Arashi, Worth the Inconvenience

Title: Worth the Inconvenience [ Jun/Aiba]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17
Summary: Aiba has a favor to ask Jun, and he promises to make it worth Jun’s while.
AN: For the 2009 JE Holiday exchange. Happy Holidays, floweranza.

Worth the Inconvenience

“Jun-chan,” Aiba hums as he sidles up to Jun in the dressing room.

Jun lowers his script to peer at Aiba, knowing the sound of imminent inconvenience when he hears it. “Yes?”

“You want to go out for food with me, right?” Aiba asks, all hopeful smiles and over-sprayed hair. “The Curiosity Team cancelled the meeting for tonight, on account of Sho’s report being so far away tomorrow and Nino demanding quality time with Captain. But, ne, I’ve been thinking about yakiniku aaaaall day, and you’ll definitely come with me, right? I can always count on Jun-chan.”

Jun stared at Aiba, and Aiba went right on smiling at him patiently. “Aiba-chan, I’m kind of busy, you know? I’ve got a couple drama scripts to read over, and I was hoping to get to bed early, and…”

“Please?” Aiba made his eyes even bigger and a little sad, and Jun winced. “You can’t get yakiniku alone, you know?” When Jun still didn’t answer right away, Aiba’s look of pleading turned just the tiniest bit sly. “I’ll make it worth your while, ne.”

“Worth my while?” Jun raised an eyebrow, then the other when Aiba reached over to drag a finger lightly over Jun’s bicep, the silk of his shirt thin enough that Aiba might as well have been touching his bare skin.

“Mmhmm,” Aiba assured. “You can still get to bed early.”

“All right, fine,” Jun caved, and Aiba cheered, then leaned over to kiss Jun’s cheek quickly. Jun scowled, cheeks pink, as he picked his script back up, but he couldn’t quite suppress a tiny smile when Aiba skipped back to the others to announce that the crisis had been solved.

Hours later, tucked into a secluded booth in the dimly-lit yakiniku place, Jun was starting to think he’d been had.

“You were going to bring the Curiosity Team here?” Jun asked, eyebrow raised. Aiba nodded, eyes on the grill as he busily flipped pieces of meat over. Jun sat up straighter to look over the edge of their booth, at the half a dozen tables around them, all of which were occupied with couples feeding each other tidbits.

Then Jun glanced down at the grill, where the carrots were cut into heart shapes.

“Aiba-chan, this is a date,” Jun asked, “isn’t it?”

Aiba wriggled uncomfortably, then lifted his head to give Jun a sheepish smile. “Maybe. Ne, but Jun-chan is always busy!”

Jun, who had been about to scold Aiba for tricking him, shut his mouth.

“Sorry, Jun-chan,” Aiba sighed, apparently mistaking Jun’s silence for disapproval. “I just wanted to go out, you know? I go out with Sho-chan and Captain and Nino-chan all the time, but you never want to go. I haven’t seen you outside of work in weeks, so…don’t be mad, okay?”

“Tcht,” Jun said, making Aiba flinch, “you moron,” and then Aiba blinked as Jun picked up one of the heart-shaped carrots with his chopsticks and held it up to Aiba’s mouth. “It’s fine. You’ll still make it worth my while, right?”

Aiba pulled the carrot off Jun’s chopsticks with a neat curl of his tongue and nodded quickly as he chewed.

“I’ll tuck you in and everything,” Aiba said with a wink.

Jun nearly choked on his own bite a food a minute later when Aiba’s foot was suddenly sliding up his leg.

Full of grilled meat and the black sesame ice cream Aiba talked him into sharing, Jun already felt that the evening had been more than worth his while when they got back to his apartment.

On the other hand, as Aiba stripped off his pullover and stretched out lazily across Jun’s bed, it wasn’t like Jun planned on telling Aiba that.

Jun stripped off his own clothes more slowly, hanging his jacket neatly on the back of his desk chair and undoing the buttons on his shirt one at a time. Aiba’s eyes tracked the motion of Jun’s fingers, flashing with interest when Jun untucked the silk and revealed the dark trail of hair that started just above the waistband of his pants.

“Just gonna watch?” Jun asked as he laid his shirt over his jacket. Aiba was sitting up before he barely had all the words out, sliding to the edge of the bed. He reached out to tug Jun closer by the belt loops, close enough to nuzzle at the warm skin just to the right of Jun’s navel.

“Mm,” Aiba hummed, glancing up at Jun through lowered lashes, and heat sparked in Jun’s stomach, pooling underneath his skin where Aiba’s hands and cheeks were resting. “So what do I have to do to make it worth your while?”

Jun swallowed a groan and tried not to appear completely easy, but the spark of amusement in Aiba’s eyes said that he wasn’t doing a good job of it.

“Take a guess while you’re down there,” he eventually managed, “and I’ll tell you if you’re getting warm.”

Aiba gave a low chuckle as he unbuckled Jun’s belt and undid his pants. Pushing Jun’s pants just far enough to be out of his way, Aiba nosed at the swell of Jun’s hardening cock underneath his boxers.

“You wear a lot of silk, Jun-chan,” Aiba commented. “Am I getting warm?”

Jun opened his mouth to answer, then gave an undignified gasp when Aiba breathed open-mouthed against his boxers, hot air sinking right through to Jun’s cock. He gave up on any of his remaining dignity when Aiba pushed the boxers out of the way as well and licked a teasing stripe underneath the head of his cock.

“How about now?” Aiba pulled back, blinking innocently.

“Bed now,” Jun growled, shoving Aiba back by the shoulders onto his sheets, and he had both of them stripped of the rest of their clothes in record time.

Aiba wasn’t making it easy to think, all roaming hands and wet kisses, but Jun eventually decided that he maybe wouldn’t mind it if Aiba did all the work, since this whole thing had been his idea, after all. Amenable to the idea, Aiba rolled Jun onto his back and ordered him not to move until Aiba tells him.

“You’re pushy all of the sudden,” Jun said, but his eyes were glued to Aiba’s fingers sliding inside himself while Aiba pushed down against them.

“You love it,” Aiba said with confidence, tugging his fingers free and reaching for a condom to roll onto Jun. “I said don’t move.”

Soon enough Aiba was straddling Jun’s waist, sliding down onto his cock slow and steady, and Jun didn’t even bother to muffle the groan that spilled out of his throat. It had been a while, and Aiba felt tight and hot and so good, so that that Jun had to fist his hands in his sheets and concentrate on not losing it way too early.

“Okay,” Aiba said when his weight settled against Jun’s lap, panting and voice soft, “now you can touch me.”

That was all the encouragement Jun needed. He ran his hands up Aiba’s sides, making him whimper and arch, urged Aiba into a slow rock up and down his cock, stroked fingers over the sharp jut of Aiba’s collar bones and brushed his thumb over the hollow of Aiba’s throat. Aiba leaned forward to brace his hands above Jun’s shoulders and rocked down against him harder. As soon as Aiba seemed to have his balance, Jun wrapped his hands around Aiba’s hips and thrust up against him, making Aiba cry out.

“Touch me,” Aiba begged eventually, and Jun let go with one hand to palm Aiba’s cock. It was slender and strong, like all of Aiba, hot in Jun’s hand, and Jun thumbed the tip as he fucked Aiba up into his fist, both of them groaning as Aiba tightened around Jun.

“Come on,” Jun encouraged, squeezing his hand tighter around Aiba, “come for me.”

Aiba arched his back and did what Jun told him to, spilling hot over Jun’s hand and then slumping in a warm, affectionate heap on Jun’s chest.

“Jun-chan,” Aiba murmured, pressing lazy, open-mouthed kisses against the curve of Jun’s shoulder. “Your turn, ne.”

“Looks like I have to do everything around here,” Jun grumbled, but he seized Aiba’s mouth in a fierce kiss before he rolled them over.

Aiba gave a soft moan as Jun hooked an elbow under one of Aiba’s knees and pushed back inside of him. He wrapped his arms around Jun’s neck, eyes slit open just far enough for Jun to see them glimmer as he started to thrust in earnest. Spurred on by Aiba’s low moans of encouragement, Jun didn’t bother to hold back and didn’t last long.

“Come on,” Aiba whispered, tightening himself around Jun, and Jun pushed his head against Aiba’s shoulder and lets go.

The only sounds in the room for a few minutes were their breath slowing to normal and the soft brush of skin on skin.

“Mm,” Aiba hummed when Jun shifted to pull out, eyes closed, “see? Worth it, right?”

“Hm,” Jun answered as he tucked himself in against Aiba’s side and pulled the blankets over them. Aiba cracked an eye, and Jun continued, “Well, you can’t have yakiniku by yourself, after all.”

Aiba grinned, satisfied, and snuggled closer against Jun. Jun let his eyes fall closed, thinking that there was something to be said for getting to bed early.

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