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Hey! Say! JUMP, Music and Lyrics

Hikaru's having trouble with their new love duet, and Yabu provides some inspiration. (Yabu/Hikaru)

Hey! Say! JUMP, These Times of Ours

On stage, the fangirls amuse Hikaru; once they're alone, not so much. (Yabu/Hikaru)

Hey! Say! JUMP, Third Time’s the Charm

Hikaru wishes Yabu wouldn't joke about some things. (Yabu/Hikaru)

Hey! Say! JUMP, Duet

Yabu isn't Leader, Hikaru hasn't noticed, and Yamada doesn't get a solo. (Yabu/Hikaru)

Hey! Say! JUMP, Next Year and the Year After Next

Yabu gives Hikaru the same birthday present over several years, with varying results. (Yabu/Hikaru)

Hey! Say! JUMP, When Hey Say Gets Bored

Takaki and Inoo aren't giving up until they see Yabu and Hikaru make out, and also test the limits of the tiny hotel bed. (Takaki/Yabu/Hikaru/Inoo)

Hey! Say! JUMP, Supposed To

Yabu hates comforting people, but isn't great at needing it, either. (Yabu/Hikaru, Yabu/Takaki, Yabu/Shoon)

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