JE, Get What You Ask For

Title: Get What You Ask For [Jin, Koki/Fujigaya]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for Kisumai being classier than one of Jin’s hos.
Summary: Jin wanted the random girls, after all, it’s not Koki’s fault.
AN: Written for myxstorie, who wanted Jin/Kis-My-Ft2.

Get What You Ask For

“How come you get them and I get random girls?” Jin complained at Koki during the dress rehearsal for their Dome cons. Kis-My-Ft2 were debating their placement at the start of Koki’s solo, their costumes swirls of gold and silver as they shoved and repositioned each other, in constant motion.

“You wanted random girls,” Koki reminded as he watched their not-so-kouhai kouhai with an air of paternal smugness. “You demanded them, as I recall.”

“I didn’t know they’d be hotter than the girls!” Jin snapped, and scowled harder when Koki only commented mildly that he hadn’t been looking very hard then.

“Koki~!” Fujigaya called, interrupting. “I think we got it! Come over so we can try the first couple 8-counts again?”

“Sure, Taipi,” Koki called back. Fujigaya preened cutely at Koki using his nickname, and Koki turned to give Jin a leer over his shoulder.

Jin wasn’t anymore amused when he got a big eyeful of just how close Koki was to his favorite kouhai when Jin opened the door to KAT-TUN’s dressing room without knocking.

“THAT’S NOT HYGENIC!” Jin shouted as he slammed the door shut. He turned to stomp off and found himself face to face with Senga and Nikaido, both looking interested. “You don’t want to go in there,” he informed them.

Nikaido smirked and Senga’s eyebrows raised in interest as a moan of Fujigaya’s given name came through the door.

“Taipi really likes working with KAT-TUN-senpai,” Senga commented.

“No shit,” Jin snorted. Nikaido and Senga were still looking at him. “What?”

“We like it too,” Nikaido finally commented, wrapping an arm around Senga’s shoulders possessively. He leaned close enough that his breath was against Senga’s ear, making Senga’s eyes darken as he leaned into Nikaido. “And we’ve got a dressing room too.”

By the time lunch break was over, Jin vowed that if Kis-My-Ft2 were still juniors long enough to back their next tour, he definitely wouldn’t be demanding any more random girls for his solo.

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