Kis-My-Ft2, 24-Hour Conbini

Title: 24-Hour Conbini [Yokoo/Kis-My-Ft2]
Rating/Warnings: G for KKKity nostalgia.
Summary: It’s petty, Yokoo knows, but he can’t help it.
AN: For imifumei who wanted something with Yokoo in.

24-Hour Conbini

Deep down, Yokoo doesn’t really look forward to the months when NEWS is the guest on Shounen Club filmings. It’s petty, he knows, and he certainly doesn’t mention it to anybody, but he can’t help the small sting of it when Shige can holler across the stage and bring Koyama running from anyplace in the building, when Koyama beams like his face might break when he gets to show off his unit on his show. And it’s not even that Koyama and Shige got picked out when Yokoo didn’t, not anymore really, or even that it’s easier to miss Kusano when the three of them are close enough to touch.

It’s…well. Koyama got to keep his best friend, didn’t he?

It’s stupid, Yokoo knows, so petty, and so he doesn’t say anything about it when Yamapi calls good morning to his members and Shige shoots Yokoo a fake long-suffering smile as Koyama drags him off by the arm.

“Geez, still jealous?” Fujigaya demands when Yokoo glides back over to his real unit, dragging his front stop to brake, and Yokoo chuckles at the sharpness of how easily Fujigaya sees right through him. “You should be thankful we saved you from that bunch of losers.”

“The children are listening, Taipi,” Yokoo reminds, sparing a glance at Ft2, who are sprawled all over each other on the floor, on a thin pretense of stretching. “Set a good example, hm?”

“Like good examples are gonna help Nika or Ken-chan,” Fujigaya snorts, but he lowers his voice a little. “Seriously, Watta, forget them, yeah? You’re better off with us, you know?”

“Forget what?” Yokoo asks mildly, keeping his eyes on the floor and his cute honorary little brothers, two of whom are ganging up on Tamamori to tickle him until he cries, the third watching happily. “Who?”

“Watta,” Fujigaya rolls his eyes. “I have eyes, stupid. They wouldn’t have used you right anyway, and three to one says they’d have lost you, careless idiots, and wouldn’t you rather be in a group that can sing more than two of your songs live?”

“Easy, easy, Taipi,” Yokoo finally looks up at Fujigaya, letting him have a good look in his eyes if he wants it so bad. “It’s fine, yo. I’m Kisumai’s Y, aren’t I? No need to get jealous.”

“Who’s even jealous,” Fujigaya snorts, but the fierce possession in his eyes banks to a steady glow. “Just don’t get any stupid ideas, is all. We need you.”

“For hair gel and tissues?” Yokoo teases, but he doesn’t mind as much when hears Koyama whoop across the room. “Ah, I got it. You can count on me.”

“How about for contact solution?” Nikaido asks from the floor. “Cause we just knocked one of Tama’s out.”

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  • By jtriskell, 2012.08.17 @ 3:29 am

    So incredibly cute. Love it.

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