JE, Inter-Unit Sympathy

Title: Inter-Unit Sympathy [NEWS/Arashi/KAT-TUN/K8/Kis-My-Ft2/A.B.C.-Z/Various Juniors]
Rating/Warnings: PG for evil overlord Shintarou.
Summary: The youngest members of other JE units reacts to the news about Ryutarou’s incident with the stalker.
AN: SORRY, RYUTAROU. I LIKE YOU. This will make the most sense if you’ve watched ‘s subbed clip about the whole Ryutarou/stalker incident, because that’s where a lot of the details came from, but if you haven’t, all you really need to know is that Ryutarou had a meeting with his 17-year-old stalker where he got threatened, had his phone stolen, and then the guy got arrested at 3AM.

and then i wrote a bunch of crack.

Inter-Unit Sympathy

When NEWS hears about Ryutarou’s stalker, Tegoshi shakes his head sadly. He thinks it must be tough to be the baby in a group where your fans are crazy and also nobody is mean enough to beat people up for you. He thinks it must be sad not to be able to rely on the members of your group like that.

“Ryo-tan?” Tegoshi leans back his head on Ryo’s lap to look at him. “If someone threatened to hurt me, you’d beat them up right?”

“Who’s threatening you?” Ryo snarls, expression immediately changing to one that would send hardened criminals running to the police for safety.

“Nobody,” Tegoshi says. “I was just thinking.”

“Don’t be afraid, you can tell me who they are,” Ryo coaxes, which is somehow even more terrifying. Tegoshi just blinks up at him. “They won’t hurt you any more, Tego-nyan.”

“I really wasn’t…” Tegoshi starts, before Ryo interrupts, apparently only talking to himself now.

“It was those dicks in KAT-TUN, right?” Ryo carefully shifts Tegoshi’s head up so that he can get out from under him and stand up. “It was definitely them! I’ll take care of it, Tego-nyan!”

Ryo storms out of the room, and Tegoshi watches him go with an affectionate smile. Ryo-tan really loves him a lot, he thinks. It’s nice to have such dependable members.

Left without Ryo’s lap, Tegoshi gets up and goes to find Yamapi’s lap instead. As he gets comfortable, he’s only half-listening to the conversation Yamapi is having with Koyama.

“What do you think Ryutarou-kun ought to do?” Koyama asks.

“Hm?” Tegoshi yawns when Yamapi starts stroking his hair like he likes. “About what?”


When Arashi hears about it, from Sho because Sho likes to watch all the other news networks to keep track of his competition, all Jun thinks is that the little moron got what he deserved if he’s meeting with stalkers in family restaurants. And honestly, calling his mommy? Jun would have demanded to see the knife, and then would have made the stalker eat it.

And he wouldn’t have taken off his rings to do it, either. And then he might call 911 if he was feeling generous and needed some excitement.

“Eh?” Ohno frowns. “Aren’t they too little to let them out by themselves? Do you think Chinen-kun’s all right?”

When Nino scowls and says out loud all the things that Jun is thinking, Jun knows he is completely right, and goes back to memorizing his script with a smug smile.


When Kanjani8 hears that, they mostly just wonder why they didn’t think of that plan first when Tegoshi was cute and impressionable like that.

“We should have thought of that before Ryo-chan got big enough to beat us up,” Ohkura sighs, and everyone agrees.


When Kis-My-Ft2 hears, there’s a general consensus among the older members that maybe they should take turns making sure everybody gets home okay. They’re all looking at Senga.

Senga doesn’t notice because he’d gotten distracted by the part of the news report that said that the male fans wanted to dress like their idols and have the same hair these days. He’s already planning what sort of style he’ll show them next, because he definitely can’t disappoint his fans!

“Hm?” he asks when Nikaido sidles up and informs him that they’ll be going home together from now on. “Sure, Nika,” he answers, then cocks his head. “Ne, why is everybody looking at me?”


When A.B.C.-Z hears, the older four all turn and frown at Hashimoto, because Hasshi would definitely follow a stalker to a family restaurant, and probably anywhere else if the stalker was cute or promised him ice cream.

Hasshi just smiles, unworried. He’s got Balcan to protect him, after all.


When KAT-TUN hears, only Nakamaru hears the whole report, or what parts of it he can hear over Koki demanding that he turn that racket off so he can nap and Jin demanding that Nakamaru change the station because Kamen Rider is on.

Kame looks up from his book for a few moments when he starts catching bits of it, and watches the end of the report in thoughtful silence. It’s a shame, he thinks, that people can be confused like that, and that it takes so many rules to keep everyone safe. He thinks it must be tougher for the younger ones, who still have to worry about school and friends and everything else.

Nakamaru gives in and throws the remote at Jin, and Kame goes back to his book. The remote hits Koki and Nakamaru scrambles behind Junno as Koki launches off the couch with a roar.

Kame thinks it would be nice if anybody cared about people using knives to threaten other people within the Jimusho.

His thoughts are interrupted when Ryo bursts into their dressing room, screaming at the top of his lungs about Tegoshi, and Jin scurries past Kame as quickly as he can, asking under his breath how Ryo finds shit out so fast.


When the rest of the juniors hear about it, Nozawa frowns and asks Sanada if he wants to take a self-defense class, Jyuri calls his older brother to make sure he understands that he’s on beat-the-crap-out-of-people-who-try-to-touch-his-precious-little-brother duty, and Taiga wails he’s way too pretty and he’s definitely going to be targeted next while clinging to Uekusa tight enough to practically choke him.

Shintarou doesn’t say anything. For rest of the day, in fact, he’s quiet and subdued and not at all like his usual self.

“Aww,” the staff coos, “he must be so worried about his older brother! Such a devoted little brother, isn’t he?”

“He’s definitely planning to murder that guy,” the other juniors say to each other, pushing the younger ones who don’t know Shintarou very well yet back, further out of the way. “Just stay out of his way.”

Dammit, I really thought that guy had it in him, Shintarou is actually thinking to himself. He grumbles a sigh, ignoring the way the staff all sighs tragically and the other juniors all take a step back. I gave him the secret number and everything! You just can’t tell about fans, I guess.

At that afternoon performance, Shintarou’s dance steps are crisp and precise, his concentration sharp, and his expression intense. The staff oohs and aahs and comments how grown-up Shintarou is getting, how professional he is to work so hard in spite of the bad news and his emotional turmoil. The juniors just resign themselves to Shintarou taking control of the Jimusho any day now.

One of you must be able to get the job done, Shintarou thinks as he looks out over the sea of fangirls and uchiwa. Once Ryutarou’s out of the way, I’ll be in Hey! Say! JUMP for sure.


When DBSK reads about it on the internet, Jaejoong just wants to know what’s so weird about having more than one phone.

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