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JE, Too Cute

Chinen has an awful lot of kittens. (Gen, AU)

JE, Near Miss

Totsuka and Yabu's date nights are non-negotiable, once they manage to schedule it in these days. (Totsuka/Yabu unrequited)

Hey! Say! JUMP, Snapshot

Yuto and Keito get the most ridiculous Valentine's Day photoshoot concept, but the camera never lies. (Yuto/Keito)

Hey! Say! JUMP, Real Face

Yamada needs reassurance from his group sometimes. All of them. (Yamada/HSJ)

Hey! Say! JUMP, Life is Short (Eat Dessert First)

Takaki's presents for Chinen are a little…weird. (Takaki/Chinen)

Hey! Say! JUMP, Wants and Needs

The mirror makes them look ridiculous together, Chinen always grumbles, but Yabu doesn't care about that. (Chinen/Yabu)

Hey! Say! JUMP, Domesticated

Chinen is not exactly what Takaki was expecting when he gets delivered. (Chinen/Takaki, AU)

Hey! Say! JUMP, Shared Interests

The basis of Yuto and Hikaru's relationship is that they like the same kind of freaky porn. (Yuto/Hikaru)

Hey! Say! JUMP, Hands Up (Put Your Hands on Me)

Yabu does that thing with his hips too much. (Yabu/Takaki)

Hey! Say! JUMP, Wait Your Turn

Yuto is afraid to admit to Keito that he wants it a little dirtier. (Yuto/Keito)

Hey! Say! JUMP, Attention Deficit

Those drama guys are way too familiar with Takaki, and Chinen doesn't like it. (Takaki/Chinen)

JE, Even Playing Field

Tamamori has one major advantage, in Yuto's opinion. (Tamamori/Yuto)

Hey! Say! JUMP, Hold Me Closer, Tiny Dancer

Yamada is the perfect size for cuddling. (Yabu/Yamada)

Hey! Say! JUMP, Fierce Competition

"But what do you think we'll be competing for?" Hikaru asked, and nobody knew the answer to that. (Yamada/HSJ)

Hey! Say! JUMP, HSJ vs Sexy

"We'd like to try something new," one of the managers says during the concert planning meeting. (Okamoto, HSJ)

JE, Eye to Eye

In some universe somewhere, 14-year-old Yabu gets grouped with Hikaru, Nikaido, and Senga in a unit called 2SHY, and somehow they still all grow up into strong, talented adults. (Gen)

Hey! Say! JUMP, Music and Lyrics

Hikaru's having trouble with their new love duet, and Yabu provides some inspiration. (Yabu/Hikaru)

JE, Inter-Unit Sympathy

The youngest members of other JE units reacts to the news about Ryutarou's incident with the stalker. (Gen)

Hey! Say! JUMP, These Times of Ours

On stage, the fangirls amuse Hikaru; once they're alone, not so much. (Yabu/Hikaru)

Hey! Say! JUMP, Third Time’s the Charm

Hikaru wishes Yabu wouldn't joke about some things. (Yabu/Hikaru)

Hey! Say! JUMP, Duet

Yabu isn't Leader, Hikaru hasn't noticed, and Yamada doesn't get a solo. (Yabu/Hikaru)

Hey! Say! JUMP, Next Year and the Year After Next

Yabu gives Hikaru the same birthday present over several years, with varying results. (Yabu/Hikaru)

Hey! Say! JUMP, Better Than a Book Token

Keito is worried about what to get the other members in the gift exchange to show what they mean to him. Yuto just fails at romance. (Keito/HSJ, Yuto/Yamada)

Hey! Say! JUMP, When Hey Say Gets Bored

Takaki and Inoo aren't giving up until they see Yabu and Hikaru make out, and also test the limits of the tiny hotel bed. (Takaki/Yabu/Hikaru/Inoo)

JE, Kakkoii Otona ni Natteru (Turning Into Cool Adults)

Hikaru and Yabu are guests on Shounen Club, and do far different dances than the last time Shoon saw those exact same choreographies. (Yabu, Hikaru, Shoon)

JE, Mugendai

Reassurances pass from one person to the next. (Gen)

Hey! Say! JUMP, If Just One Wish

Takaki is totally confused! Yabu acts weird, and Chinen knows things. (Yabu/Takaki)

Hey! Say! JUMP, 5 Times Hikaru Told JUMP What They Wanted To Hear

The Your Seed dance is totally beyond them, but Hikaru know better than to actually tell anybody that. (Hikaru/HSJ)

JE, Getting To The Good Stuff

Yabu and Shoon actually manage some time to themselves. (Yabu/Shoon)

Hey! Say! JUMP, Completely Clueless

Yuto somehow doesn't know anything, but Yamada thinks it's cute. Mostly. (Yuto/Yamada)

B.A.D., All Work And No Play

Takaki won't play with Akito today, and Akito seeks out Junta for consolation. (Akito/Junta)

Ya-Ya-yah, 2 of Us (x2)

Yabu and Hikaru get to record a duo mini-album, Shoon gets to run interference. (Gen)

Hey! Say! JUMP, Better Than BEST Friends

Okamoto just wants them to all get along as a group, but it's tough being new. (Gen)

26 JE Birthday Kisses, I Wouldn’t Say I Hate You If It Wasn’t True

Lately, Yamada is getting irritated by even small things. (Yuto/Yamada)

26 JE Birthday Kisses, Thank You Rather Than Goodbye

Shoon isn't sure how it happened that they all grew up so fast. (Shoon/Yabu)

26 JE Kisses, Take You For Granted

Takaki has forgotten something, but he isn't sure what. (Takaki, Chinen)

Hey! Say! JUMP, Supposed To

Yabu hates comforting people, but isn't great at needing it, either. (Yabu/Hikaru, Yabu/Takaki, Yabu/Shoon)

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