SixTONES, No Promises

Title: No Promises [Juri/Shintarou, Taiga/Hokuto, SixTONES OT6]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17, group sex, casual sex, dirty talk, slightly rough but consensual sex
Summary: Juri wants the impossible for his birthday present: to hook Hokuto and Taiga back up. Shintarou tries to give it to him anyway.
AN: Written for orangegreenlove for the 2017 Ho! Summer! Exchange. I tried to squeeze in as many unusual combinations as I could for group bonding summer birthday orgy.

No Promises

“Hey,” Juri said, getting a half-asleep mm from Shintarou. “I know what I want for my birthday.”

Shintarou cracked an eye and considered pretending he was too asleep to deal with this. They were curled tight together, Juri spooned comfortably against Shintarou’s chest, still a little sticky from their first attempt to go to sleep but skin cooled off enough for Juri to have pulled the sheets back over them. If Juri wanted something easy for his birthday, like a DVD or a nice dinner or a trip to the onsen, he would have brought it up weeks ago.

Waiting until the week before, until Shintarou was slack with sleep and orgasm and cuddling, meant Juri wanted something complicated. He wanted to fix something, and he needed Shintarou’s help to do it.

“I know you’re awake,” Juri coaxed. Shintarou groaned softly, pressing his forehead against the back of Juri’s neck. Maybe if he rolled over and just smothered Juri into the mattress…but too late, Juri was already turning over under his arm, Shintarou had missed his opportunity. Juri gave him a sweet smile, eyes low-lidded. “You aren’t curious?”

“I love you way too much for you to be so mean to me at three in the morning,” Shintarou informed him, but it only made Juri laugh and kiss him soundly before telling him his idea.

“I want to hook up Hokuto and Taiga,” Juri said. Shintarou made a pained noise and buried his face in Juri’s shoulder. “Shh, listen,” Juri went on, twisting fingers in the hair on the back of Shintarou’s neck in a way he knew Shintarou was totally weak to, dammit. “They’re ready this time, I’m sure of it. They just need a push.”

“This sounds like Hokuto’s birthday present more than yours,” Shintarou said. “And don’t you ever learn your lesson? The last time you tried to fix these two they ended up chaining each other up on stage.”

“See? It almost worked! And it can be both our presents.” Juri’s hand tightened when Shintarou grumbled. “Don’t pretend you aren’t just as much a busybody as me. Also they like each other so much it’s the worst.”

“They can like each other and it’s still not the best thing for them to date.” Shintarou sighed when Juri made an ugly face. “I know that kills you, but—”

“They were seventeen the last time they dated, of course they were morons,” Juri cut him off. “When I was seventeen, I thought wet dreams about my best friend jerking me off was normal best friend shit.”

Shintarou rolled his eyes. “We’ve come so far.” Juri was looking up at him seriously, still toying with the ends of Shintarou’s hair. “Why? Give me one good reason this time will be different.”

“Because they both want it this time.” Juri heaved a sigh of frustration, letting his arms flop down to the side. “I’ve heard it from both of them in the last couple months, but they’re too scared to talk it out sober and too stupid to do it drunk. And they can’t be friends even if they wanted to, because Hokuto’s been in love with Taiga way too long to get over it, and if Hokuto ever dated someone else Taiga would murder them. They’ve made up everything that can be made up between them, and I’m telling you. There’s no middle ground for them. If they don’t just hook up already, they’ll start fighting again.”

Shintarou tried not to smile at Juri’s rant, because it would only encourage him, but he knew he was failing. “You’re a weird-looking cupid, you know? Both of them are going to tell you to fuck right off, you’ll deserve it, and they still won’t get together. They’ll refuse just to spite you.”

“Yeah, that’s why I need you.” Juri chewed on his bottom lip until Shintarou put a thumb on it and drew it away from Juri’s teeth. “And probably Jesse. We’ve got to make them think it’s their own idea. Please?”

Sighing like it was so much effort, Shintarou relaxed into the pillows and tugged Juri closer, fingers tracing a lazy path up Juri’s spine. “Tell me your idea. But I’m not promising anything.”


“They’re trying to hook us up again, you know,” Taiga said in the middle of lunch, making Hokuto choke on his bite of salad. When he looked up, Taiga was watching Juri and Jesse from across the room, expression casual but gaze narrow. “It’s probably for your birthday.”

“I’m sorry?” Hokuto said, swallowing and taking a sip of bottled tea before Taiga could make him choke on anything else. “I’m going out with them later, I’ll tell them to back off.”

Taiga snorted. “That hasn’t worked any other time.”

Hokuto frowned. “It’s not like I’m asking them to—”

“Shut up a second,” Taiga interrupted, waving him off. “I’ve been thinking. Let’s try something different this time.”

“Different how?” Hokuto asked, eyeing Taiga suspiciously. Taiga leaned in closer, grin sharp.

“Different like we give them what they want.” Taiga raised an eyebrow. “Listen, it’s group birthday orgy next week anyway, right? We’ll just lay it on a little thick, whatever, until they back off. What do you think?”

“What’s that mean?” Hokuto chewed on his lower lip. “Lay it on a little thick?”

“You know exactly what it means, don’t play innocent with me.” Taiga touched two fingers to the inside of Hokuto’s wrist, drawing them slowly up the soft skin to Hokuto’s elbow. “Tell me if you can’t handle that.”

Hokuto twisted his hand to catch Taiga’s wrist. “I can handle it if you can, Tai-chan.”

Taiga clenched his fist, his pulse thrumming under Hokuto’s fingertips. “All settled, then.”


“See?” Juri said, nudging Shintarou in the side. “Look at them whispering at each other! No, don’t look, idiot!”

“Do you want me to look or not look?” Shintarou snapped. He glanced over his shoulder. “So they’re talking. That’s what has you all worked up?”

“Taiga’s smiling, Shin. Smiling! I’m telling you, they’re ready.”

“Uh-huh.” Shintarou chanced one more look, frowning when Hokuto met his gaze squarely and gave him a slow blink. “I wonder.”


Taiga had suggested showing up to the hotel room together, but Hokuto had shot him down, saying not even Juri would believe that. Taiga had been forced to admit that was true, and Hokuto instead let Jesse offer to come pick him up as if somebody had to make sure he wouldn’t skip out at the last second.

“I wouldn’t do that,” Hokuto said, giving Jesse a dark look as he tugged on his jacket. “This is group time.”

“I didn’t say you would,” Jesse said, leaning into Hokuto’s space suddenly, backing him against the wall. His hands slid under Hokuto’s jacket, warm on Hokuto’s side through his T-shirt. “Maybe I just wanted you to myself for a minute, hm?”

Hokuto let Jesse steal a kiss, or two or three, skin humming pleasantly from the attention, until Jesse pulled away and eyed the flush of Hokuto’s cheeks in satisfaction. Hokuto stayed where he was against the wall, letting him look all he wanted. “See? I’m all ready to go.”

Jesse wasn’t the only reason Hokuto was halfway hard already. The texts Taiga had sent him earlier hadn’t hurt either, suggesting what they could do to put on a show for the others when they inevitably tried to push Taiga and Hokuto together. It had been tempting to jerk off to them, but only an idiot wasted energy like that before an orgy that involved Shintarou, Juri, and Jesse. Instead Hokuto had settled for sending back a few suggestions of his own, grinning as he imagined Taiga’s face when he read them.

This was certainly easier now that Kouchi had his own apartment, rather than trying to casually all show up at the same hotel room. Jesse let them in with Kouchi’s spare key, and judging by the jumble of sneakers and boots in the entry way, the two of them were the last to arrive.

“Finally!” Taiga called across the room, sprawled across Kouchi’s couch with his feet in Shintarou’s lap. Kouchi, coming over to fuss about where they sat their bags, looked over his shoulder at Taiga in warning. When Kouchi turned back, he caught the look Hokuto was giving Taiga, mistaking his pointed glance for annoyance.

“Hey,” Kouchi said, reaching up to cup Hokuto’s cheek so he could get a good look at him. “This is all right for you, right?”

“Yeah, of course.” Hokuto gave Kouchi a sweet smile, leaning into his chest and wrapping arms around his waist. “Pay attention to me, hm?”

Kouchi obliged him, kissing him slow and sweet, until Hokuto was humming with it. Hokuto let his eyes flutter open just enough to look over Kouchi’s shoulder and find Taiga watching him. Hokuto hummed louder, giving Taiga a slow blink, and Taiga narrowed his eyes before shoving himself up and crawling into Shintarou’s lap.


Shintarou had zero problem with getting a lapful of aggressive Taiga, although he did thread his fingers through Taiga’s hair to pull him back when Taiga’s teeth pressed into Shintarou’s neck harder than was wise.

“Hot,” Shintarou murmured to Taiga’s annoyed look. “But marks.” He tugged Taiga into a kiss instead, matching Taiga’s nip to his lower lip with one of his own. Shintarou palmed the back of Taiga’s head to crush their mouths more tightly together, tongue sweeping across Taiga’s lips and teeth until Taiga opened up to him, turning the rough kiss messy.

Taiga was already rolling his hips down against Shintarou’s, and Shintarou broke the kiss with a wet pop to let his head fall back against the top of the couch. He grinned at Taiga’s obvious annoyance at the interruption.

“Mm, yeah,” he encouraged, sliding hands down to Taiga’s ass instead. He used his grip to force Taiga into the slower rocking motion that he preferred, making irritation war with heat on Taiga’s face. It wasn’t any kind of secret that Taiga loved it when Shintarou showed off the difference in his strength over Taiga’s. “Your game face sucks.”

“I’ll show you what sucks,” Taiga growled, winding his fingers tight in Shintarou’s hair and kissing him fiercely. With Shintarou’s hands tight on his hips, he had to bend his spine awkwardly to do it, so he could only manage it for a minute or two. Shintarou grinned up at him when he straightened up, jeans tight and skin hot, but in no particular rush. “Shut up,” Taiga ordered, even though Shintarou hadn’t said anything. “Jeans off, asshole.”

Taiga slid off and Shintarou didn’t waste any time complying, popping the button and wriggling his jeans down. He could have stood up to make it easier, but Taiga’s eyes were glued to his hands and hips, so Shintarou didn’t mind putting on more of a show than he needed to. Yanking his shirt off while he was at it, Shintarou slumped back against the couch with his hand around his dick. He stroked it slowly, watching how Taiga’s eyes tracked the movement.

“Gonna show me what sucks?” Shintarou asked. Taiga only got so sharp with his mouth this early when he wanted somebody to shut him up.

“Bet your ass I am,” Taiga said, dropping to his knees and shoving Shintarou’s thighs apart roughly to fit in closer between them. Taiga wasn’t one for much foreplay, one casual lick to Shintarou’s tip before swallowing half of it at once, until his lips met Shintarou’s fist. Taiga’s blowjobs were like his kissing, rough and messy and careless with his teeth; Shintarou palmed the back of Taiga’s head again to keep him pressed further down, teeth away from his sensitive tip.

“Look so good like that,” Shintarou said. Taiga gave him a sharp look before letting his eyes flutter shut; Shintarou groaned softly at the complete picture, Taiga’s dark lashes against pale skin, cheeks barely turning pink, mouth stretched pink and wet around his thick cock. “So good, yeah.”

Shintarou chanced a glance over Taiga’s head while his eyes were closed, to Hokuto gradually pushing Kouchi away from the door while still kissing him, and Juri and Jesse already making out on the nest of futons and pillows on the floor. Shintarou caught Juri’s eye and gave a showy moan.


Juri only smiled coyly; he could top that. Jesse was underneath him, shirt unbuttoned, flushed with heat, so it was easy to drop his head to suck firmly on a nipple.

“Mmmm,” Jesse agreed loudly, arching up into Juri’s mouth. Point made, Juri took a minute to enjoy the way Jesse looked underneath him, hair already a mess and lips puffed up from kissing. Then he went back to what he was doing before, which was kissing every single beauty mark on Jesse’s cheeks and throat and shoulders.

It always took a while, so Juri never quite got the whole way finished before Jesse got too impatient. He was already squirming and yanking at Juri’s T-shirt when Juri kissed the darkest mark on Jesse’s cheekbone and then slid his mouth over to Jesse’s ear to murmur, “How are they doing?”

Jesse turned his head as if leaning into Juri’s kissing, then relaxed back down when he’d had a good look. “Hoku’s got Kouchi almost undressed. Kyomochan’s tryin’ to shove down his jeans while he chokes himself on Shin’s dick.”

“Yeah? Lemme see.” Juri rolled them over so that Jesse was on top, grinning down at him. Juri glanced to side just as Taiga managed to get his jeans far enough down to fist himself. Turning back to Jesse, Juri wrapped his legs around Jesse’s waist and thrust against him, yanking him down by the sides of his undone shirt for more kissing. “Hm, nice,” Juri praised, especially when Jesse turned his head and mouthed at Juri’s highest piercing. “Which one do you want?”

“Hmm,” Jesse hummed as he licked his way down to Juri’s lower piercings, like it was an impossible decision. “You can’t be trusted with Shin. I’ll take Taiga.”

“Yeah, good,” Juri agreed breathily, hearing more than seeing the thump of Hokuto pushing Kouchi down on one of the futons near them. “Go on three. One…two…mm…”

“Two and a half,” Jesse agreed, groaning as Juri licked at the hollow of his throat. “Two and three quarters…”


Hokuto’s attention was admittedly divided, trying to undress Kouchi and walk them to the futons while keeping an eye on what Taiga was doing to Shintarou and what Juri was doing to Jesse. He flushed with embarrassment when Kouchi chuckled and reached up to force Hokuto’s chin back over to look at him.

“What’s the matter, I’m not enough to keep you busy?” Kouchi teased. He was on his back, Hokuto straddling his thighs but hands stilled at the zipper of his jeans.

“That’s not it,” Hokuto assured, going back to work on Kouchi’s jeans, but Kouchi sat up until they were nose to nose, putting his hands over Hokuto’s.

“Let’s get undressed, and then you can watch all you want, hm?” Kouchi offered, eyes crinkled sweetly. This close his brown eyes were warm and so pretty, so Hokuto let go of his jeans to cup Kouchi’s face instead, kissing him soundly.

“D’you want me?” Hokuto asked when it broke, almost a whisper like they were keeping some kind of secret from the others. “If you spoon up behind me we can both see.”

“I can get behind that,” Kouchi said with a wink, making Hokuto laugh, and then they both let go to scrambled out of their clothes.

Hokuto sprawled on his back once he was naked, stroking himself off lazily as Kouchi touched around his rim gently with one lube-slick finger. Kouchi always took good care of him, of all of them, and Hokuto made sure to sigh and hum more than was strictly necessary to assure Kouchi everything was fine. Everything was definitely more than fine, Kouchi’s fingers long inside him, Jesse being loud as fuck beside them as Juri fisted their cocks together, and, if Hokuto tipped his head back, Shintarou obviously about to come from Taiga’s mouth.

“Hey, watch,” Hokuto warned, reaching down to push Kouchi’s cheek to the side in case he hadn’t noticed. They were both just in time to see Shintarou pull out of Taiga’s mouth, hand firm in his hair to keep him right there as he came over Taiga’s lips and cheek.

“Uh-oh,” Kouchi muttered in an undertone. Shintarou started to laugh as Taiga glared at him, swiping the back of his hand over his face.


“Shut the fuck up,” Taiga snarled, “you bitch.”

“Better go,” Juri said, kissing Jesse one more time before shoving him off and crawling over to Kouchi and Hokuto. Jesse righted himself and crawled over to Taiga, who was struggling to climb to his feet while Shintarou was still laughing helplessly.

Hooking Taiga’s waist with one long arm, Jesse hauled him back down to fall in a heap in Jesse’s lap, his back against Jesse’s chest.

“So pretty,” Jesse purred, ignoring Taiga’s struggling and spitting while he licked a wet stripe up Taiga’s cheek. “Mmm.”

“Let GO, freak,” Taiga snapped. He reached behind to yank Jesse’s hair, huffing in annoyance when that just made Jesse rock his erection into Taiga’s back.

“Ne, Kyomochan,” Jesse breathed against Taiga’s skin, licking another patch of come clean. “Fuck me? You’re so hot when you’re pissed.” He let his hand wander down to Taiga’s cock, still sticking out over his barely shoved-down jeans, wet at the tip and twitching against Jesse’s palm. “Fuck me up, huh?”

“Fuck you,” Taiga growled, shoving Jesse back hard. Jesse went down to his back willingly, not at all surprised when Taiga followed him for a rough kiss that still tasted of Shintarou. “Strip, moron.”

“Yes, sir!” Jesse was out of his clothes thirty seconds later, watching in amusement as Taiga struggled and cursed at his skinny jeans. “Hm, lube. Lube?”

“Over here,” Kouchi said, and when Jesse turned his head, Kouchi and Hokuto were both watching the two of them in amusement, Kouchi three fingers deep in Hokuto’s ass and Hokuto flushed halfway down his chest. Kouchi held up the tube and lobbed it over for Jesse to catch. “Gonna give us a show, Jess?”

“Believe it,” Jesse promised, already squeezing lube on his fingers and rubbing it to warm it before reaching down to work the first finger into himself. Taiga pushed a finger in beside Jesse’s without warning, making Jesse grunt in surprise as he struggled to relax around it.

“Eyes up here, jackass,” Taiga ordered, already slicking his dick with his other hand. “Not worth asking if you want a condom, is it?”

“Messy,” Jesse agreed, trying to catch his breath as both he and Taiga stretched him open. And then because he had no sense of self-preservation added, “Like your face.”

“You are gonna GET it,” Taiga growled, then hooked his fingers until Jesse wailed.


“Now you’re just spoiling him,” Juri commented as he slid into Kouchi’s side, draping an arm around Kouchi’s waist as he looked down at Hokuto squirming on Kouchi’s fingers, cock leaking against his stomach. “He’s clearly ready.”

“So ready,” Hokuto whined, then groaned in frustration when Juri pulled Kouchi’s hand back from Hokuto by the wrist and instead of touching him, Juri turned into a kiss with Kouchi, free hand coming back to run fingers through Kouchi’s hair. Hokuto kicked at Kouchi’s thigh with his heel. “Hey!”

“S’matter?” Juri asked, looking over his shoulder like he’d forgotten Hokuto was there. His shoulder was hiding his mouth, but Hokuto could still read the smirk in Juri’s eyes, that jerk. “Want more? Tell us what you want.”

Hokuto flushed darker, too shy for that even as turned on as he was. He whined, raising his hips.

“Words, Hokuto,” Juri encouraged. He let go of Kouchi and flopped down beside Hokuto, gathering him in close and brushing kisses over his furiously pink cheek. “C’mon. You can whisper it in my ear.”

“I-inside,” Hokuto stuttered, squeezing his eyes shut. It was a little less embarrassing this way, even though he could still feel their eyes on his skin.

“Which one of us inside?” Juri prompted. He stroked fingers down Hokuto’s side, stopping at his hip and digging them into the skin just that much deeper. Juri took one of Hokuto’s hands and wrapped it around his cock, his hand over Hokuto’s. “Me or Kouchi-kun? We’re both so hard for you.”

“Kouchi-kun,” Hokuto managed to choke out. He was still stroking Juri’s cock, though, enough on his own that Juri was barely doing anything.

“Ehh, he’s played so much with you already,” Juri teased. Kouchi opened his mouth, but Juri winked at him. “If that’s what you want. Hey, can I have your mouth, though? It’s so pretty.”

Yes,” Hokuto agreed right away, squirming with desperation.

They got Hokuto rolled onto his stomach, Juri sliding back and reaching for a pillow for under his shoulders as Kouchi urged Hokuto onto his hands and knees. Kouchi rolled on a condom, ever responsible, even as Hokuto wiggled his ass impatiently, knees spread.

“Ready?” Juri asked, adjusting his position until he his cock was just under Hokuto’s mouth, holding himself by the base as he waited for Kouchi to sort it out back there. Hokuto nodded, back flexing as Kouchi pushed in, slow and careful, hands tight on Hokuto’s hips to hold them up. Juri stroked his thumb over Hokuto’s cheek. “Mm, you’re so cute. You look so good taking it from him. You’re gonna take it from both of us, right?”

“Fuck, Juri,” Kouchi protested, but Juri ignored him. Hokuto’s eyes had fluttered open, rich warm brown pushed out to a thin ring around wide pupils. Juri brushed Hokuto’s lower lip with his thumb and Hokuto wrapped lips around it, tongue fluttering at the pad of Juri’s thumb.

“Yeah, you’re ready,” Juri murmured, sliding his hand back to grip Hokuto’s hair instead, pulling him down towards his cock. “Show us how good you can be, Hokuto.”

Hokuto licked at Juri’s cock, letting Kouchi’s steady thrusts push him down onto it further, Juri’s fist making sure he couldn’t choke himself. He really did look amazing being pushed and pulled in between them, flushed bright pink and sweat slicking his skin. Juri didn’t even try to last; taking a hold of Hokuto’s face in both hands, Juri thrust up into Hokuto’s wet, hot mouth until he came, Hokuto’s moans prolonging his shivering until Juri flopped down limp on his back. Hokuto was staring up at him, elbows looking just as unsteady as Juri, untouched cock swinging with each of Kouchi’s thrusts.

Humming wordless praise, Juri slid down under Hokuto, until Hokuto’s hips were bracketed snugly between his thighs and Kouchi’s. Hokuto groaned in relief as his elbows gave out, his cock trapped between his stomach and Juri’s. He squirmed and moaned as Kouchi fucked him harder now that he wasn’t worried about knocking Hokuto over, Juri happy to rub against Hokuto and smooth damp hair out of his face.

“Can you come like this?” Juri asked, rocking his hips up to push Hokuto into Kouchi’s thrusts.

“Prob’ly not,” Hokuto gasped, not that he didn’t seem to be trying, grinding into Juri’s stomach. “Juri, c’mon, ‘m close, ‘m—”

“Shh,” Juri told him, sucking Hokuto’s earlobe into his mouth and scraping teeth against it lightly. “So beautiful like this, such a mess. You’re gonna make Kouchi lose it like any second.” Juri flicked his eyes up to Kouchi over Hokuto’s shoulder and it was true, Kouchi fingers digging into Hokuto’s hips and jaw clenched in concentration. “Want him to come for you?”

“Y-yeah,” Hokuto moaned.

“Inside? I’d pull out,” Juri told him, grinning as Hokuto groaned and Kouchi glared at him. “Snap the condom off and come all over your ass, get you all messy.”

“No, in,” Hokuto panted. “Like it in, fuck, hurry up.”

“You heard the man, come on, dude,” Juri said to Kouchi. He planted his feet and pushed Hokuto up harder, forcing a wheeze out of Kouchi’s mouth. “Bet he’s squeezing so tight for you, trying to get you in deep, yeah? Come for us, make Hoku feel it.”

Kouchi spluttered a curse and then came with an obvious shudder, going rigid and hips stuttering. Juri couldn’t feel it himself but the long moan Hokuto muffled against Juri’s shoulder said that he could, and then Kouchi fell back onto his ass, slipping out of Hokuto and making him whine.

“Come on, let us see you,” Juri urged, pushing Hokuto off so that he rolled onto his back, into the space between him and where Taiga was fucking Jesse. It made Taiga’s punishing rhythm stutter and no wonder: Hokuto was pink and sweat damp all over, hair wild and mouth open, cock hard and leaking against his stomach, hole clenching at air as he bent one knee up.

“Please, just,” Hokuto couldn’t even get half a sentence out, slapping clumsily at Juri because he was closest.

“Want some help?” Shintarou asked, appearing at Hokuto’s feet. He reached to rub fingertips over the wet tip of Hokuto’s cock at the same time as he hauled Juri up to claim a casual kiss. “Hoku-chan, you are a complete mess. One of these times we’re gonna pass you around until you can’t even move.”

“Will you just fuck me?” Hokuto demanded at the same time as Kouchi weakly demanded, “Why won’t the two of you just shut up?”

“Better give ’em what they want,” Juri chuckled to Shintarou, unsurprised that he was already hard again as the two of them got a condom rolled onto him and slicked up with lube. Juri leaned in for one more kiss, Shintarou’s mouth familiar against his as he curled their tongues together. Then Juri pulled away, giving Shintarou’s ass a slap. “Get it, tiger.”

Hokuto moaned in relief when Shintarou slid in. Shintarou had the biggest cock out of any of them, but Hokuto was already stretched and desperate, curling fingers and toes in pleasure when Shintarou set up a quick, deep rhythm right away. Juri didn’t go anywhere, wrapping a hand around Hokuto’s dick to jerk him off in time with Shintarou’s thrusts.

“You’re not gonna come, right?” Juri asked Shintarou, close enough that probably nobody else could hear them over Hokuto and Jesse’s moans. “Hokuto’s sweet, but I want some of your stamina too.”

“Have a little faith,” Shintarou told him, winking. Underneath their hands, Hokuto jerked and spilled across his stomach, Juri stroking him until Hokuto went limp and whined from overstimulation, batting weakly at his hand. Shintarou chuckled and leaned over to kiss Juri’s cheek. “See?”


Jesse was a freak and a weirdo, Taiga thought, but he was certainly convenient for taking his frustrations out on. No matter how roughly Taiga thrust into him or how much Taiga shoved Jesse’s legs up to his shoulders, Jesse only moaned more sweetly, into anything Taiga wanted. Taiga could probably tie the guy into a pretzel and fuck him up against the wall and Jesse would beg for more.

“Are you gonna come or what?” Taiga growled. He had Jesse turned partway onto his side, one leg up against Taiga’s shoulder, straddling Jesse’s other thigh to fuck into him at a sharp angle. Jesse had been stroking himself off slowly the entire time Juri had been fuck-talking Hokuto and Taiga’d been fucking him, but he hadn’t come yet.

Jesse grinned up at him lazily. “Want me to come around your dick? Wanna feel me? I’ll do it if you pull out, like Juri was saying.”

“Whatever, freak,” Taiga growled. Jesse must have taken that as a yes, because he closed his eyes and tipped his head back, as if he’d just been waiting for Taiga’s permission. Half a dozen strokes later he was coming, come streaking up his abs, clenching tight around Taiga as promised.

“Mm, yeah,” Jesse all but purred, opening his eyes. Letting go of his cock, he rubbed fingers through his come, smearing the mess higher up his stomach. “Right here, yeah? No rush.” Jesse stretched like he had all the time in the world, like Taiga could do anything he wanted to him. And then he reached up and drew his finger down Taiga’s sternum, leaving a wet smudge.

“Quit it.” Taiga slapped Jesse’s hand down, making Jesse laugh.

He almost added that he’d come whenever he damn well pleased, but truthfully he was already close, more into Jesse’s relaxed absorption of his abuse than he would ever admit out loud. And the shit that Jesse spouted was honest too, Jesse truly not caring whether Taiga came a minute later or a half hour, which made it easy for Taiga to pull out without arguing about it any more. He fisted himself to completion over Jesse’s stomach, Jesse moaning in soft satisfaction, hands kneading Taiga’s hips.

“There, that what you wanted?” Taiga asked, giving himself one last, slow stroke before shaking his hand off above Jesse’s stomach.

“Hell yes,” Jesse hummed, trailing fingers through the mess again. He brought his hand to his mouth and sucked his index finger clean. “Wanna try? We taste good together.”

“No thanks,” Taiga told him flatly. Jesse only grinned more broadly, making Taiga frown. “What?”

“I know somebody who will.” Jesse turned his hand and held his hand out, and Taiga followed his gaze to where Hokuto was still catching his breath, sprawled flat on his back. Hokuto turned his head when Jesse nudged at his cheek with messy fingers, but his eyes were on Taiga’s as he wrapped lips around Jesse’s fingers and licked them clean with flickers of his tongue.

“Whatever,” Taiga said, but he didn’t look away. Jesse sat up carefully, not dislodging Taiga as he leaned in to press a sticky kiss to Taiga’s jaw.

“Don’t lie, you like the messy ones best,” Jesse murmured, then gave Taiga a pointed shove towards Hokuto as he wriggled out from underneath him and went to go make sure Kouchi wasn’t dead.


Hokuto hummed tiredly as Taiga slid in against his side. He felt long fingers tug his hair not so gently, and had to suppress a smile when he opened his eyes to find Taiga looking down at him belligerently.

“You better not have worn yourself out already,” Taiga said.

“Speak for yourself,” Hokuto retorted. “I saw how much you came for Jesse.”

“You did more than see it,” Taiga growled, something flickering in his eyes that Hokuto would have sworn was jealousy on anyone else. “I’ve got more than enough for you, but you don’t look exactly up to it.” Taiga trailed a hand down to squeeze Hokuto’s cock, still soft.

“Try using your mouth, since you seemed like you were enjoying yourself earlier with Shintarou.” Taiga’s expression darkened. Shit, Hokuto hadn’t meant to show his own jealousy like that. “Sorry. Jesse’s right, you do look hot pissed off. Just give me a couple minutes, I’ll be ready.”

“Whatever, I just came too,” Taiga grumbled, groping for a pillow to stick under his head and going limp against Hokuto’s side.

After a second’s hesitation, Hokuto edged closer. “You didn’t answer my text. About what you wanted to do.”

“Which way do you want it?” Taiga asked. Hokuto shrugged a shoulder, and Taiga huffed a sigh. “I hate it when you won’t just say what you want.” Hokuto drew in a breath and let it out again before answering, trying not to restart an old fight between them. “You fuck me, it’ll look better.”

“Yeah,” Hokuto agreed, leaning up to kiss Taiga before he said anything else to fuck it up.

The others seemed a little busy at the moment, so it was fine that Hokuto and Taiga spent a while making out. Taiga’s grip was a little too tight on his hips, fingers a little too rough in his hair, but Hokuto liked it that way, liked the way it made heat spark over his already sensitive skin. He hummed and wriggled against Taiga, encouraging him for more, stroking Taiga’s ego, rubbing his own fingers up and down Taiga’s spine in the way he remembered that Taiga loved.

He was starting to get hard, Taiga in the same state when Hokuto dropped a hand to double-check. He turned his head like he was nibbling on Taiga’s earlobe and whispered, “They paying attention to us?”

“Hn.” Taiga pressed teeth to the side of Hokuto’s neck, looking. “Yeah. Shin’s still fucking Juri, but I think it’s for show. Flip me over.”

“Good,” Hokuto agreed, pushing Taiga over onto his back and sitting up. “Your fingers or mine?”

“Yours, asshole,” Taiga ordered, already spreading his legs. “I can finger myself any time I want.”

Taiga wasn’t the easiest person to work open, but at the moment he seemed to be making an honest effort, eyes closed and hips pushing down against Hokuto’s fingers, jaw clenched. He was all sharp angles especially with the short haircut, but it took Hokuto’s breath away that way, like he was something dangerous that Hokuto could cut himself on. Taiga ordered him to add a third finger before he was really ready, and Hokuto obeyed without hesitation, even when Taiga winced.

“Stop it,” Taiga said a couple minutes later. “Kiss me.” Hokuto fell on top of him without hesitation, careless of how much lube he was smearing against Taiga’s back as they kissed, wet and deep. Hokuto almost forgot what they were doing there until Taiga pinched his side hard. “Pay attention,” he snapped against Hokuto’s mouth. “They’re definitely watching now, so fuck me like you mean it.”

“Taiga,” Hokuto moaned, digging fingers into Taiga’s side hard enough to leave red smudges on the pale skin. “Like this? Or knees?”

“Neither.” Taiga gave Hokuto a shove hard enough to knock him back, and before Hokuto totally understood what was happening, Taiga was climbing on top. He reached under himself to hold Hokuto’s cock steady while he slid down onto it, hissing at the stretch of it. Hokuto tipped his head back in a low moan until Taiga bottomed out and they both held still except for their heaving chests. Taiga slapped Hokuto’s chest to get his attention, eyes dark when Hokuto managed to look back up. “Now make me bounce, and you better not come before I do.”

They surely had an audience now, but Hokuto didn’t care about it anymore. He couldn’t think about anything besides the slam of Taiga’s hips down against his, the tight squeeze too much for him to draw a full breath, and the punishing rhythm Taiga was setting that had to be killing his knees.

“Yeah, oh, fuck,” Hokuto whined, hands tight on Taiga’s thighs, feeling the muscle bunch and flex under his palms, rubbing his thumbs against the hot, soft skin of his inner thighs. Taiga’s face was tight with concentration, every muscle tense with the effort of riding Hokuto at just the right angle, a deep grind that already had Hokuto’s abdominal muscles trembling.

“Give it to me,” Taiga ordered, and Hokuto planted his feet on the floor and did his best to obey, squeezing his eyes shut in concentration. They popped back open again when Taiga’s hands slapped the futon on either side of his head. “Hurry up and touch me.”

Taiga’s arms were already trembling with the angle, good as it was. Hokuto peeled one hand off Taiga’s thigh to fist his cock instead, head empty of everything except the wet slap of their skin and the beads of sweat trickling down his temples. Taiga looked just as much a mess, flushed pink enough that his pale skin was almost a normal color. When he came over Hokuto’s fist, it looked almost like it hurt, Taiga gasping and twitching before collapsing flat against Hokuto’s chest. Hokuto struggled to sit up, Taiga clutched close to his chest so that he couldn’t slip out of him, close enough to maybe finish before Taiga got too oversensitive for it.

“Shit,” Taiga panted against Hokuto’s ear, voice raw. “Should see Juri’s face.”

“Nnnnngh,” Hokuto moaned, everything going tight and hot as he came, Taiga’s ass squeezing around him and his nails digging into Hokuto’s shoulders. For a long minute, Hokuto had no idea which way was up or down, heart pounding in his ears and limbs locked around Taiga.

He certainly couldn’t stop Taiga from kissing him deep enough to nearly suffocate him, all tongue and teeth sharp against his lips.


“Hope you’re satisfied,” Shintarou said to Juri, leaning on one elbow to keep from crushing him. He was still inside Juri, although soft enough now that he’d slip out if they moved around much, Juri’s legs still locked around his waist. He stroked fingers through Juri’s damp hair, Juri’s head turned to the side to watch Taiga and Hokuto openly. “Kyomochan might have just killed Hokuto. I guess they can’t break up if he’s dead.”

“They’re fine,” Juri said, distracted. He sighed. “I just wish they’d…you know. Get over it.”

“Hey.” Shintarou pushed Juri’s face over, until they were looking at each other. “You can get them to fuck, but you can’t fix that. They’ll do it if they want to. Enough, okay?”

“I hate it when you’re the voice of reason,” Juri complained, but he let Shintarou kiss him anyway, soothing and sweet.

“I love it when you’re a sap,” Shintarou told him. Out of the corner of his eye he watched Kouchi try to help Taiga and Hokuto peel apart and clean up, Taiga bitching crabbily about everything, Hokuto looking dazed.

Not that he was going to tell Juri, but Shintarou hoped that Juri would get his wish anyway.


First thing in the morning, half-asleep, was the only time Taiga was sweet and clinging, and Hokuto was going to enjoy it for all he was worth this morning. Everybody else was still asleep, the light coming in Kouchi’s windows gray.

“I did okay, right?” Hokuto asked, nuzzling at Taiga’s shoulder, sighing happily at the pull of Taiga’s hand through his hair, his other hand dragging up and down Hokuto’s side. “You feel good?”

“Really good,” Taiga mumbled. “Sore all over. S’good.” Hokuto squeezed the arms he had around Taiga’s waist as tight as he could, and Taiga purred against him. “You just wanna hear how pretty you are.”

“I do,” Hokuto agreed. He tilted his head back, offering his neck, and predictably Taiga fitted his mouth into the curve of it, licking and nibbling. “You think I’m pretty?”

“Mmhmm,” Taiga murmured against Hokuto’s skin. “Nice. Wish you’d tell me how to take care of you.”

Going still, Hokuto felt his skin go hot-cold for a second. Gently, he pushed Taiga back by the shoulders until they could see each other. Taiga looked less asleep than Hokuto had thought. “For them?” He shrugged a shoulder towards where Juri and Shintarou were snoring softly. “Or for you?”

“For you, idiot.” Taiga looked uncomfortable, staring somewhere around Hokuto’s shoulder. “Even when you say I’m doing it right, I don’t know why. It’s the reason we can’t…you know. For real. I’d do it right if I understood.”

“Would you?” Hokuto asked softly. Taiga’s eyes flashed angrily.

“Do you think I’m doing it wrong on purpose?” Taiga went slack again a second later, like he was still too tired to hold his temper. “Shut up and cuddle me. I don’t get you.”

Hokuto sighed, pulling Taiga in close and getting held tightly in return. It felt so good to be this close to Taiga, to have Taiga mouthing lazily at his collarbone. “We really shouldn’t, huh.”

“Nope.” Taiga nibbled a little harder. “Wanna do it anyway?”

“Yes,” Hokuto said, because he was stupid, and even stupider for Taiga, and always would be. If Taiga wanted to keep to the plan and fake date for a while, he’d do it, and if Taiga wanted to real date after that, he’d do that too. “I’d do anything you wanted.”

“I want you to shut and make out with me,” Taiga growled against his skin.

“Yeah, good,” Hokuto agreed, stretching against Taiga so that all of their sleep-warm skin rubbed together. “That’s what I wanted for my birthday anyway.”

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