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KAT-TUN, Next Stage Mezashite

Junno's birthday starts with his girlfriend breaking up with him, but then his friends fix it (Junno/KAT-TUN, College AU).

KAT-TUN, Disaster

Kame can't stand that they're all sitting there so calmly in this meeting, when all he wants to do is stand up and shout. (Gen)

JE, Subtlety is for the Chibiko

Nikaido, Fujigaya, and Tamamori all battle for the title of Kame's sexiest back dancer. (Kame/Kis-My-Ft2)

Kis-My-Ft2, World Big Whore

On tour with KAT-TUN, winner fucks loser, and Fujigaya is not an athlete. (Fujigaya/Kis-My-Ft2)

Kis-My-Ft2, Everyday Everynight Everytime

Kamenashi likes his pets a little weirder than most, and Tamamori is a perfect example. (Kame/Kis-My-Ft2, Miyata/Tamamori, various Kisumai combinations)

JE, JE Pet Shop

JE pet store AU for JE100 au week. (Gen)

JE, Don’t You Want to See It

I don't own TAY*J, but they are my favorite AU of all time. (Yamapi/Jin)

JE, Lucky

For AU week. In JE, sometimes the more things change, the more they end up exactly like they were. And Nika ends up being the dot again. (Kitayama/Totsuka, Senga/Nikaido, Tamamori, Miyata, various others)

JE, Just Between Friends

Tackey and Pi-chan's story is long and winding, much to Jin's annoyance. (Jin/Yamapi)

JE, Surprise Confession

Jin says it's too hot, and Yamapi makes him reverse his position. (Yamapi/Jin)

JE, Crossed Wires

Kame meets Yuuko...and Hiromi. (YamaNade)

JE, Get What You Ask For

Jin wanted the random girls, after all, it's not Koki's fault. (Jin, Koki/Fujigaya)

JE, Just Say No

Koyama has a little problem saying no to people, and Nakamaru helps him out as best he can. (Koyama/NEWS, Koki/Nakamaru/Koyama)

Kis-My-Ft2, Five Things Fujigaya Has Learned From His Senpai

Five lessons Fujigaya has learned from Sho, Tackey, Tsubasa, Yara, Koki, Kitayama, and Yokoo. And even the kouhai make it in there a little. (Fujigaya/senpai)

JE, Inter-Unit Sympathy

The youngest members of other JE units reacts to the news about Ryutarou's incident with the stalker. (Gen)

JE, All That’s Fit to Print

Yamapi comes home and finds Jin watching the news. (Yamapi/Jin)

JE, A Thousand Questions

Ryo tells Pin how it is. (Jin/Yamapi)

JE, Like Gyoza and Grog

Yamapi is the worst ninja leader ever, but Jin is a pretty good pirate. (Jin/Yamapi)

JE, Part of the Show

Koki isn't thrilled about Kame's solo and Fujigaya's involvement in it. (Koki/Fujigaya)

JE, Unwound

Kame’s a little stressed out as usual. Yamapi takes matters into his own hands, and Jin’s always up for that. (Kame/Jin/Yamapi)

JE, Five Senpai Who Wished Fujigaya Happy Birthday

Sho, Koki, Tackey, Tsubasa, Kitayama, and Taiga all congratulate Fujigaya on his 21st birthday. (Fujigaya/senpai)

JE, Gackt-chan Goes on Tour

NEWS and KAT-TUN go on simultaneous tours, and Gackt-chan has her summer debut. (Jin/Yamapi)

NEWS/One Piece, One Peas

It doesn't seem like there actually are any girl pirates, when Usopp is on watch. (Gen, AU)

26 JE Birthday Kisses, Now That We’re Done

Nakamaru and Koyama find that change is harder than you'd think. (Nakamaru/Koyama)

26 JE Birthday Kisses, However Far Away

Yamapi's 22nd birthday is the first birthday they've ever spent apart. (Jin/Yamapi)

26 JE Birthday Kisses, Still Waiting For You

Kame's been using his time to think, leading up to the KAT-TUN Cartoon II tour. (Kame/Jin)

26 JE Birthday Kisses, All The Songs That Make You Shake

While Jin is in Los Angeles, Ueda sends him letters. (Jin, Ueda)

26 JE Birthday Kisses, All the Right Words

Yamapi kisses Jin goodnight, and Jin just can't take it anymore. (Jin/Yamapi)

26 JE Birthday Kisses, Won’t Regret It Even If

It's just a little embarrassing that the leader of the juniors hasn't had his first kiss yet. Ryo helps Yamapi out with that. (Ryo/Yamapi)

JE, Natural Genius (The Around Every Corner Remix)

Jin is a genius. Yamapi is slow. Ryo is a jerk. (Jin/Yamapi)

JE, Stuck In a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of

Or, why Jin doesn't wear his navel piercing any more. (Jin/Yamapi)

KAT-TUN, Don’t Blame Yourself Only

Yamapi bets Jin that Jin can't have sex with all five bandmates in a single day of PV shooting, and you'll never look at LIPS the same way ever again. (Jin/Yamapi, Jin/KAT-TUN)

KAT-TUN, Better Than

Kame is caught off-guard by Ueda. Ueda doesn't mind being caught. (Kame/Ueda)

JE, New Year’s Kiss

Jin is disgruntled about his New Year's kiss not being televised. Yamapi makes it up to him. (Jin/Yamapi)

JE, Doumo, Mac Desu

Jin gets a Macbook, and Yamapi gets a headache. (Jin/Yamapi)

JE, Much Needed Distraction

Shoon just needs to take his mind off things for a little while. (Shoon/Jin)

Ya-Ya-yah, Making the Band

Shoon wants to know how Ya-Ya-yah can become a real band, which clearly involves SHOON THE SUPER SPY. (Shoon/Ya-Ya-yah)

JE, Gackt-chan Goes To Harajuku

Gackt-chan informs Ueda that only he can fix her serious problem. (Jin/Yamapi)

JE, Little By Little

Jin's been noticing the little changes Yamapi has been bringing to his apartment, but can't quite add up what it all means. (Jin/Yamapi)

JE, Five Times Jin Was Smarter Than Gackt-chan

Gackt-chan doesn't always win. Sometimes. (Jin/Yamapi)

JE, Five Times Pin Try Something New

Once in a while Jin and Pi like to shake things up. (Jin/Yamapi)

JE, BYOY (Bring Your Own Yamashita)

Ryo shows up with Pi, so it's only fair that Jin gets to bring his own Yamashita. (Jin/Yamapi/Ryo/Shoon)

JE, Gackt-chan Gets the Chicken Pox

Gackt-chan comes down with a childhood ailment, and Jin has to be quarantined. (Jin/Yamapi)

JE, Why Jin Likes Birthdays

Jin likes birthdays. (Jin/Yamapi)

JE, Risk Management

Yabu indulges in some calculated risk-taking, but does not consider all the variables. (Yabu/Kame)

JE, Pi-tousan Day

Jin came by with a surprise for Yamapi. (Jin/Yamapi)

JE, Gackt-chan Rides the Subway

Pi-tousan gets lost. A lot. (Jin/Yamapi)

Ya-Ya-yah, Called Out

Since his birthday, Shoon's been going out an awful lot, and the rest of the band have some things to say about that. (Shoon/Ya-Ya-yah)

JE, Just Something The Senpai Tell You

Shoon gets completely lost in the recording studio, and the senpai help him out. Of his clothes. (Jin/Yamapi/Shoon)

JE, Can’t Say It Without The A

Yamapi has a complaint about this whole hiatus thing, and Jin has a bunch of fancy new foreign words. (Jin/Yamapi)

JE, Group Costume

Pin convince Kame to collaborate. (Gen)

JE, Hanging With My Peeps

Kame is traumatized by Jin's costume. (Gen)

JE, Welcome Gackt-Chan!

Jin thought this only happened to stupid girls. (Jin/Yamapi)

KAT-TUN, One Great Leap for Boybands Everywhere

Ueda says it's impossible with more than three people, and Jin turns up six people and one j-pop idol to prove him wrong. (OT6)

JE, Katsu no wa Jin!

Jin would cheat, if he could only figure out the rules to Kame's game in the first place. (Jin/Yamapi, Jin/Ryo, Jin/Kame)

JE, The One Where Kame is Blue

Jin is an adorable, bracelet-jangling natural disaster, and Kame is blue. (Gen)

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