JE, Too Cute

Title: Too Cute
Rating/Warnings: G, mpreg (well, sort of)
Summary: Chinen has an awful lot of kittens.
AN: Ri and I keep watching the kitten episodes of Too Cute, that show with the baby kittens and puppies that show how litters grow up. So then she totally made me do this. There is a moment in here where I 100% bet that Cortney bursts into tears. Feel free to try and guess where that is.

Too Cute

“Harder than what?” Chinen asks lazily. He’s lounging around in his basket by the window, warm in the sun. His ears flick occasionally, tail curling and uncurling against the plush cushion.

“I don’t know, than anything?” Yamada answers. “I was one hundred percent sure that you would never agree to being on camera just a couple days after giving birth. You really don’t care?”

“About what?” Chinen asks. He isn’t even looking at Yamada, and Yamada gives up on the whole conversation. Ever since the kittens arrived, all of Chinen’s attention had been focused squarely on them, 24/7. Yamada barely even registers with him, much less the camera man filming them for the television show about kittens growing up.

The kittens can’t see or walk yet, so there isn’t much to film, and Yamada wonders what kind of narration they’ll even put on there to keep a television audience entertained. There are six of them, which Yamada still finds amazing that Chinen managed to house all of them inside his tiny body, especially now that they’re outside and Yamada can see how big the collective mass of them is, with their patchwork of colors. The gray kitten with the white socks is Reia, the calico is Jinguji, and the all-black runt of the litter is Genki. The rest of them are all named Kaito.

“All three of them?” Yamada had asked, when he’d been allowed back in the room and was poking at his kittens curiously. He’d eyed Jinguji particularly closely with his surprise coloring that surely didn’t come from his genetics. That damn Yabu was sneakier than hell.

Chinen had shrugged. “I got tired of naming them. Six is too many.”

Yamada is tempted to agree with Chinen when the kittens start to walk, and suddenly it seems like there’s two dozen of the little furballs staggering around, trying their damnest to get stuck in places and fall off of things. Chinen scruffs Reia just before he falls into the potted plant and he’s barely dropped the kitten off in the basket before Yamada has to make a dive to catch Genki as he tumbles off the couch. Behind him Yamada hears Chinen hollering at one or maybe several Kaitos.

At least Jinguji learns to stop chewing on the lamp cord after taking a shock right to the face.

By week five, Chinen feels absolutely no remorse about climbing to the very top of the cat tree for some alone time. The Kaitos wander off after a few minutes of not being entertained, but Jinguji sits at the base of the tree, looking up at the half-a-dozen platforms above him with a twitching tail.

“What are you doing?” Genki asks nervously, sitting at Jinguji’s shoulder.

“I can get up there,” Jinguji says, and Genki’s eyes widen with alarm. He looks around for some support from Reia, who usually can be counted on when Jinguji wants to do something ridiculous, but Reia is across the room, out of earshot, turning around and around as he tries to slap at his own tail.

“I don’t think we should—” Genki starts, but Jinguji is already stretching up, sinking his claws into the edge of the lowest platform. He hops up most of the way, scrambling for a second with his back legs before disappearing onto the ledge. Genki stares after him anxiously. “Jin-chan?”

“It’s totally easy,” Jinguji insists, head popping back out over the side. “Get up here, don’t be a baby.”


“Hurry up!”

Weak to Jinguji’s bullying as always, Genki leans back on his haunches, and then leaps up as high as he can. He manages to land on the edge of the platform with only one paw hanging off, which he quickly yanks back in, close to his body.

“See? Easy,” Jinguji says, and before Genki can protest, Jinguji is scrunching down like a spring before pouncing up to the next level.

Genki follows for two more hops, making it onto the ledge halfway up, before making the mistake of looking down. It seems like the ground is miles away, and Genki backs away from the edge with a wail of distress.

“What?” Jinguji asks, already stretching for the next ledge.

“We’re too high!” Genki insists, heart racing with panic. He flattens himself against the carpet covering the ledge and digs his claws in, but it still seems like the whole tree is swaying just the tiniest bit.

“We’re not even halfway!” Jinguji says. He tries to shoulder Genki back into motion, but when Genki refuses to budge, shrugs. “Suit yourself. I’m going up to play with Mom. Go back down if you want.”

“Don’t leave me!” Genki says, horrified, but Jinguji is already hopping up, his swishing tail the last thing to vanish over the edge of the ledge. “Jin-chan!” When he gets no response, Genki calls out loudly for Reia, the Kaitos, and his mother, but nobody seems to hear him. He dares one more look over the edge to try and get down, but it seems even higher than before, and Genki quickly retreats.

Trapped and alone, Genki starts to cry in high-pitched kitten wails. He scrunches his eyes up and does it as loud as he can, and he doesn’t stop until he feels his mother’s mouth clamp down firmly on the back of his neck.

“Honestly, you brats,” Chinen grumbles through his full mouth, hopping down to the next ledge and the next as easily as walking across the floor. When she drops Genki safely on the ground, Genki starts meowing all over again from relief, bringing Reia running. Reia pokes him all over, scrunching his face up in confusion when Genki seems entirely unhurt but keeps crying anyway.

At the end of the day, Chinen finally gets some peace when all the kittens are too exhausted from their adventures to stay up any longer. Even Jinguji is snoring peacefully, paws around Genki’s neck like he’s putting him in a sleep-headlock. The Kaitos are all in a heap with a toasty-warm Reia in their center. Chinen saunters off and not even tiny Genki makes a peep about it. It’s been an awfully busy day.

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