Hey! Say! JUMP, Third Time’s the Charm

Title: Third Time’s the Charm [Yabu/Hikaru]
Rating/Warnings: PG for MC marriage proposals.
Summary: Hikaru wishes Yabu wouldn’t joke about some things.
AN: I’ve had this tabbed for days, where during the Hi! Hey! Say! MC, Yabu indeed does propose to Hikaru. Twice. And then they argue about family names.

Third Time’s the Charm

Hikaru keeps his game face on the entire way through the medley and the end of the filming, but as soon as they step out of the light, the grin smoothes off his face like it was never there.

“I wish you wouldn’t do things like that,” he says, voice pitched low so that only the two of them can hear.

Yabu, pushing his sweat-soaked hair out of his eyes, grins. “Like what?”

“You know like what.” Hikaru flicks a glare at Yabu.

“Aw,” Yabu reaches over to poke Hikaru’s cheek, “but your shocked face is so cute! How can I resist?”

Hikaru knocks Yabu’s hand away and turns to glare at him face-to-face, bringing them both to a stop. “It isn’t funny. Asking me to marry you during an MC isn’t funny!”

“It’s not filmed or anything, so what’s the harm?” Yabu shrugs a shoulder, still smirking. “It’s fanservice.”

“That’s not fanservice,” Hikaru snarls, reaching up to shove at Yabu, forcing him back a half-step. “And you shouldn’t joke about it!”

“Aren’t you just mad because everyone agreed you should take my name?” Yabu steps forward, making Hikaru retreat until his back is pressed against the unpainted side of a piece of the set. “Yaotome Kota really does sound dumb.”

You shouldn’t joke about it,” Hikaru hisses, jaw set and eyes narrowed.

“Who says,” Yabu leans close to murmur into Hikaru’s ear, “that I’m joking?”

Hikaru’s eyes widen as Yabu presses his hands to the wall on either side of Hikaru’s shoulders, pinning him in place, and trails his nose up the line of Hikaru’s jaw.

“Get married with me,” Yabu whispers; then he crushes their mouths together.

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