JE, Lucky

Title: Lucky
Word Count: 100
Characters/Pairings: Kitayama, Fujigaya, Totsuka, Kawai (you know, THAT unit)
Author’s Notes: In my secret dark moments, I think I would’ve maybe been okay with this happening.

1: Lucky
Kitayama had been skeptical, at first, when Takizawa explained that the four of them would be treated as a permanent unit instead of a temporary grouping. Skeptical, but not terribly surprised. They’d spend all summer separated from the others after all, then the winter plays, then the touring…Takizawa giving them the most idiotic unit name on the planet pretty much sealed the deal.

He missed the others, but it wasn’t like he never saw them. Stretched across the couch with his head in Totsuka’s lap, Kawai and Fujigaya bickering over the flatiron as usual, Kitayama thought things could’ve been worse.

2: By Any Other Name
Others were more disturbed over the ramifications.

“What the hell?!” Nikaido demanded, most annoyed of all. “I’ll be the dot again! Fuck that!”

“We’ll still love you, dot-san,” Tamamori consoled him. Nikaido just glared. Not like Tama’s best friend had been poached by some grabby-handed, over-flexible senpai.

“Well, they have to do something,” Yokoo pointed out reasonably. “Without the Ki, S, or the F…”

“You totally engineered this somehow,” Nikaido accused Goseki.

Goseki only smiled benevolently, making Miyata edge closer to Tamamori. “We could re-order the letters? How do you feel about ‘Go MYNT?'”

Suddenly Kis-My-Ft5 seemed more appealing.

3: Grateful World
“Good work today, kiddo,” Yara said as they packed up their stuff.

Senga beamed, soaking up attention like his sweatband. “Really?” Yara ruffled Senga’s hair in passing.

“Pet,” Yamamoto complained, although it was good-natured. “Not fair! You didn’t even want to join, you threw a fit and everything.”

“Don’t be cruel,” Tsukada admonished, always the big brother, slinging his arm around Senga’s shoulders when Senga’s happy smile melted away. “Ken-chan just thought his last group was worth fighting for, right?”

Senga snuggled closer under Tsukada’s arm, sticking his tongue out at Yamamoto. The new one wasn’t so bad, so far.

4: Second Chance
“But I miss you, Nika,” Senga said. They still managed to leave together, sometimes.

“Yeah, well.” It soothed Nikaido’s temper to hear that, enough that he could pretend maturity. “Dance is best for you. Yaracchi’s a good teacher.”

“Uh-huh.” Senga pouted. “But I miss skating with you.”

“But now that we don’t work together,” Nikaido glanced left, right, “we can do other stuff.”

“Other…” Senga’s question got cut off by Nikaido’s mouth, his eyes were wide when Nikaido pulled away.

“Couldn’t risk it before, but now…” Nikaido trailed off, doubts dispelled by the blinding grin spreading across Senga’s face.

5: Make New Friends, But…
“YOU,” was all the explanation that they got, “need a K!”

When their K shows up for practice the next day, there’s a long moment of staring.

Yokoo’s late that day, just a few minutes, but enough that he’s preoccupied coming in the door and dropping his stuff without really looking. “Sorry, sorry, missed the train, had to stop at the conbini because Tama-chan used the last of my hairspray…”

“Wataru,” Miyata interrupts.

“Oh, right, new guy! Who…” Yokoo turns and chokes on his next word.

“Hi?” Kusano offers.

“You,” Yokoo’s voice only wavers for a split-second, “need a haircut.”

6: Natsukashii
“The hell!” Shige cursed at his phone as he scrolled down through the mail. “Kei, come look at this!”

“From Wataru?” Koyama asked as he scrunched close enough to Shige to read over his shoulder. “Wai, and Notti! Nostalgic~! Hey,” he adds thoughtfully, “and he’s with Nika-chan again too, just like the old show! Let’s call Massu!”

Masuda was equally delighted about Kusano’s return, but he couldn’t stay on the phone for long.

“Ooh, gotta go,” he said. “Tesshi and Kame-chan are having a catfight and Jin’s reeeeally hungover, so…”

“Geez,” Shige grimaced, “glad I’m not in THEIR unit.”

7: The More Things Change
Tamamori pouts at Miyata’s lack of understanding from his sprawl on the hotel bed until Miyata caves, as he inevitably must.

“What’s wrong, Tama-chan?” Miyata stretches out beside him, eyes big and interested.

“Everything’s weird!” Tamamori exclaims. “First Kitamitsu and Taipi, then Senga gets pulled, now we’ve got Kusano… and we have to back for Hasshi this spring? His whole unit’s younger than us! It’s like everything’s backwards.”

Tamamori trails off when Miyata gathers him close, arms and scent familiar. “I’m still here though?”

“Pfft, you,” Tamamori thumbs Miyata’s newly sharp cheekbone. “You’re the craziest change of all, idiot.”

8: It’s Big News
It’s just a coincidence that Kis-My-Ft5 is backing for them when they get the announcement. Fujigaya actually takes the call, during intermission of all things, and then he lets out a shriek that brings everyone running.

“What the HELL!” Nikaido snaps. “We thought you were getting murdered.”

Fujigaya shoves the phone in Kitayama’s face, past words, eyes bright with tears.

“It’s…” Kitayama struggles to speak. “It’s….debut?”

“Holy SHIT,” Kawai crows when Kitayama holds up the phone, and then it gets dropped and crushed in the melee when Totsuka grabs Kitayama by the shirt and kisses him full on the mouth.

9: 1 For the Money, 2 For the Show
The real celebration is postponed to their next off-day; tonight the only people able to go out because of either schedule or age turn out to be Kitayama, Fujigaya, and Yokoo. It’s a little awkward, bittersweet, but Yokoo knows the true meaning of friendship is buying the first round.

“Just be glad I won’t cry like Shige,” Yokoo warns, drowning the sting in cheap beer.

“Sorry, Watta,” Fujigaya says, even when Kitayama warns him not to. “If we would’ve stayed, or fought for you, or…”

“Don’t mind, don’t mind,” Yokoo soothes, grinning so his yaiba shows. “Third time’s the charm.”

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