

“Symptoms of…?” Yokoo prompted when Kawai didn’t offer any further information, but Kawai only grinned and said he’d guess Yokoo would find out soon enough.

Eventually he finished his drink, wondering how many months his own liver would be working on that, and stumbled home to his cranky bunkmate. His mild concern over starting another fight were for nothing, since Nikaido was already curled up in a ball in the center of the bed, the blankets rising and falling steadily and two of his ears twitching.

“You’re so cute when you’re asleep,” Yokoo sighed, stripping off his clothes and trying to nudge Nikaido over gently enough to not really wake him up, which meant basically not touching him at all. “But you’d fill up a bed three times this size all on your own, wouldn’t you?”

“M’not a dog,” Nikaido grumbled, cracking one eye. “Where’ve you been?”

“Drinking with Fumito,” Yokoo answered matter-of-factly. Now that Nikaido was awake there was no reason not to give him a much firmer push, enough that Yokoo could at least lie down on a third of the mattress. For a second Nikaido’s nose wriggled like he had something to say about that, but then he just flopped down tiredly against Yokoo’s side.

“Pet me,” he demanded, and Yokoo stroked fingers over the soft stripes of Nikaido’s fur until his breath was even and steady.

In the morning, Yokoo woke up with a killer headache and a hot naked chick in his bed. His first thought was that he must have had quite a night last night, and the second was that Nikaido really was going to murder him, but then his brain finally caught up and realized the girl had soft stripes of green fur running down the back of her arms.

Nikaido had warned him that this would happen eventually, but seeing it was something else. It was still definitely him—her, Yokoo corrected himself mentally. She still had Nikaido’s cute little nose and eye dot and slim build, just everything was curvier. Also, there was a narrow green happy trail, for lack of a better term, trailing down from Nikaido’s nipples underneath the swell of her breasts. That was unexpectedly adorable, certainly.

Headache pushed to the side for the moment, Yokoo edged closer, so that Nikaido was spooned against his chest properly, and tugged the blankets off so he could have a proper look.

“What?” Nikaido demanded. She tried to wriggle, but Yokoo’s arm was curled around her tightly, fingers exploring one of the adorable happy trails. Nikaido’s tail twitched, the puff of it rubbing against Yokoo’s belly just below his navel in a way that had become kind of a turn-on over the last few months.

Yokoo’s other hand wandered south, finding the front side of Nikaido also was interestingly more furred than he was used to.

“Hey!” Nikaido’s went stiff as she woke up in a panic. “Where’s my—” And then just as suddenly, she went slack again. “Fuck, it happened, huh? I always forget about that part, even though it happens every…oi, what are you doing?”

“Shh, let me explore,” Yokoo murmured. “Please,” he added a second later, and Nikaido grumbled a fine, fine. “It’s okay, right?”

“Do you even know what to do with a girl?” Nikaido asked suspiciously.

“I used to do just fine with human ones,” Yokoo replied. He pinched at Nikaido’s nipple a little, then cupped her whole breast in his palm, feeling the softness and weight of it. “Are you different than a human female?”

“How the fuck should I know,” Nikaido snapped, although a little breathlessly. Admittedly it had been a while, but Nikaido seemed to be mostly the same so far as Yokoo could tell. He brushed a test finger even lower though Nikaido’s fur and found her already wet.

“Want me that much?” Yokoo teased. Nikaido squirmed against his hands, turning to glare over her shoulder.

“Don’t tease,” she said through gritted teeth. “Right before and right after, it’s always—oh,” Nikaido interrupted herself as Yokoo slid his finger inside, shivering a little himself at how slick and welcoming Nikaido was. Tight, though, even to his slim fingers, so he’d have to take his time. Vaguely Yokoo wondered if it was like starting over every time, and found the idea kind of appealing, of getting to deflower Nikaido over and over. It felt chauvinistic as much as it was a turn-on, and Yokoo decided he would keep that idea to himself.

“Are you thinking about something weird?” Nikaido demanded, squirming until she was on her back (although not, Yokoo noticed, so that she knocked Yokoo’s finger loose). She glared up at him, ruffled with bedhead and frustration. “Think about getting me off instead, you have no idea what this is like.”

“Is it different as a female?” Yokoo asked, genuinely curious. He slid a second finger in, slowly, more than a little interested in getting on with it himself.

“Yeah, especially at first,” Nikaido grunted. She closed her eyes and pushed down against Yokoo’s fingers, shifting her hips restlessly, but she kept talking. “It’s all desperate and hot and want inside and fuck right there.”

“Here?” Yokoo asked innocently, curling his fingers. Nikaido made a noise that had Yokoo wondering if she might come right on his fingers, just like that. He remembered girls being a bit more of a challenge, not that he had any objections.

“Plus I’m not done when I’m done, you know?” Nikaido groaned. “It’s awesome and totally annoying at the same time. Hurry up and put your mouth on me.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Yokoo agreed, relocating immediately between Nikaido’s legs. Not that Nikaido ever turned down the offer when Yokoo was making it, but this was the first time he’d heard Nikaido make that demand. Just another gender difference, he supposed, and definitely one he could live with. “You taste nearly the same either way, you know,” he lifted his head to say. Nikaido’s expression was bordering on murderous. “Don’t you dare kick me.”

“Then get on with it!”

Yokoo had to loop one arm around Nikaido’s thigh to keep her from being an impossibly moving target, even with the other hand’s fingers still inside her. Still, he was a good deal stronger than his little bunny, no matter how feisty she could be, and if the pitch of Nikaido’s moans were any indication, she must like being held down. Yokoo especially liked the way she tasted sharply salty, so he supposed they were even. It might even have been his new favorite thing, except for how Nikaido came suddenly, tightening around Yokoo’s fingers like a vice and shaking under his hands.

“Never mind, that’s my new favorite,” Yokoo mumbled, nose still buried in Nikaido’s fur. Nikaido trembled with an aftershock every time he so much as breathed, much less nudged her with his tongue. “Should I stop?”

“What?” Nikaido demanded. Yokoo lifted his head to repeat his question more clearly, trying and failing not to smile at how disheveled Nikaido looked, chest heaving and eyes fierce. “Well, you’ve already quit doing it, haven’t you? Whatever, you’re gonna fuck me, right? Just do it.”

Yokoo was already up on his knees, holding his cock steady before some common sense kicked in. “Wait, do I need a condom? This way, can’t you—”

“Doesn’t work like that,” Nikaido panted, leaning up to grab at Yokoo’s shoulders. “Come on, come on!”

No sooner had Yokoo got the tip of his cock inside of her than Nikaido wrapped legs around his waist and pushed up against him, forcing him in as deep as he could go. The noise she made was half relief and half discomfort. Yokoo leaned down carefully to kiss the space between her breasts, trying to hold as still as he could, but Nikaido was having none of that.

“Just do something, can’t you?” she demanded. Yokoo turned his head just enough to lick at one of her nipples instead. “Not that! You know what I mean!”

“Don’t be so impatient,” Yokoo said. He bit down gently, then a bit harder, until Nikaido moaned his name. “I really like these.”

“Good, ’cause you’re stuck with them for months.” Nikaido whined when Yokoo turned his head to suck on the other nipple, already drawn tight and pebbled against Yokoo’s tongue. “Wattaaaaaaaa.”

“God, yes,” Yokoo agreed, giving in and drawing back. Fucking Nikaido this way was weird and familiar at the same time, the clutch of Nikaido’s fingers and the particular curse words the same, but the pitch of her voice higher, the fit of her body around his cock different. The pitch of her desperation wasn’t quite the same either.

“Don’t stop,” Nikaido chanted, getting her fingers in Yokoo’s hair and wrapping them in the strands tightly. “Don’t stop don’t stop don’t stop.”

“Like my dick that much?” Yokoo couldn’t keep from teasing.

“It’s a different shape than—” Nikaido interrupted herself with a moan. “Just shut up!”

Feeling a bit past teasing himself, Yokoo shut up and fucked Nikaido harder, until she was making so much noise that Yokoo was sure he’d be hearing about this from all his neighbors. He was about to suggest that Nikaido touch herself already, when it turned out that this way, Nikaido didn’t exactly need to.

“That was pretty amazing,” Yokoo said breathlessly. Nikaido grinned up at him like she’d just done a cool magic trick, then tightened all her insides and got Yokoo off without him touching himself either.

Nikaido’s breasts were pretty comfortable to lay his head on too, Yokoo thought hazily as the glow of his orgasm wore off. Unfortunately the throb of his returning headache was right there to take its place. Stupid Dr. K. Somebody ought to tell that maniac that leaving the clinic with a different problem than the original one was not the same as curing it.

“Remember how I said I’m not done when I’m done?” Nikaido asked, and suddenly Yokoo realized that Nikaido’s legs were still locked tight around his waist.

Yokoo gave a little whine. Suddenly he wasn’t sure he would survive the next three months.

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