JE, NabeSho is Why We Can’t Have Dorms Anymore

Title: NabeSho is Why We Can’t Have Dorms Anymore
Unit for Points: Mis Snow Man
Word Count: 100
Characters/Pairings: Koyama, Watanabe, Kame?
Author’s Notes: NabeSho’s Wink up Dengonban this month is about Kame pinches his nipples every time they see each other…and NabeSho likes it. PS-why did the drabble about NabeSho’s nipples start at 140 words? SADFACE.

NabeSho is Why We Can’t Have Dorms Anymore

Valentine’s is stressful for Koyama. Each year brings smaller juniors, unable to defend themselves against their older, trickier senpai, and it falls to Koyama to fret about them sharing pocky too freely.

Especially the ones who ought to know better.

“Watanabe-kun,” Koyama coaxes, after freeing him from Yara’s clutches for the third time, “we talked about this, remember?”

“Eh?” Watanabe scratches idly at his over-abused nipples. “But I don’t mind? Kame-senpai says it’s fine.”

When Nakamaru finds Koyama wailing that he isn’t a good enough MC, he gently suggests that maybe Koyama should just give up on the Snowmen already.

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