JE, Best When Well Dressed

Title: Best When Well Dressed [Reia/Genki]
Rating/Warnings: R, public sex
Summary: Jinguji crashes Genki and Reia’s shopping date, so Reia takes matters into his own hands.
AN: Triple threat! I love these three. Written for FQF, prompt 32: Member A takes member B shopping for new clothes because his taste sucks.

Best When Well Dressed

“My taste does not suck!” Jinguji announced, drawing the attention of everyone inside the store. Genki glanced nervously over his shoulder, because the whole point of this trip was that they were trying to make Jinguji less conspicuous, but Reia didn’t bat an eyelash as he shoved Jinguji deeper into the racks of clothes.

“It’s fine if you want to get manhandled by fangirls when you’re on your own,” Reia informed him brusquely. “But Genki and I are sick of it. If you want to keep hanging out with us, you need clothes that normal people wear!”

“But I’m not normal!” Jinguji protested, making longing eyes at a gold-flecked shirt with at least two different animal prints on it.

“Don’t think we don’t know that.” Reia glanced over his shoulder at Genki trailing along behind them. “Tell him!”

“Mm,” Genki said, voice noncommittal. “It’s not so…” Genki looks away when Reia makes a stern face at him. “Well…”

“He’s been groped on the train three times in the last two weeks,” Reia cut in, making Genki flush pink and Jinguji squawk that nobody’s been groping him. “It’s always when we’re out with you! So get your butt over to that rack of T-shirts and pick out some things that don’t make you look like a total fruit.”

“Your mom is a total fruit,” Jinguji grumbled, but then scampered off when Reia narrowed his eyes.

Dusting off his hands, Reia turned back to Genki, only to find him still staring at his sneakers, fiddling with the strings of his hoodie. “What?”

“It’s not always Jin-chan’s fault when I get groped on the train,” Genki muttered quietly.

Reia had to suppress a laugh, because it was so adorably Genki to try and shift the blame from Jinguji for something like that back to himself. Laughing would have made Genki even more self-conscious about it, though, so Reia settled for just a small smile. He shifted closer so that only Genki could hear and murmured, “Nobody is supposed to grope you besides me.”

“Reia!” Genki glanced around quickly, but nobody was close by.

“Shh, nobody heard,” Reia said breezily, hooking an arm through Genki’s and dragging him along. Genki squirmed a little at the contact, but it wasn’t really a public display of affection, so he wouldn’t complain. Reia reached out to snag a shirt on the fly. “Come on, you can tell me if this looks good on me or not.”

It was the thinnest excuse in the world to get Genki into a dressing room booth, and Genki’s unimpressed expression said that he knew it as Reia pulled the little door shut behind them.

“Don’t make that face at me,” Reia said, looking Genki right in the eye because he meant business. “You’re the one who invited Jin-chan along even though you knew this was supposed to be a date.”

“I wasn’t trying to!” Genki protested. “He just does that himself!”

“And you won’t tell him about us either, so now I can’t hold your hand or kiss you or anything!”

“You can’t do those things in public anyway,” Genki said, but his eyes slid away from Reia’s. Reia cursed silently, because Genki was already pretty sensitive about that, so bringing it up when he was trying to give Genki shit about something else always backfired. “This date really sucks, doesn’t it.”

Swallowing a sigh, Reia reached out to tug Genki into a hug, because he hadn’t meant to make Genki feel that guilty. He felt the press of Genki’s nose into the side of his neck, and Genki relaxed against him the tiniest bit. “Sorry, I didn’t mean that.”

“I tried to stop him,” Genki said, voice muffled against Reia’s neck. His arms came around Reia’s waist to squeeze him back.

“I know.” Reia rubbed one hand up and down Genki’s spine, making him relax even more. Genki was warm against him, and Reia closed his eyes and enjoyed the nearness of him. Reia felt a twinge of guilt for enjoying this when he was supposed to be comforting Genki, but what Genki didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him. They hadn’t been going out long enough for the excitement of having Genki so close to have worn off yet, and it took a lot of patience for Reia to go as slowly as Genki needed him to go.

Genki shifted against him, and Reia drew in a deep breath through his nose, wondering if maybe they could do just a little more. Testing the waters, the next time he slide his hand down to the base of Genki’s spine, he slipped it under the edge of Genki’s T-shirt and onto his skin instead.

“Reia?” Genki asked quietly, but he didn’t pull away.

“Is it okay?” Reia asked, already sliding his hand up without waiting for the answer. He couldn’t help himself; Genki’s skin was so warm and soft, the bumps of his spine under Reia’s fingers fascinating. Reia dug his fingers in just a little harder, and Genki made a soft noise that went right to Reia’s pants. “Should I stop?”

“I don’t…hm,” Genki trailed off without giving a clear yes or no. It was like this with him always, making Reia want to push harder until Genki said or did something definitive, but Reia knew that would never happen. Genki would just let Reia have his way no matter how far he pushed, so it was always up to Reia to draw the line. “Your hands are warm.”

“That’s not an answer,” Reia chided. Genki pressed against him more tightly, fingers tightening on Reia’s waist, shifting against him a little. Even that little response from him affected Reia more than was probably okay, making him want to do a bunch of stuff that wouldn’t be okay in a dressing room even if they’d been going out a year and Genki were as adventurous as Yasui-kun.

Caught up in his thoughts, Reia was caught entirely off-guard when Genki turned his head to kiss him. Reia’s grip tightened in surprise, and Genki made another soft noise against Reia’s lips. Reia hadn’t even started to kiss back when Genki pulled back to look at him.

“You wanted a kiss, right?” he asked shyly. “Does that make this a better date?”

Rather than answer, Reia leaned back in for another kiss, pressing their mouths together much more firmly and bringing his free hand up to cup the back of Genki’s head so that he couldn’t escape. Genki let Reia have all the control, melting against him, and before Reia knew what he was doing, he had Genki backed up against the mirror, using his weight to press Genki’s back flat against it. Genki’s hands fisted in the back of Reia’s T-shirt, and Reia hoped that Genki didn’t care that Reia was starting to get hard because there was no way he was going to miss it.

When they broke for air, something hot and fierce clenched in Reia’s chest at the way Genki’s cheeks were flushed pink and his breathing was too fast. It was so strange the way that Genki made him want to simultaneously take care of him, and take care of him, if you knew what he meant. Maybe they couldn’t do exactly what Reia wanted yet, but suddenly Reia had a slightly different idea.

“Can I do something to you?” he asked, before he lost his nerve.

Genki blinked up at him in hazy confusion. “Sure?”

Just this once, Reia took Genki at his word, however dubious it was. He dropped to his knees, pressing his cheek against the front of Genki’s jeans and rubbing at him a little, watching Genki’s eyes to make sure he understood.

“Really sure?” Reia asked. Genki’s eyes widened, and he glanced around as if there might be somebody else hiding in the dressing room somehow. But then he nodded, making heat rush through Reia’s veins.

Glad that nobody besides Genki would ever see how uncool it was that Reia’s hands were shaking, he unzipped Genki’s jeans and pushed them down just enough to tug out Genki’s cock. Genki jumped a little, and Reia froze. “What’s wrong?”

“No, it’s…” Genki’s cheeks turned even pinker. “My butt…the m-mirror’s cold.”

Reia burst out laughing, he couldn’t help it, and he had to press his forehead against Genki’s thigh for a moment to collect himself. The interruption helped break the tension, though, and this time when Reia reached for Genki’s cock, his hands were steady.

Genki was barely hard at all, but Reia wasn’t surprised, given their public location and his usual embarrassment about trying new things. He’d just have to get Genki to think about only him, Reia figured. Wrapping one hand around Genki to stroke him slowly, Reia looked back up to find Genki’s eyes focused on him, wide and a little nervous.

“Anyone ever done this to you before?” Reia asked. He expects the answer to be no, but to his surprise Genki nodded. “Really?”

Genki gave a little shrug. “Just a couple times. Some girl at school, nobody important.”

“Aww, but I wanted all your firsts.” Reia grinned so Genki will know he’s teasing. “Hope she wasn’t too good at it, or you might be disappointed. I’ve never done this before.”

“R-really?” Genki asked, looking surprised. Reia nodded; he’d done lots of other things, most of them with guys from work, even had the occasional blowjob, but he’d never given one himself. Genki gave Reia a lop-sided grin, and Reia’s heart stuttered in his chest. “No pressure, then. Work hard.”

“Please take care of me,” Reia answered with a roll of his eyes. Genki giggled, and Reia looked back down at his hand on Genki’s cock before his retinas fused from cute.

Going back to stroking Genki, once they stopped talking he didn’t take long to get hard against Reia’s hand. Genki was quiet and still while Reia touched him, but when Reia looked up, Genki was watching him with his full attention. It sent another wave of heat through Reia, and he wondered if it felt like that for everyone who’d ever gone down on him, or if it just felt that way because it was Genki looking down at him. Sweet, cute Genki who would never ever tell Reia no, no matter what he asked.

When Reia leaned in to lick Genki’s tip, Genki finally did make a noise, a soft whine that made Reia strain his ears for more. He sucked more of Genki past his lips, and Genki rewarded him with more quiet noises that he was obviously trying to muffle. Unsure where to put his hands, Reia clutched at Genki’s thighs, pushing him back more firmly against the mirror as Reia tried to swallow more of him.

Reia could only get a little more than half of Genki into his mouth before it started to get uncomfortable. Frowning, he pulled back a little as he tried to figure out what the trick was. Those other guys had made it look so easy! He brought up a hand to hold Genki’s cock steady while he licked at the tip. When he tightened his hand in frustration, to Reia’s surprise, Genki gave a low moan.

“Like that?” Reia asked, and Genki nodded quickly. His eyes were low-lidded and his cheeks flushed, and Reia really liked how he looked just then.

It was a lot easier to work Genki with his hand while sucking on just the first couple centimeters of his cock, and Reia learned quickly enough how tight Genki wanted him to squeeze, how fast to move. Reia was so focused on his task that he startled a little when a hand touched the top of his head.

“Sorry,” Genki apologized, but Reia pulled his mouth away from Genki’s cock to shake his head.

“It’s okay,” he encouraged. “You can touch my hair if you want.” Tentatively, Genki put his hand back where it was, fingers working down under Reia’s hair to brush his scalp. “Mmmm.”

“I’m afraid I’ll pull,” Genki admitted. His hips were flexing up into Reia’s grip a little since Reia had stopped moving it.

“Don’t worry about it,” Reia said. He meant to say more that he maybe wouldn’t mind if Genki did, but the words stuck in his throat, too embarrassing to voice yet. He decided to just keep that peace of information to himself for now; for now Reia wanted just to focus on making Genki feel good.

It wasn’t long after Reia put his mouth back on Genki that Genki started to squirm in Reia’s grip.

“I…” Genki said. “…Reia, I’m…”

Reia hummed his understanding and ignored the way Genki was tugging at his hair, not interested in moving. He tightened his grip just a bit more, sucked a little harder, until Genki tensed under his hands and gave a high-pitched, muffled noise. The taste of Genki coming over his tongue surprised Reia, sharper than he’d expected, but it wasn’t that big a deal, not with the way Genki was yanking on Reia’s hair and making his nerves sing.

Genki eventually went still, slumping back against the mirror, and Reia pulled back to sit on his ankles, Genki’s cock slipping out of his mouth.

“Good?” Reia asked. To Reia’s amusment, Genki wrinkled his brow in fuzzy confusion.

“What’d you do with…” Genki shifted, looking awkward. “You know, it.”

Reia tilted his head. “Swallowed it?” He tried to hold back the giggle at Genki’s scandalized expression, but it was impossible. “What else would I do with it?”

“The girls never did that,” Genki said darkly, eyes on his hands as he yanked his jeans back up and tucked himself back in.

“Girls are dumb,” Reia announced grandly as he got to his feet, skin practically buzzing with arousal as he leaned in to press Genki against the mirror, wanting to be as close as he could get.

“How would you kn—” Genki started before Reia’s mouth on his interrupted his question. Reia licked into Genki’s mouth, much more forcefully than they usually kissed, but it was like Reia couldn’t control what his body was doing, too turned on for his brain to stop him. Even just rubbing against Genki’s thigh through both of their jeans felt so good.

“Can you,” Reia gasped against Genki’s mouth. “Please? Anything, do anything.”

Genki’s hand curled tentatively around Reia’s cock, the shape of it obvious through his jeans, and Reia dropped his forehead to press against Genki’s shoulder. As Genki’s grip got more confident, Reia had to concentrate on not moaning so loudly that shop assistants ran in to find out what the hell was going on.

“Please,” he begged softly again, not even sure what he was asking for. Genki shivered against him as Reia’s breath brushed over his throat. “Please, please, please.”

Somehow Genki managed to get Reia’s zipper down, and Reia groaned in relief when Genki’s hand got into his boxers and wrapped the whole way around him. His hips snapped on their own, hard enough that Genki didn’t have to do much besides hold on as Reia thrust up into his fist.

Genki was asking him something, probably about either the mess or what Reia wanted, but Reia couldn’t concentrate on his words, couldn’t concentrate on anything besides the hot funnel of Genki’s hand. His orgasm was sudden and bright white, Reia’s fingertips tingling where they were digging into Genki’s shoulders. He sagged against Genki like his strings had been cut, gasping for air, heart pounding in his ears.

“Reia,” Genki said, voice strained. “Can’t breathe.”

“Sorry.” Reia tried to push himself back, but it took two tries, knees wobbling a little. He looked down to see Genki holding his hand between them awkwardly, palm cupping a puddle of white. “Aw, you saved my shirt. But we are in a clothing store, though. I could have just bought a new one.”

“Shut up, you,” Genki told him, making Reia laugh and lean in for another kiss.

Both of them jumped when the dressing room door slammed open.

“There you guys are! I’ve been—” Jinguji cut off, looking them over with a wrinkled nose. Genki’s cheeks were redder than apples again, and Reia’s jeans were still shoved down to mid-thigh. “Seriously, you two?! In here?!”

“You know the rule about dressing room doors,” Reia said primly, putting a hand on his hip. “If you don’t knock, you can’t complain about what you see.”

“That’s a work rule!” Jinguji spluttered. His eyes kept darting from Reia to Genki and back again.

Reia shrugged, turning back to Genki. “The principle’s the same. Shut the door before somebody sees, can’t you? Don’t just hang out there in the doorway, pick either in or out.”

“Reia!” Genki blurted. Reia glanced down and had to suppress a smile when he saw that he’d been startled into clenching his fist around Reia’s mess. Behind him, Reia heard the click of the door’s latch. He glanced at the mirror over Genki’s shoulder and grinned when he saw Jinguji’s face still in the reflection. Jinguji’s expression was sharp and over-confident, the way he always looked when he thought he might be in over his head, but his eyes caught with Reia’s and he didn’t look away.

“See?” Reia murmured in Genki’s ear. “I told you he wouldn’t care when he found out about us.” And then he swallowed Genki’s protests with a slow, deep kiss, long enough to make him forget about anybody’s eyes on them, much less Jinguji’s.

Maybe if they messed up Jinguji’s clothes enough, he wouldn’t be able to wear them home; that had been the point of the whole shopping trip, after all.

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