BNHA, Standing Locust, Forward Fold

Title: Standing Locust, Forward Fold [Midoriya/Todoroki]
Rating/Warnings: PG
Summary: Iida is trying to hook up Midoriya and Todoroki and it’s not going well, but not for the reason he thinks.
AN: Written for bingo square “Much Too Hot” for the Friday Flash Fic Comm’s June Challenge.

Standing Locust, Forward Fold

He politely cleared his throat to remind them that he was still there, making Midoriya and Uraraka both jump a little.

“Sorry, Iida!” Midoriya said sheepishly, rubbing the back of his head. Uraraka just giggled. “What were you saying?”

“I was commenting on the efficiency of regular yoga practice in addition to situational stretching,” Iida said with a frown, looking past the two of them to where, several meters away, Todoroki was methodically stretching, reaching for his toes before swinging his arms back to arch his back. “But you two seem somewhat distracted.”

“No! What? Noooo,” Midoriya said. Iida raised an eyebrow.

“Oh shut up, he’s the prettiest boy in the class, of course we’re distracted,” Uraraka said, making Midoriya squawk. Todoroki reached for his toes again, UA gym clothes pulling tight over his hips and butt.

“I will admit,” Iida allowed, “he has physically impressive…assets.”

Midoriya buried his face in his hands.


“Todoroki!” Yaoyorozu snapped, making Todoroki’s attention snap back to her. Finally. “Focus.”

“I’m focused,” Todoroki said defensively.

Yaoyorozu rolled her eyes. “You trailed off in the middle of your sentence? Like he’s cute and all, but pull it together.”

“Who’s cute? What?” Todoroki blustered. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Behind them, Midoriya let out another shout, it was unclear whether of laughter or distress, and Todoroki’s eye twitched.

“Uh-huh,” Yaoyorozu said.


“So you agree that the situation needs some remedy?” Iida asked Yaoyorozu that evening at their weekly class representative and vice representative meeting. “Both Midoriya and Todoroki have been increasingly distractible and it’s sure to have detrimental effect in the field.”

“While Todoroki getting blasted right in the face this afternoon was satisfying,” Yaoyorozu said. “I have to say that I agree. Do you have something to propose?”

“I suggest that we force them to face their attraction so that it stops being such a distraction.” Iida pushed his glasses up, making them gleam. “By arranging a series of wholesome teenage activities where they are forced to interact, of course.”

“You want to hook them up?” It took everything within Yaoyorozu not to burst out laughing, but for the good of the class, she held it in. “Yes, let’s do that.”

“Of course, there is a chance that admitting their affections might backfire into even more distractibility…”

“Shh, I’m sure it’ll be fine,” Yaoyorozu soothed.


The next day in the library, Midoriya turned up looking puzzled, a note from Iida in his hand. “You wanted me to meet you here?”

“Ah, yes. You see—” Iida’s explanation was interrupted by Todoroki showing up with an identical note. He and Midoriya exchanged glances. Iida continued, “Excellent, this is much more efficient now that you’re both here. I’ve noticed room for improvement in both of your mathematics grades, and I thought we all might benefit from some shared study time. As class representative I take everyone’s academic welfare very seriously.”

Midoriya took this meekly, sitting down, but Todoroki raised his hand. “I got a 98% on the test Aizawa handed back on Monday.”

“Well, that’s room for 2% worth of improvement then, wouldn’t you say?” Iida pushed Todoroki down by the shoulders into the chair next to Midoriya. As if on cue, his phone buzzed with an incoming notification. Iida pulled it out of his breast pocket to check it, and nodded. “Yes, you two seem all set. I’m afraid I have another appointment, but do carry on.”

Midoriya and Todoroki exchanged a glance as Iida strode away.

“What on earth was that?” Todoroki muttered. Midoriya shrugged.

“But, um,” Midoriya looked embarrassed, “I maybe could use some help? If you don’t mind? Just the, uh, circles part.”

Todoroki stared at him. “It’s the circles unit. It’s ALL circles.” Midoriya started muttering to himself, and Todoroki sighed and reached for his book.


Iida had calculated that 2.5 days was the optimal amount to wait in between attempts without arousing suspicions, and so two days later in the afternoon as they were waiting for Thirteen to come and lead them in rescue simulations, Iida announced loudly that he would be assigning stretching partners.

“Now, now!” Iida said more loudly over the grumbling. “I have noticed that some of you do not stretch properly, which may lead to injury and strain. So I will be assigning you in pairs to perform several recommended stretching methods…Yaoyorozu will be my partner to demonstrate…Kaminari and Uraraka…Midoriya and Todoroki…”

Todoroki appeared at Midoriya’s side silently like a ghost, making him yelp. “Let’s just get this over with.”

“Show Deku that yoga thing you do, he really likes that one!” Uraraka called over, making Midoriya hiss for her to shut up.

“Yoga thing?” Todoroki asked.

“You know!” Uraraka giggled, holding her arms up in stretch back before falling forward to reach for her toes, uniform stretching over her butt.

“THAT ONE LOOKS GREAT!” Mineta hollered. He yelped when Asui whacked him in the back of the head with her tongue.

“I’ll just be down here,” Midoriya muttered, sitting down with legs splayed and leaning down until his face was buried in the grass. “Until I die.” He gave an URK of surprise when Todoroki pushed down on his back unexpectedly.

“You seem plenty flexible to me,” Todoroki commented.


By the weekend, the only thing sensible to suggest was of course a dorm movie night. Yaoyozoru dragged in Todoroki just as Iida pushed in Midoriya.

“I have plans,” Todoroki was spluttering, but he gave it up when he was shoved down shoulder to shoulder on the last small couch next to Midoriya.

“Team building is important,” Iida announced, dusting his hands before going over to make sure the movie choices weren’t too inappropriate. Nobody wanted a repeat of the Assablanca incident.

“I think they’re gonna put in the Ring,” Midoriya informed him. “Do you like scary movies?”

“I’ve never been to a scary movie in my life,” Todoroki replied, leaving the obviously unsaid. He eyed Midoriya. “Do you like them?”

“Er…” Midoriya trailed off. Uraraka handed them a bowl of popcorn, interrupting the conversation, but Todoroki got his answer anyway when the very first jump scare made Midoriya tip half of it into Todoroki’s lap.

“Hey,” Todoroki murmured twenty minutes or so later. Midoriya looked up, eyes wide. “Do you wanna sneak out? I don’t think they’ll notice.”

Please,” Midoriya hissed. Iida seemed busy hissing at a few of the others for inappropriate darkened room conduct, allowing them to make their escape.

“The fuck?!” Bakugou demanded. “Jirou, is that your PLUG?”

“Oops,” Jirou said, over the sound of Kaminari and Kirishima losing it. “Sorry, dude, it’s dark in here.”



Back in Midoriya’s room, the door safely locked behind them, Midoriya was still laughing behind his hand when Todoroki grabbed his wrist and pulled it down to kiss him firmly.

“Mmm,” Midoriya hummed when it broke, Todoroki pulling back far enough to see him but keeping his arms around Midoriya’s waist. “So much for our Friday night plans, huh?”

Todoroki shrugged a shoulder. “It’s still Friday for another couple hours. What’s up with Iida, though? He’s been driving everybody crazy all week.”

“Who knows,” Midoriya laughed, pushing up on his toes for another kiss. He tugged at Todoroki’s shirt. “Why are you still wearing this? Some idiot spilled buttery popcorn all over it.”

“The same idiot who better get his cute butt in that bed,” Todoroki replied, shoving Midoriya towards his bed.

Midoriya laughed harder, already half-tangled in his shirt. “At least all the yoga’s good for something!”

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