Mis Snow Man, Target Audience

Title: Target Audience [Sanada/Nozawa]
Rating/Warnings: PG
Summary: Sanada wants to know why Nozawa does it, since he doesn’t like it.
AN: Written for shimizumiki, who wanted Sanazawa.

Target Audience

“Why do you do it then?” Sanada asks, tilting his head. “If you don’t like it?”

“Don’t like what?” Nozawa tries to focus on changing out of his costume and not so much on how Sanada just distracted himself and forgot what he was doing halfway through.

Sanada reached up to scratch his bare chest. “You know, the fans and stuff. You don’t care about it, right? You barely look at them, so what’s the point?”

Behind them, Sakuma and Miyadate are whooping about something, Watanabe complaining loudly that someone stole his water bottle again. Nozawa reaches down to wrap his fingers around Sanada’s wrist, halting his scratching.

“I like to focus on one thing at a time,” he tells Sanada. “Quit scratching, you’ll give yourself a rash.”

Sanada’s pulse thrums a half-dozen times or so against Nozawa’s fingertips before Nozawa can see the realization dawn over his face. “Oooooh. Oh! Oh.” He frowns. “But you can look at me all the time?”

“So I should want to look at random girls more than you?” Nozawa lets go of Sanada’s wrist to flick his forehead. “Idiot. Take of your pants so we can shower already, you smell.”

“INDIRECT KISS~!” Fukusawa crows, and Nozawa just hardens his resolve to only focus on one of these morons at a time.

And since Sanada follows his orders so well, Nozawa thinks he’ll stick with him for a while yet.

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