JE, Many Happy Returns

Title: Many Happy Returns [Jesse/Hokuto/Hagiya]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17
Summary: Hokuto has a special birthday surprise for Jesse.
AN: Written for Jesse’s 18th birthday, happy birthday, kiddo. Also I apologize to Hagiya for this being the first time I ever wrote him. I’m sure he’s a perfectly nice boy who wouldn’t do probably any of these things.

Many Happy Returns

The room at the love hotel wasn’t the most original birthday present (Hokuto had done the same thing for presents at least three times already), but Jesse didn’t mind.

“It’s not like I date you for your brain,” he assured, making Hokuto shoot him a dirty look over his shoulder as he finished paying the machine for their room. Key acquired, Hokuto turned to give Jesse a challenging look up and down.

“Want to tell me what you do date me for?” he asked.

“It’s a combination of dick size, your cute sleeping face, and the fact that you aren’t talented enough to steal any of my solos.”

“You’re such a…” Hokuto paused. “Wait, your dick is bigger than mine.”

Jesse grinned, reaching over to pinch Hokuto’s cheek. “That’s why I like it. Makes mine look awesome in comparison.”

“You can just enjoy your room all by yourself,” Hokuto informed him, dropping the key in Jesse’s hand and turning on his heel as if he was about to storm off. Jesse laughed and wrapped arms around Hokuto’s waist from behind, dragging him back a step.

“I’m kidding,” he whispered in Hokuto’s ear, licking the curve of it a little just to feel Hokuto shiver. “Well, except for the part about your brain, that was true. Anyway, you like it when I’m mean to you.”

“Fuck you, seriously,” Hokuto said without any heat and then he slipped out of Jesse’s grip to go find their room, not looking back to see if Jesse was following. Jesse only shook his head and jogged to catch up, slipping his hand through Hokuto’s and squeezing it.

The room wasn’t that exciting, but it really didn’t need to be. The one time they had splurged and picked one at random, and it had ended up being the Hello Kitty room. Jesse hasn’t been able to go into a San Rio store ever since.

Jesse and Hokuto dropped their bags and hoodies against the wall, where nothing untoward was likely to happen to them, and then Jesse stood in the middle of the room and waited. It was his present after all.

“Spoiled,” Hokuto accused. He stepped closer, so that they were pressed together from knee to chest, wrapped arms around Jesse’s neck, and pulled him into a kiss.

It was slow and a little lazy, like they had a million years, and Jesse relaxed into it happily. Kissing Hokuto was familiar and awesome at the same time, the way he slid their mouths together gently and licked at Jesse’s lower lip, the way he tended to play with the hair at the base of Jesse’s neck. Jesse’s hands had found their way to Hokuto’s waist on their own, and he slid them under Hokuto’s T-shirt and let them sink into Hokuto’s skin, just to make Hokuto gasp softly into his mouth.

He was not at all expecting a warm weight to be suddenly pressed against his back, someone’s hips molding up against his ass, and Jesse’s eyes popped open in surprise. Hokuto was grinning at him, pleased at having gotten him.

“Hi, Jesse-kun,” Hagiya’s voice murmured right in Jesse’s ear, making Jesse’s eyebrows rise even higher.

“Happy birthday,” Hokuto chuckled. “I didn’t put a bow on him, but you could still unwrap him?” Giving Jesse another quick kiss, Hokuto turned Jesse around so that it was Hagiya grinning at him and Hokuto pressed flush against his back.

“You could definitely unwrap me,” Hagiya assured, making prickles of interest run over Jesse’s skin. He’d never fooled around with Hagiya before, and to his knowledge neither had Hokuto, but if the way Hagiya was looking both of them up and down was any indication, they’d been missing out.

“What brought this on?” Jesse asked, just to say something while he collected himself a moment.

“It’s my last chance, right?” Hokuto trailed his fingers idly down Jesse’s sternum and to the top of his jeans. “To watch you two jailbait touch each other for me.”

“Whose present is this, exactly?” Jesse asked. Hagiya didn’t comment, but his eyes sparked with amusement.

“Shh, you love drummers. I bet he’s just as much fun as Iwamoto.” Hokuto purred a little, and Jesse knew he was thinking about wearing his drama school uniform. “Don’t be so shy, hurry up and kiss him.”

Hagiya didn’t seem to have any objection to that. “Please take care of me,” he said, then went ahead and kissed Jesse firmly.

Pressed tightly between the two of them, Jesse wrapped arms around Hagiya’s shoulders and just hung on for the ride. Hokuto’s hands were still roaming over Jesse’s sides restlessly, his mouth on the back of Jesse’s neck. Hagiya’s hands were tight on Jesse’s hips, but he was rolling his hips slowly against Jesse’s, making Jesse want to spread his legs even wider. All three of them were getting hard, the rub of his own cock against Hagiya’s and his ass against Hokuto’s too much for Jesse to think about hardly anything, even getting to the next step.

Fortunately Hagiya took a step back eventually, or they never would have gotten anywhere. “How do you want me?”

“I…” Jesse fumbled for words as Hagiya stripped his T-shirt off in a smooth pull. He reached for his jeans, but Jesse beat him to it, undoing the button and running teasing fingers around the circle of Hagiya’s waist, just under the waistband. When he slid his hand down the front of Hagiya’s jeans, Hagiya was hot under his palm, so hard. “What do you like? Want me to ride you? Or fuck you?”

“Maybe both,” Hagiya admitted, pushing into Jesse’s hand.

“Yeah, definitely both,” Hokuto agreed, reaching for the snap of Jesse’s jeans himself, still rubbing himself off against Jesse’s ass. “I want to see all of that.”

Jesse shoved Hagiya’s jeans down, and Hagiya kicked them off before crawling onto the bed. He spread out on his back in the dead center and wrapped a hand around his cock, stroking himself slowly as he watched Jesse and Hokuto undress each other. Having an audience always appealed to Jesse, and he was perfectly willing to give Hagiya a show as he wriggled out of his own jeans and then turned to Hokuto’s. Giving Hokuto a wink, Jesse dropped to his knees and pushed Hokuto’s pants down just far enough to free his cock. Glancing to the side to make sure he had Hagiya’s full attention, Jesse licked a long, slow strip up the bottom of Hokuto’s cock.

“You’re such a fucking tease when somebody’s watching,” Hokuto groaned, shoving his pants down further and trying to lean into Jesse’s mouth. Jesse only pulled back with him, holding him steady with one hand to lick at his tip messily. “Can’t you go do that to him?”

“Since you asked so nicely,” Jesse agreed, standing up and ignoring the whine Hokuto let out. He leaned over Hagiya, who was definitely interested in that offer. “Want me to do that to you, Hagiya-kun?”

“Nope,” Hagiya said, making both Jesse and Hokuto blink. “I want to do it to you.”

“Well, okay.” Jesse got a knee up on the bed and threw the other knee over Hagiya’s chest, straddling him. Hagiya put hands on the back of Jesse’s thighs and urged him forward, until his cock was within easy reach of where Hagiya was propped up on the pillows. Jesse looked over his shoulder to find Hokuto naked and watching them with interest. “You could get me ready meanwhile, if you wanted to do something useful.”

“I can do that too,” Hagiya spoke up. One of his hands slid down so that his fingers brushed lightly over Jesse’s hole. “Good position for both.”

“Damn, why haven’t we played with you before?” Jesse asked, spreading his legs a little more to try and get Hagiya to touch him more firmly.

“Hokuto-kun did say he wanted to watch.” Hagiya shrugged. “We should give him something worth watching.”

Jesse grabbed the headboard with both hands for support, and he needed it as soon as Hagiya made good on his word and sucked Jesse’s cock into his mouth. Their position meant that he didn’t need his hand to hold Jesse steady, so long as Jesse didn’t thrust too deeply, and could use both of them to knead Jesse’s ass instead, sometimes trailing down the back of Jesse’s thighs, sometimes teasing close to his hole.

“Please,” Jesse panted after only a couple minutes. His thighs were trembling because of how he kept trying to spread them wider without actually dropping onto Hagiya’s chest. “Fuck, please get your fingers inside me, please.”

Hokuto must have been doing something useful after all, because the next touch of Hagiya’s fingers was slick, one finger working lube around the edge and just inside of Jesse’s hole. Jesse whined wordlessly, and Hagiya slid the first finger inside, and this time Jesse’s whine was of relief.

“More,” he begged, rocking back and forth between Hagiya’s mouth and finger, spine arching as Hagiya stroked him from the inside. “Want more. Can’t wait to have your dick inside me.” Hagiya pushed in a second finger, and Jesse rolled his hips to fuck Hagiya’s fingers, just like he was going to do to his dick in a minute.

“You must be something if he’s talking like that already,” Hokuto’s voice came from behind Jesse. Jesse turned enough to see what he was doing and found Hokuto sitting on the end of the bed, stroking his cock slowly and watching shamelessly right where Hagiya’s fingers were sliding into Jesse’s ass.

“Hmm,” Hagiya hummed his agreement with Hokuto, and Jesse clutched at the headboard so tightly his fingertips were white.

“Stop sucking or I’ll finish,” Jesse said, and Hagiya let Jesse’s cock slip out of his mouth. His lips were puffy and wet, and he looked right into Jesse’s eyes as he licked his lips like he was making sure none of Jesse’s taste had escaped him. “Changed my mind, definitely go back to sucking.”

“No way, you’re supposed to fuck me,” Hagiya replied, making Jesse scowl and Hokuto laugh. “Are you ready for my dick or what?”

“Fuck yes,” Jesse agreed immediately, letting go of the headboard to reach behind him and find Hagiya’s cock. He was breathing so hard already that it was tough to get a full sentence together. “Want a condom?”

Hagiya shrugged. “I don’t care about it. Up to you.”

“No way,” Hokuto said from behind them. “I want him messy.” Jesse rolled his eyes a little, understanding much better why Hokuto had picked Hagiya as a playmate. But he really didn’t give half a damn about it if it meant he could get Hagiya’s dick inside him even a second sooner.

Once he started sliding down onto Hagiya’s cock, enough of Jesse’s desperation melted away that he could sort of think again. His weight settled on Hagiya’s waist, and Jesse took a few deep breaths, letting his thighs rest a minute.

“You look really fucking good like that,” Hagiya said, looking a little out of breath himself. He reached up to trail fingers down Jesse’s ribs. “You’re flushed the whole way down, so cute.”

“Whole way down the back, too,” Hokuto informed them. “Damn, I need to fuck you from behind more often.”

“Any time you want to bring it,” Jesse said without bothering to turn his head.

“One dick at a time, please,” Hagiya said. “Speaking of that…”

Jesse chuckled and pushed himself back up onto his knees to give Hagiya the riding he’d been promised. His thighs protested a bit, but he ignored it in favor of how good Hagiya’s cock felt sliding in and out of him. It felt even better when Hagiya started helping out, pushing up to meet Jesse on the way down with the wet slap of skin. Jesse leaned back a little, changing the angle, and moaned his approval when Hagiya dug fingers a little too tightly into his skin.

“Oops,” Hagiya said breathlessly, loosening his grip. “Shouldn’t mark you up, huh? Even if you like it.”

“Why are you still talking, am I doing it wrong?” Jesse asked. Behind them, he could hear Hokuto laughing again, but Jesse focused on squeezing tight around Hagiya and riding him as if he were center stage at Dome. “Come on, you’re close, right?”

“Yeah.” Hagiya had his eyes closed and his head tipped back, sweat making his hair stick to his forehead. “Mmm, yeah.”

He came a second later, moaning sweetly, and Jesse didn’t stop moving until Hagiya opened his eyes and blinked at him hazily.

“Really good, right?” Jesse asked, never one to pass up some free praise.

“I helped,” Hokuto said, his voice suddenly very close to Jesse, and Jesse twisted around to find Hokuto right behind him. Hokuto stole a kiss. “Hi there.”

“Helped what?” Jesse asked, and it wasn’t until he pushed himself off of Hagiya that he saw Hokuto had a couple fingers inside of Hagiya. As Jesse watched, Hokuto twisted his wrist and Hagiya whimpered.

“I just really wanted to see you fuck him,” Hokuto explained, pulling his fingers free and wiping them on the sheets. “So I thought I’d help you move it along.”

“His presents are the worst, is what I’m seeing here,” Hagiya said as Jesse gave Hokuto a bland look. “Are you really dating that guy? What’s the draw? Be honest.”

“My awesome dick,” Hokuto reported.

“He can’t steal my solos,” Jesse corrected, and Hagiya said that made sense over top of Hokuto protesting that Jesse had totally said it was his dick before.

“What did I even bring you here for?” Hokuto asked, scowling down at Hagiya and pinching his thigh hard enough to make Hagiya squeak. He turned to Jesse and pointed at Hagiya like he was tattling on his little brother. “Fuck him like he deserves it, you.”

“And he likes sex a lot,” Jesse went on explaining to Hagiya. “Hey, is it really okay? Since you came already.”

“Yeah, it’s still good,” Hagiya assured, settling back into the pillows and spreading his legs. “Plus it is your birthday.”

“That’s an excellent point,” Jesse agreed, rolling over onto his hands and knees between Hagiya’s spread legs. He held his cock steady with one hand to start pushing inside, Hagiya humming softly as Jesse bottomed out. Hagiya’s face was still flushed from orgasm, eyes heavy lidded, and Jesse thought it was cute enough to deserve another kiss. Hagiya seemed to be just fine with that, given the soft noises he made against Jesse’s mouth and the way his arms curled tight around Jesse’s neck.

Eventually the tight squeeze of Hagiya around his cock was too much for Jesse, though, and he pushed back up to his knees to take complete advantage of him. Soon Hagiya had let go with his arms and wrapped his legs around Jesse’s waist instead, forcing him in closer and deeper. He was wrapped up in Hagiya enough, physically even, that he almost forgot that Hokuto was even there until suddenly some fingers were rubbing at his ass.

And Hagiya’s fingers were currently twisting in the sheets up near his head so they clearly weren’t his.

“Are you gonna—” was all Jesse got out before suddenly something a lot better than Hokuto’s fingers were sliding inside of him. Jesse moaned loudly as Hokuto pushed him into Hagiya even harder.

“It’s so fucking good when somebody else has you all opened up for me,” Hokuto praised, his grip on Jesse’s hips just this side of too tight, just the way Jesse liked it.

“Mmm, damn,” Hagiya said, arching his back into Jesse’s thrusts. “You two are such freaks, but it’s hot as hell. Hurry up or I’ll be hard again and this’ll start all over.”

“You heard the man, hurry it up,” Hokuto said, giving Jesse’s ass a ringing slap. “Bet you won’t have to tell this guy twice.”

“Seriously fuck both of you,” Jesse panted, already much closer than he wanted to be. It just felt so good, Hagiya squeezing around his cock and moaning for him, Hokuto hot and thick inside him. Even if he hadn’t been so turned on from Hagiya fucking him, there was no way Jesse could last that long.

Not that he had anything to prove. It was his fucking birthday, after all. Jesse felt absolutely no shame about the way he came without warning anybody, thrusting jerkily a few last times into Hagiya and then going limp on Hagiya’s chest, leaving Hokuto to finish himself off. It didn’t take long anyway, and Jesse hummed tiredly as he felt Hokuto pull out and then the warm pulse of Hokuto’s come hitting the top of his ass.

“You are such a fucking mess,” Hokuto said, only he said it like other people say “homemade chocolate cake,” like it was a present he’d been hoping for and turned out even better than expectation. Jesse felt Hokuto’s thumbs spread him open wider, felt his gaze almost like it was actually touching his twitching hole.

“The way he’s staring at your ass is incredibly creepy, did you know that?” Hagiya asked. “Yasui-kun told me things about you guys, but I didn’t believe any of them until just now.”

“I like you,” Jesse said bluntly, opening his eyes just enough to grin at Hagiya. “You’ve got a big mouth and it’s so pretty too. Plus you’re surprisingly comfortable.”

“That’s good, then you can just stay right there,” Hokuto said. “Right there is really good.”

“Freaks,” Hagiya said. Then he kissed the tip of Jesse’s nose. “Happy birthday, though.”

“Thank you very much,” Jesse said, stretching a little (but not enough to pull out of Hagiya) and feeling entirely pleased with all the world.

Maybe after he rested a minute, he’d let Hagiya help him blow out Hokuto’s candle.

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  • By Kibounohane, 2017.12.12 @ 10:51 am

    If something was surprising, it was definitely the constellation and turn-out of this story! You might be wondering why there is a comment now but I just found out about this! And I’m glad I did. The way you buildt the mood, also the choice of characters was fun to read! I liked how Hokuto was a bit sneaky about helping out xD

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