A.B.C.-Z, Holiday Interface

Title: Holiday Interface
Unit for Points: A.B.C.-Z
Word Count: 100
Characters/Pairings: Balcan/Yokoo’s Roomba
Author’s Notes: We’ve been discussing at length in our hotel room who Balcan’s new boyfriend should be. You should probably also read this and this if you want to know the whole story.

Holiday Interface

Balcan was confused.

He didn’t understand much about the strange customs of his owner or the other humans. Then again, Balcan’s brain was made out of pudding cups.

Balcan was being carried down the hallway, his owner burbling about ‘kurisumasu’ and ‘dates.’ Balcan wondered if he’d get a calendar upgrade. He was set down on the floor of another dressing room. His owner called out a cheerful “Enjoy!~” and left.

Balcan bleeped puzzedly into the darkness.

There was a soft whirr, and a sleek, round, vacuuming unit whirred up to Balcan on tiny wheels.

Its light blinked red-green-red shyly.

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