Hey! Say! JUMP, Music and Lyrics

Title: Music and Lyrics [Yabu/Hikaru]
Rating/Warnings: R
Summary: Hikaru’s having trouble with their new love duet, and Yabu provides some inspiration.
AN: Written for getyourzexion for the 2009 JE Holiday exchange.

Music and Lyrics

“A duet?” Hikaru tilted his head, the flat iron holding a chunk of his hair out at a weird angle.

Yabu nodded. “Yup! We get to do the whole thing ourselves! Melody and lyrics this time!”

“That’s great!” Hikaru exclaimed, then fumbled the iron and hopped out of his chair with a yelp, just barely missing having the hot iron land in his lap.

“Oi, watch it,” Yabu scolded, bending down to scoop up the iron off the floor and tugging the plug out of the wall before Hikaru branded himself for life. “If you get hurt, who’ll perform with me during the livestage?”

“We do have eight other band members,” Hikaru reminded, turning back to the mirror to fluff his hair with his hands. “Three others in our half of the unit, in fact.”

“Aw,” Yabu threw his arms around Hikaru’s neck and let his weight fall heavily on Hikaru’s shoulders, “but Hika-chan, you’re the only one I want to sing with!”

For a second, Hikaru froze, watching their reflection in the mirror, Yabu warm and familiar against his back. Yabu’s eyes were on him in the mirror as well, their gazes meeting in the reflection.

“Gross~!” sang Yamada behind them cheerfully, making Hikaru’s cheeks turn pink as he scrambled to push Yabu off. “Not in the dressing room, you two!”

Both of them turned around to find Yuto with his head in Yamada’s lap on the couch. Yuto gave them a sheepish smile while Yamada stared back at Yabu and Hikaru’s glares, unconcerned.

“I mean,” Yamada waved a hand, “I’m sure the fangirls dig all the touching and the moon eyes and the eternal unrequited hard-on you two have had for each other for the better part of a decade, but for me…”

Yabu and Hikaru exchanged a glance of perfect understanding, then both pounced on Yamada at the same time, fingers extended in perfectly synchronized tickle position while Yuto tried to scramble out of the way, and they didn’t let up until Yamada needed some alone time of his own with the flat iron.

Sometimes Hikaru really loved having Yabu as a best friend.

Other times, like a few days later when they were trying to put the new song together, he had more of a mixed opinion.

“Aw, this is embarrassing!” Hikaru complained, tossing down his pencil onto his desk and glaring at his notebook, which had more things crossed out than not.

“It’s not so bad,” Yabu encouraged, looking a lot more relaxed as he sprawled on Hikaru’s bed with his guitar. He strummed a random chord. “What’s wrong with it?”

“Does it have to be a love duet?” Hikaru wanted to know, puffing out his cheeks and pushing at his pencil with a finger. “Wah, what nineteen-year-old wants to write a love duet with his best friend anyway? Embarrassing!”

“Cute,” Yabu chuckled at Hikaru’s childish, puffed-out cheeks. “Maybe what you need is a little inspiration.”

Scowling, Hikaru turned his face away, hoping he’d been quick enough that Yabu hadn’t seen his blush. Maybe he’d been thinking about Yamada’s words just a little too much since the other day, and maybe Yabu lounging around on his bed with his low-slung jeans and his tight fashion T-shirt wasn’t exactly helping matters.

And this whole love duet thing, that wasn’t helping much either.

“Anyway,” Yabu said casually, apparently not having noticed, “it isn’t embarrassing if it’s with you.”

Hikaru blinked, then turned around to eye Yabu. Yabu was still cradling the guitar, but the smile he was wearing was curled knowingly at the corners, and Hikaru wondered if maybe he wasn’t the only one who’d been thinking about Yamada’s words.

“About this inspiration,” Hikaru started, licking his lower lip nervously, “what’d you have in mind?”

Yabu’s cheeks turned a little pink, but his smile didn’t change and he didn’t look away. “Come over here and find out?”

Heart pounding, Hikaru stood up and crossed the floor to his bed, the handful of meters seeming much longer than usual with Yabu watching him keenly. He sat down on the edge of his bed as Yabu set the guitar carefully aside where they couldn’t bump into it.

“What now?” Hikaru asked, but he didn’t get any other words out before Yabu leaned over and pressed their lips together. Yabu’s lips were dry and a little rough, but it still made pleasure buzz lightly underneath Hikaru’s skin.

“That’s what you wanted, right?” Yabu asked quietly when he pulled back, and Hikaru saw uncertainty in Yabu’s eyes.

But underneath the uncertainty, Hikaru had known Yabu more than long enough to recognize curiosity and interest. It was a look Hikaru had seen on Yabu’s face dozen of times since they were both in junior high, and now that he was the cause of that look, Hikaru felt a rush of warmth work its way up from his chest into his own cheeks.

“Actually,” Hikaru turned more towards Yabu and lifted a hand to work it into his hair, “I was thinking something more like this.”

This time when he pulled Yabu forward into the kiss, it wasn’t quite so innocent, and it definitely wasn’t as quick. Hikaru pulled his legs up onto the bed so that he could press even closer against Yabu, pulse speeding when Yabu’s hand came to rest on Hikaru’s waist. He ran the tip of his tongue over Yabu’s bottom lip, and Yabu opened his mouth with a soft sigh.

Breathless and light-headed, Hikaru pulled back just enough to look Yabu over. Yabu blinked back at him, eyes low-lidded and lips puffy, and before Hikaru really knew what he was doing, he grabbed Yabu’s shoulders and pushed him backwards, until Yabu was on his back, staring up at Hikaru.

Realizing what he was doing, Hikaru stopped short, but didn’t take his hand away from Yabu’s shoulders or move away. He could feel the heat of Yabu’s skin through the thin cotton of his T-shirt, making Hikaru swallow.

“Hey,” he said, “about what Yamada said. About the, um…”

“Eternal unrequited hard-on?” Yabu supplied, smiling just a little.

“Yeah, that,” Hikaru agreed, blushing even harder. “Do you think maybe, for once he knew what he was talking about?”

Instead of answering, Yabu put his hands on Hikaru’s waist and slid him over a couple centimeters so that Hikaru could judge for himself.

“Oh,” Hikaru grinned stupidly, “me too.”

“I can see that,” Yabu chuckled, shifting his hips and making Hikaru catch his breath in surprise. “So what now?”

Something about the way Yabu asked it made Hikaru examine his grin a little more closely. “Got something in mind?”

“As a matter of fact…”

Yabu rolled them over suddenly, and Hikaru found himself on his back, Yabu looming over him. Before he could get too nervous, though, Yabu slid down suddenly, out of Hikaru’s line of sight. When Hikaru got his elbows underneath himself to lift his head, he found Yabu hovering a hand over Hikaru’s belt buckle.

“Can I?” Yabu asked, heat and shy curiosity in his expression, making Hikaru’s voice stick in his throat so that all he could do was nod.

The grin that Yabu gave him drove all the air out of his lungs anyway.

“I thought about this, you know,” Yabu confessed as he undid Hikaru’s belt, and Hikaru groaned, not sure if he could stand the double assault of Yabu talking and touching him in teasing brushes. “I thought about you.”

Yabu tugged Hikaru’s cock free from his boxers and wrapped his hand around it, and Hikaru had to bite down hard on his lip not to moan far too loudly.

“W-why?” Hikaru asked. He’d maybe had a stray thought about Yabu now and then, about being close to him or maybe kissing him, with a vague idea that orgasms might occur, but it definitely hadn’t ever occurred to him to think about what Yabu might feel like in his hand, or against his lips.

“Inoo had these fan doujinshi,” Yabu shrugged a shoulder, not interrupting the slow, exploratory stroke he was giving Hikaru. “It didn’t really look like us, but…I’ve seen you enough, over the years. I knew it’d look way better, if it were actually you.”

“Shit,” Hikaru cursed as his elbows gave out, dumping him flat on his back. “Does it?”

“Fuck yes,” Yabu hummed, just before Hikaru felt the warm, wet press of Yabu’s mouth against his cock.

It was way too much already, Yabu talking in that low voice while he touched Hikaru, giving a muffled groan as he slid the first couple inches of Hikaru’s cock past his lips as if Hikaru were the one touching him. He gasped a garbled warning and struggled to yank on Yabu’s hair, just managing to pull him up before spilling over his stomach and Yabu’s hand.

“Embarrassing,” Hikaru grumbled hoarsely, skin flushed and still tingling with the rush of his orgasm. He grunted as Yabu crawled up to flop beside him again, pressing close against Hikaru’s side so that he could feel Yabu’s cock digging into his hips through both of their jeans. “We’re not writing a song about that.”

“Shut up about the song,” Yabu commanded, sneaking a kiss in between quick breaths, “and help me undo my jeans so I don’t get your stuff all over them.”

Hikaru wasn’t brave enough to go right for the blowjob yet, but Yabu didn’t seem like he cared as Hikaru shoved Yabu’s jeans down far enough to work his hand inside. Yabu’s cock was hot and velvety, twitching in Hikaru’s grip when he wrapped his hand around it.

Oh,,” Yabu gasped, pushing into Hikaru’s grip, cheeks flushed and eyes squeezed shut, “Hikaru…”

Hikaru crushed their mouths together to keep Yabu quiet, swallowing his moans as he gave a deep shudder and spilled over Hikaru’s hand.

They laid like that for a long while, curled close while their breathing slowed and they tried not to touch anything with their sticky hands.

“Why didn’t we ever do this before?” Hikaru asked eventually.

“Hm,” Yabu murmured thoughtfully, “we do have eight other bandmates. Best for last?”

“Idiot,” Hikaru said affectionately, scrunching down so that his head was comfortably pillowed on Yabu’s shoulder. “Tell me again how I’m the only one you want to sing with.”

“Tell me again why you can’t be trusted with a flat iron,” Yabu teased, flattening his gross hand against Hikaru’s bare stomach and making him squawk.

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