JE, Someday the Sakura Will Surely Bloom

Title: Someday the Sakura Will Surely Bloom [Kawai/Fukazawa]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17
Summary: Kawai gives the best hugs in the company, and Fukazawa is in desperate need of them.
A/N: Written for 2014 Wakamono exchange, for orangegreenlove. I know the pairing’s a bit odd, but hopefully Kawai will make it up to you.

Someday the Sakura Will Surely Bloom

It’s not a particularly well-kept secret that Kawai gives some of the best hugs in the company. It’s not that he’s the tallest or the strongest or the squishiest, and it’s hard to argue with the way Hashimoto feels like he’s hugging you with his entire soul, but what makes Kawai hover at the top of that list is the way he offers the hug at exactly the right moment.

When he pulls open the Snow Man dressing room door, looking for his missing hoodie, only Fukazawa is inside, staring at his phone, and it isn’t the fact that he’s the only snowman present that makes him look lost and alone.

“Everything okay?” Kawai asks, keeping his voice light in case it’s none of his business. Fukuzawa doesn’t answer, but when he looks up it’s clear that nothing at all is okay.

His Kouhai Sense tingling, Kawai shuts the door behind him and holds out his arms. Only a second later they are full of Fukazawa, and he must need the hug desperately because even though he’s a bunch of centimeters taller than Kawai, today he feels small. Fukazawa tries to let go after only a second and Kawai hangs on tightly.

“Stay still, you aren’t fixed yet,” Kawai says. Fukazawa makes a noise which might be a chuckle if it weren’t so sad. “Man, who’s got you all in a knot?”

“S’nothing,” Fukazawa answers dully. Kawai doesn’t press him, but he does inform him that they are going out for ramen, no excuses acceptable. It’s always ramen for broken hearts. Nabe for group bonding and sushi for victory, but ramen for broken hearts, definitely.

“And mail those other guys in your unit so they don’t think you got kidnapped by Hasshi again,” Kawai orders. Fukazawa complies meekly. It’s not a joke either; the fastest way to bring the rest of the snowmen running is for them to think Hashimoto might be having some fun with at least one of them and not the rest.

At dinner, Kawai fills Fukazawa’s silence with chatter about his unit and their shows. Fukazawa only picks at his ramen, but he does drink some of the broth and Kawai figures that’s better than nothing. He also chooses not to comment about the way Fukazawa keeps glancing at his phone like he’s waiting for a message that never comes.

“Is it one of the guys from your unit?” Kawai asks when they’re putting their coats on. Fukazawa looks up in confusion and Kawai points to the phone in his hand. “That you’re waiting for.” Kawai hopes not, but you never know. Fukazawa hesitates, then shakes his head, stuffing his phone in his pocket. “Then they aren’t worth it. Que sera sera and all that shit.”

Fukazawa heaves a sigh that sounds like it hurts. “Hey, Kawai-kun? Can I come home with you?”

“Sure,” Kawai says, easily enough. He’s got a pretty good idea what Fukazawa wants and he isn’t entirely opposed. Maybe he’s taking advantage a little, but then again Fukazawa is old enough to do what he wants by now.

Or maybe his decency has just been worn down to a nub by Hashimoto. Whichever.

Sure enough, Kawai’s barely got his shoes off before Fukazawa is dropping his coat on the floor and flopping into Kawai’s bed, unmade from that morning. Kawai strips off his hoodie and crawls in after him, unsurprised when Fukazawa rolls over and presses against Kawai’s chest. Kawai wraps arms tight around him in another much needed hug, and Fukazawa rubs his cheek against Kawai’s shoulder.

“You know, it’s fine if this is all you want,” Kawai says. “If you—”

“That’s not what I want at all,” Fukuzawa interrupts, much more sharply than Kawai’s simple statement warrants. He supposes that answers that about what’s wrong, all the more when Fukazawa adds more quietly, “Unless you don’t want to, with me.”

“Shh, I will totally take advantage of you,” Kawai assures. The tension in Fukazawa’s shoulders eases a little. “What kind of senpai would I be if I didn’t occasionally strip one of you guys naked and have my devious way with you, huh? My reputation would be shot in a week.”

Fukazawa snorts a little. He doesn’t move, which Kawai takes to mean that he’s supposed to do most of the work. He can work with that, he supposes. A cute kid like Fukazawa is worth some effort, definitely.

Kawai kisses Fukazawa first, slowly and attentively, brushing a hand through Fukazawa’s hair, a thumb over his cheekbone. Fukazawa tries to hustle him along by opening his mouth and licking at Kawai’s tongue, but Kawai refuses to be rushed. He answers Fukazawa’s advances with light flicks of his own tongue, brushing over Fukazawa’s lips until Fukazawa relaxes against him, letting Kawai do as he wills.

“There you go,” Kawai murmurs against Fukazawa’s mouth. He breaks the kiss to press his lips against Fukazawa’s cheek, his jaw, just below his ear. “I’ll take care of you, don’t worry.”

He takes his time undressing Fukazawa, running fingers over each new piece of skin as it’s revealed to him. He presses gentle fingertips against each of the beauty marks scattered across Fukazawa’s chest, making Fukazawa sigh. His eyes are closed, like he’s concentrating, and Kawai wonders how long its been since anybody took their time with him.

“Don’t stop,” Fukazawa murmurs, and Kawai realizes that his hands have fallen still on Fukazawa’s stomach. He draws fingertips up along the bottom of Fukazawa’s ribs, and Fukazawa shivers under him. “Please don’t stop.”

Kawai doesn’t intend to. He runs gentle touches along Fukazawa’s sides, up over his shoulders and down his arms, over the curves of his ribs and catches at Fukazawa’s nipples. He doesn’t stop until Fukazawa’s skin is flushed warm pink and his breath is coming in quick pants.

“Tell me what you want?” Kawai asks. “You could have me if you wanted, I like whatever.”

“No.” Fukazawa shakes his head. He opens his eyes to meet Kawai’s, checking his reaction. “Fuck me, okay? I want you to fuck me.”

“Yeah, definitely,” Kawai agrees, and he can’t get the lube and condom out of his bedside drawer fast enough, hands already itching to get back on Fukazawa’s smooth, hot skin.

Fukazawa opens up for Kawai’s fingers easier than Kawai expects, given the tension in his shoulders, but stares at the ceiling and takes a few slow breaths and his body lets Kawai in one finger at a time. Kawai doesn’t mind taking his time here either, stroking at the slick, wrinkled skin of Fukazawa’s hole in gentle circles, stroking him on the inside just as gently. Fukazawa feels good inside, so tight and hot, and Kawai does his best to make Fukazawa feel good too.

“Please,” Fukazawa interrupts Kawai’s concentration. His eyes are closed again, voice a little vague. “Come on already, please.”

“Okay, okay.” Kawai pulls his hand free to reach for the condom, figuring Fukazawa is ready enough, more or less. He tears open the condom and rolls it on, then pauses, looming over Fukazawa. “Like this?”

“Hm?” Fukazawa opens his eyes and runs them down Kawai’s body, from his shoulders to where he’s holding his cock steady, hard in his hand. “Yeah, this way is fine.”

“Good. I like this way.” Before Fukazawa can answer, Kawai lines himself up and starts pushing in, Fukazawa feeling every bit as good as Kawai thought he would. Kawai isn’t surprised at all when Fukazawa wraps arms around his neck, pulling him down. “See?” Kawai asks, settling on his elbows so Fukazawa can be as close as he wants. “This way’s nice.”

Fukazawa makes a noise that might be agreement or might not be, but Kawai hardly cares when Fukazawa is clinging to him so tightly, fingers digging in to the skin of Kawai’s shoulders. He fucks Fukazawa deep and slow at first, then faster when Fukazawa starts to make some noise about it. His voice is so nice in Kawai’s ear, low and choked like he’s trying to keep all his noises quiet but can’t. Kawai plants his knees and focuses on making Fukazawa moan for him.

“I’m getting close,” Kawai says eventually. “Is that okay?”

“Yeah,” Fukazawa pants. He doesn’t move to try and touch himself, which surprises Kawai as much as anything can over all the lust clouding his brain, and Kawai can’t do much about it in his position.

Oh well, he thinks, just before his orgasm sweeps him away in a pleasant rush that goes all the way down to his toes. Fukazawa is still clinging to him, and it feels so good against his oversensitive skin, Kawai’s favorite part of sex. It’s the reason he doesn’t care if it’s boys or girls or whatever: everybody’s got skin, and Kawai likes pressing his against somebody else’s.

But eventually, he has to sit back, taking his weight off of Fukazawa, and he gives Fukazawa a wide, lop-sided grin. “Hi there.”

Fukazawa only rolls his eyes a little. He’s hard still, tip of his cock leaking and making a wet patch where it’s curled up against his stomach, but he still doesn’t move to do anything about it.

“So what should we do about you, hmm?” Kawai asks, wondering if Fukazawa is waiting for him to guess or just do something or what. “I’m happy to return the favor any way you want. You could even have me, if you wanted. I’m equal opportunity, you know.”

“Yeah?” Fukazawa looks a bit skeptical, eyes drifting down to Kawai’s softening cock as he snaps off the condom.

“Don’t worry about it, I like it,” Kawai assures. “That what you want?” Fukazawa nods after a second. “Mm, okay. Take me a minute to get ready. You can help if you want.”

“I’ll just watch,” Fukazawa says, pushing himself up higher on the pillows so that he actually can. “If that’s okay.”

“Sure.” Kawai doesn’t mind being watched, is watching himself as he works the first slick finger inside of himself. It’s kind of hot to have Fukazawa watching as he gets his finger in deeper, then draws it out to tease at his rim to urge his muscles to relax. “Tell me how you want me, though. Same as before? Should I ride you? Or should I lie back just like this and you can be on top?”

“Um,” Fukazawa says, the way his eyes are glued between Kawai’s legs helping more than anything else. Never let it be said that Kawai didn’t enjoy having an audience. “Actually…hands and knees?” He seems a bit embarrassed about his choice, which Kawai finds silly, but Fukazawa occupies himself with tearing open a condom and rolling it on rather than meeting Kawai’s eyes.

“Oh, I like that one too,” Kawai says. He closes his eyes and thinks about how that’s going to feel, and suddenly two of his fingers are moving in and out of his ass easily, knees drawing up as if on their own. He’s ready to roll over right now and damn the third finger, with the way Fukazawa is staring at him. He’s relaxed enough from just coming that it’ll probably be fine. Kawai pulls his hand free and rolls over, wiggling his ass a little just for show.

Fukazawa’s hands are warm when they slide over Kawai’s hips, holding him in place. For a moment Fukazawa’s cock presses dully just at Kawai’s hole, a delicious tease, before Fukazawa thrusts forward and sinks in further.

“Yeah,” Kawai says breathily, spreading his knees wider to take Fukazawa in deeper, pushing back against him. He wasn’t kidding about it feeling good and he doesn’t mind being loud about it for the sake of Fukazawa’s ego. He isn’t surprised at all when Fukazawa curls up tightly along Kawai’s back, arms around his chest to hold him steady as he fucks him. “Mm, that’s good.”

Fukazawa says something, but it’s half-moan and muffled against Kawai’s shoulder, so Kawai doesn’t worry about it too much. He focuses on holding himself up on his elbows and moaning when Fukazawa hits a good spot, just enjoying being fucked for its own sake. It isn’t long anyway until Fukazawa digs fingers even deeper into Kawai’s skin and comes with an obvious shudder that Kawai feels all along his back.

For a long minute neither of them moves, just catching their breath, and then Kawai leans to the side to tip both of them over, still mostly in spoon position. He expects Fukazawa to curl up more tightly against him, reposition his arm over Kawai’s waist, or something, but Fukazawa doesn’t move. If the kid weren’t in such bad shape, Kawai would grumble about having to do everything.

As it is, he rolls over and puts Fukazawa’s arm over his waist himself, tugging him closer against his chest in process. Fukazawa settles cooperatively in more or less his original position, cheek pressed against Kawai’s shoulder. He feels less tense, at least.

“Any better?” Kawai asks, just to have something to say.

Fukazawa doesn’t answer for a couple beats, then finally says, “I don’t know. A little, I guess.”

Kawai could say a bunch of stuff, like how there’s plenty of fish in the thing and Fukazawa is worth a million of whoever and it’ll be better sometime other than now, but all of it is pretty worthless in Kawai’s opinion. Or at least, it never makes him feel any better when people say that shit to him. Instead he just rubs slow circles over Fukazawa’s back and says the only thing that ever does make him feel better, which is, “I promise not to tell Goseki that you cried on me.”

In the morning they stroll into work together like it’s no big deal, just a guy and his favorite senpai, and Kawai drops Fukazawa off at his dressing room door, more or less where he found him, because you should put your toys away neatly after all. He thought about giving the Snowmen a heads-up about their member’s state, but in the end chose not to meddle. They’re such smart kids, Tono keeps saying, they can figure it out themselves.

“Thanks,” Fukazawa says, offering Kawai a smile that he clearly doesn’t feel, but at least he’s trying. Kawai hugs him in answer, squeezing tight and wishing for the best. This time it’s him who tries to pull away and Fukazawa who hangs on. “Stay still. I don’t think I’m fixed yet.”

“Sure thing,” Kawai agrees, happy to stand in the hallway and prove his reputation as best hugger in JE for as long as Fukazawa needs him to.

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