Category: TOP3

TOP3, Getting to (AB)C

Sanada wants to spy on Hasshi, and Nozawa is tormented by kouhai. (Sanada/Nozawa)

TOP3, Little Changes

Nozawa kind of hates everything about puberty. (Nozawa/Sanada)

JE, Mugendai

Reassurances pass from one person to the next. (Gen)

TOP3, The Highest Form of Flattery

Takaki, Sanada, Kamei, Shoon, Koyama, and Nozawa all tell Hasshi things he doesn't really want to hear. (Hashimoto)

TOP3, A Little Help From My Friends

Koyama seems sad, and Hasshi, Nozawa, and Sanada just want to help out. Also Nikaido is a tool, Nakamaru is wise, Shintarou is leader, Shige is panicked, Akun is skeptical, and Shoon is coordinated. (Various Shounen Club Regulars)

TOP3, Shifting Roles

After Kamei leaves, things change. But Sanada's just afraid they won't ever stop changing. (Sanada/Hashimoto/Nozawa)

JE, Gackt-chan Goes on Tour

NEWS and KAT-TUN go on simultaneous tours, and Gackt-chan has her summer debut. (Jin/Yamapi)

26 JE Birthday Kisses, Like a Hummingbird

Hasshi's got it all planned out, but things don't always work that way. (Hashimoto/Sanada)

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