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JE, Eye to Eye

In some universe somewhere, 14-year-old Yabu gets grouped with Hikaru, Nikaido, and Senga in a unit called 2SHY, and somehow they still all grow up into strong, talented adults. (Gen)

JE, Kakkoii Otona ni Natteru (Turning Into Cool Adults)

Hikaru and Yabu are guests on Shounen Club, and do far different dances than the last time Shoon saw those exact same choreographies. (Yabu, Hikaru, Shoon)

JE, Mugendai

Reassurances pass from one person to the next. (Gen)

Ya-Ya-yah, Innocence Lost

Everyone wants Shoon to help them out. Shoon wants to kill whoever started it. (Shoon, various Ya-Ya-yah Show regulars)

JE, Getting To The Good Stuff

Yabu and Shoon actually manage some time to themselves. (Yabu/Shoon)

Ya-Ya-yah, 2 of Us (x2)

Yabu and Hikaru get to record a duo mini-album, Shoon gets to run interference. (Gen)

26 JE Birthday Kisses, Thank You Rather Than Goodbye

Shoon isn't sure how it happened that they all grew up so fast. (Shoon/Yabu)

Hey! Say! JUMP, Supposed To

Yabu hates comforting people, but isn't great at needing it, either. (Yabu/Hikaru, Yabu/Takaki, Yabu/Shoon)

Ya-Ya-yah, Making the Band

Shoon wants to know how Ya-Ya-yah can become a real band, which clearly involves SHOON THE SUPER SPY. (Shoon/Ya-Ya-yah)

Ya-Ya-Yah, Itsumademo

Taiyo and Shoon are getting a little worried about Yabu's mood lately. (Gen)

Ya-Ya-yah, A Squid In the Hand

Reon makes Shoon a present, and the present makes Shoon miserable. (Gen)

JE, BYOY (Bring Your Own Yamashita)

Ryo shows up with Pi, so it's only fair that Jin gets to bring his own Yamashita. (Jin/Yamapi/Ryo/Shoon)

Ya-Ya-yah, Five Times Shoon Hates Being Called Pretty

five times Shoon hates being called pretty, and once he doesn't mind so much. (Shoon/Ya-Ya-yah)

JE, Risk Management

Yabu indulges in some calculated risk-taking, but does not consider all the variables. (Yabu/Kame)

Ya-Ya-yah, Complimentary Colors

Shoon's birthday is a little different from the ones at home. (Shoon/Yabu)

Ya-Ya-yah, Called Out

Since his birthday, Shoon's been going out an awful lot, and the rest of the band have some things to say about that. (Shoon/Ya-Ya-yah)

JE, Just Something The Senpai Tell You

Shoon gets completely lost in the recording studio, and the senpai help him out. Of his clothes. (Jin/Yamapi/Shoon)

Ya-Ya-yah, Take It Easy Now

Shoon never ever should have told Taiyo that. Or anything. (Gen)

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