Snow Man, Always Find Your Way Back

Title: Always Find Your Way Back
Rating/Warnings: R
Summary: Miyadate doesn’t plan on letting Watanabe get far enough to test it out anyway.
AN: have some Snowmen since I just read the Tacky&Tsubasa con report about Tsubasa showing up at the end and it made me cry. Written for Shiritori.

Always Find Your Way Back

After all the stress of keeping afloat a Tsubasa-less TakiTsuba concert, Miyadate feels like 20 kilos have been lifted from his shoulders as soon as the Yokohama shows are over. It’s such a relief that he might even float away, except for the weigh tethered to his wrist. Even if that weight could stand to eat about five extra meals a day.

“Hi there,” Watanabe says when Miyadate yanks him closer to hug tightly. They’re both sweat-soaked, but Miyadate surely doesn’t care about that, doesn’t care about anything besides Watanabe hot against him, arms tight around his back.

“Oi, oi, oi,” Fukazawa shoves at their shoulders on the way by. “You’d think it was this idiot instead of Tsubasa-kun who was missing.”

“Tsubasa-kun I trust to find his way back,” Miyadate retorts. Watanabe pushes at his chest until Miyadate loosens his grip enough for them to see each other.

“Hi there,” Watanabe says again, more softly, just for Miyadate. He’s smiling, but his eyes are serious as he looks over Miyadate’s face. “Everything okay?”

Miyadate nods, offering Watanabe a smile in return, because it is, really. He doesn’t it like it when people are missing, but Watanabe knows that already.

As a sort of punctuation mark on the weirdness of everything, instead of scolding them or pointing out all the spots that needed more attention, Takizawa comes by to thank them earnestly for being so dependable.

“Even you,” he says to Fukazawa, making him whine showily. Takizawa dithers there, Tsubasa having followed him in to chat as well, obviously torn between wanting to go out and celebrate and forcing Tsubasa to go home and rest.

“Will you please take me out already?” Tsubasa finally says to put him out of his misery, and all the Snowmen laugh at how meekly Takizawa agrees. “I’ve already invited Yuma, you might as well bring these guys along. What are you guys, staff or something?”

“Nooooooo,” they all whine, happy to play the tormentable little brothers if it puts a real smile back on Takizawa’s face.

Tonight of all nights, Tsubasa’s wish is Takizawa’s command, and so out they go. Miyadate’s mood is mostly past, but it surely doesn’t bother him when Watanabe stays close, ordering food that he knows Miyadate prefers since Miyadate will end up eating half of it anyway. A few sodas later, Watanabe is affectionate and giggly, eyes growing heavier and heavier as his concert adrenaline fades.

“Take me home?” Watanabe asks when nobody is paying any attention to them. “Since you can’t trust me to find my way back on my own.”

“Shush, you,” Miyadate tells him, stretching and looking around for their coats. “I know better than to let you go far enough away to even try it.”

Sakuma teases them for being gross, but Watanabe seems perfectly pleased with that idea. Once they’re in Miyadate’s room, flopped on Miyadate’s bed, he also seems perfectly pleased with Miyadate’s roaming fingers brushing his hair out of his eyes and trailing down his arm. They trade lazy kisses, stripping off their clothes gradually, until they’re skin to skin and have to get under the blankets because the heater hasn’t warmed the whole room yet.

“Hi there,” Watanabe says when Miyadate leans over him, hair bunched up in dark curls against Miyadate’s pillows, eyes glittering with sugar and heat. Miyadate kisses him possessively until they’re both lightheaded from lack of air. Miyadate trails kisses down Watanabe’s neck and chest, across Watanabe’s stomach, making Watanabe twist fingers in the sheets and beg quietly for Miyadate to hurry up already.

When he slides his mouth over Watanabe’s cock and gets really serious about driving him crazy, Watanabe is not nearly so quiet about it. Miyadate doesn’t stop to shush him, though. The dirty looks from his sisters tomorrow morning will be totally worth the way that Watanabe drags him up to wrap legs around his waist now.

“Hey,” Miyadate says eventually when they’re resting a bit, back to brushing fingers through Watanabe’s hair. “Do concerts with me always, okay?”

“Who else would I do them with?” Watanabe asks, half-awake. “SMAP?”

“No, I mean…” Miyadate tugs Watanabe a little closer, resting his chin on top of Watanabe’s head. “I don’t ever want to do them alone. I know Tono wasn’t really alone, he had all of us, but…” It’s silly, what he’s asking Watanabe to promise, and selfish, and not the sort of thing any of them can promise really.

Watanabe kisses Miyadate’s throat, relaxed as ever. “I already promised that, didn’t I? Here, I’ll promise it again: let’s dance together always. Right?”

“Yes.” Miyadate squeezes Watanabe tighter, glad that Watanabe doesn’t mind however silly Miyadate is sometimes.

“Ne, promise me something else?” Watanabe asks, and Miyadate says of course. “Promise that when we have winter concerts, we’ll make one of our backers wear the Christmas tree costume?”

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