Hey! Say! JUMP, When Hey Say Gets Bored

Title: When Hey Say Gets Bored [Yabu/Hikaru, Yabu/Takaki, Hikaru/Inoo]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 for bandmate boyfriend swapping.
Summary: Takaki and Inoo aren’t giving up until they see Yabu and Hikaru make out, and also test the limits of the tiny hotel bed.
AN: I was trying to finish DBSK fic, and this happened for some reason that I can’t fully explain. And in other news, the email snowqueenofhoth just sent me from the Ebikisu cons says that Nikaido has a navel piercing. AWESOME.

When Hey Say Gets Bored

Yabu and Hikaru looked at each other, both of them sitting on the edge of the hotel bed, then they turned to look at the occupants of the other bed, who were watching them expectantly.

“I don’t think I’m comfortable with this,” Yabu said.

“Oh, come on,” Takaki said, leaning back a little on his hands and leering at both of them openly. “It’s no big deal.”

Inoo swung his feet a little off the edge of the bed. “You’ve never kissed? Really?”

“Never,” Hikaru said, and he and Yabu exchanged another sidelong glance before their eyes skittered away from each other again. “We’re just friends.”

“But you’ve been in the same unit forever.” Inoo leaned into Takaki to illustrate his point, Takaki looping an arm easily around Inoo’s waist to pull them snug together. “Not even for practice?”

“What’d you do when you got bored?” Takaki asked.

“Ya-Ya-yah wasn’t like that.” Yabu shrugged, trying and failing to pull his eyes away from the little circles Takaki was drawing with his fingertips against Inoo’s side.

“Well, Hey Say is,” Inoo smiled brightly at them. “So let’s go, ple~ase!”

“We’re not going to make out just so the two of you can w—” Hikaru cut off when Yabu grabbed his shoulders and shoved him down onto his back, his head hitting the flat, hotel pillow. He narrowed his eyes at Yabu. “You traitor.”

“It’s really not that big a deal, is it?” Yabu asked, leaning over Hikaru and nudging his legs up onto the bed.

“Takaki has you so whipped,” Hikaru grumbled. Yabu laughed and lowered his voice so only Hikaru could hear.

“Of course he does,” Yabu shrugged a shoulder. “Have you taken a good look at him lately? I don’t mind humoring him.”

“Even if it means taking advantage of your innocent and trusting bandmate?” Hikaru brought his hands up to Yabu’s waist to steady him as he leaned closer.

“Pfft,” Yabu chuckled, breath brushing warm over Hikaru’s lips, “you haven’t been innocent since Kitty GYM.”

Hikaru lifted his head to press his lips to Yabu’s in order to stem any more incriminating testimony. For a second, Yabu stiffened, but then he relaxed. His lips against Hikaru’s were warm and a little rough from Yabu chewing on them, gentle as he brushed their mouths together, closed-mouthed and sweet.

Yabu lifted his head and they both turned to look at Takaki and Inoo.

“Oh please,” Takaki said, and a glance showed Yabu and Hikaru that Takaki had inched Inoo’s shirt up enough that now his fingers were grazing Inoo’s bare skin. “You call that a kiss? Ryutarou gets more action than that from his hamster.”

“Well, gee, now I’m really in the mood.” Hikaru wrinkled his nose, but he shifted back against the pillow as Yabu adjusted his position to get more comfortable, and he turned his face up into the kiss when Yabu fitted their mouths back together.

Yabu’s body was warm against Hikaru’s side, and Hikaru pulled one hand away from Yabu’s waist to slide his palm against Yabu’s cheek, teasing his fingertips through the ends of Yabu’s hair. Yabu pressed the tip of his tongue questioningly against Hikaru’s lower lip, and Hikaru opened his mouth with a little sigh.

“There we go,” Inoo said, but his voice was distant to Yabu and Hikaru, Yabu distracted by the slick warmth of Hikaru’s mouth, and Hikaru occupied with the hitch in Yabu’s breath when he rubbed fingers against Yabu’s scalp.

After another few moments, Yabu’s elbows gave out, collapsing him the couple inches onto Hikaru’s chest. Hikaru urged him closer, getting an arm more snugly around Yabu’s waist and taking a firmer grip on Yabu’s hair with the other hand.

Hikaru cracked an eye when he heard Takaki’s amused, “You really like that, don’t you?” to Inoo. The sight he saw over Yabu’s shoulder made him shudder against Yabu and gasp into Yabu’s mouth.

Yabu pulled back, and his pink cheeks and the spark of amusement in his dark eyes made Hikaru’s breath catch as well. “Something good going on over there?”

Hikaru grinned back, nudging Yabu with a shoulder to turn his head. “I don’t think Inoo-chan is paying much attention to us, anymore.”

When Yabu turned his head, Hikaru felt his breath catch as well. Inoo had inched up onto Takaki’s lap, but then Takaki had spread his legs so that Inoo was nestled tightly in between them. Inoo had his head thrown back against Takaki’s shoulder and his eyes squeezed tightly shut as Takaki palmed the noticeable bulge in Inoo’s jeans, Takaki rubbing against Inoo from behind. Takaki was nibbling Inoo’s neck while he was at it, although his gaze was still very much focused on Yabu and Hikaru.

“Hmm,” Yabu said, and Hikaru felt the low hum of Yabu’s purr against the length of his body. “Maybe we ought to go over there and help out.”

Hikaru was sliding out from under Yabu practically before he’d finished talking, taking the several steps of space between the beds in a stride and leaning down to crush his mouth against Inoo’s. Inoo’s eyes flew open and he gave a muffled groan, but Hikaru broke the kiss after only a second and dropped to his knees between Inoo’s legs. He nosed Takaki’s hand out of the way to breath over Inoo’s zipper, and Inoo squeezed his eyes shut again with a curse.

Yabu sauntered over more leisurely and got both hands in Takaki’s hair, turning his head until Takaki was doing the same thing to him as Hikaru was doing to Inoo, only Takaki’s grin was a lot wider.

“You like watching other people make out with your boyfriend?” Yabu asked, voice husky and with a hint of threat in it.

Takaki just grinned wider, and his laugh made Yabu’s hips roll involuntarily. “I heard somewhere that you don’t mind humoring me.”

Below them, Hikaru had finished fooling around and was tugging down the zipper of Inoo’s jeans. As soon as Inoo’s cock was free, Takaki wrapped his hand around the shaft of it, while Hikaru slid his lips over the head, using his hands to keep Inoo’s hips still. Inoo struggled against both Hikaru and Takaki, but was too well-bracketed to move much, and ended up just moaning helplessly.

“Seems like a good idea, ne?” Takaki asked, nosing against Yabu’s jeans more firmly. “But my hands are kind of busy.”

Yabu was more than happy to help out, letting go of Takaki’s hair just long enough to make short work of his own belt and zipper. Once Takaki’s mouth was wrapped around his cock, working him in a slow bob, Yabu’s hands went right back to tangling in Takaki’s hair, the lazy curls easy to grip to guide Takaki’s mouth.

By that point, Inoo was making a string of pleading noises, one hand gripping Takaki’s thigh and the other tight on Hikaru’s shoulder. Hikaru was making his own pleased noises as he left all the hard work to Takaki and focused himself on just teasing the tip of Inoo’s cock, working him in small licks, making Inoo’s hips jerk, and then sliding his lips down until they brushed Takaki’s fingers.

“Please,” Inoo finally begged, lifting the hand from Hikaru’s shoulder to yank in his hair. “Yuyan, make him stop teasing!”

Hikaru pulled his mouth free entirely, making Inoo whine, to demand, “Don’t ask him, ask me!”

“Hikaru…” Inoo pled, struggling against Takaki and Hikaru’s hands, but to no avail. Hikaru’s mouth hovered just out of reach, eyes on Inoo’s flushed face.

“Ask me,” Hikaru repeated, voice low. “Do you think I’ll say no, Inoo-chan?”

“Please,” Inoo tried again, voice quieter and shy, but no less desperate. “Hikaru, let me…” Inoo shook his head, cheeks turning even more red.

“Close enough,” Hikaru murmured before bending his head to swallow half of Inoo at once, making Inoo wail and clutch at him with both hands.

“That is pretty hot,” Yabu said, voice breathy, suddenly more willing to go along with the voyeuristic plan.

Takaki pulled back, letting Yabu’s cock slip out of his mouth, to grin knowingly up at Yabu. “It’s about to look a lot hotter,” he promised.

“Wha…” Yabu started, but then Takaki tightened his grip and Hikaru dipped his head lower, and Inoo shuddered in between them with a long cry. As Inoo went limp in between them and Takaki let go of him to let him slide down into Hikaru’s arms on the floor, Yabu gave a weak, “Nngh,” of agreement.

“Mm, told you,” Takaki said, turning back to Yabu and rubbing his cheek against Yabu’s cock, but not taking it back in his mouth just yet. “But, now that my hands are free, I’m sure I can come up with something I’d rather watch.”

“That so?” Yabu asked gamely, stroking Takaki’s scalp in slow circles and not making any move to stop Takaki from pushing Yabu’s jeans and boxers down, out of his way.

Takaki took his time getting back to business, exploring Yabu’s skin with his tongue and fingers in soft touches. He moved from the sharpness of Yabu’s hip to the soft skin of his inner thigh, to the slight curve of his ass, the loose skin around his balls and the coarse hairs around his cock. Takaki took his time as though Yabu were made of interesting tastes and textures that he’d never experienced before.

As Takaki’s fingers crept back, approaching the cleft of Yabu’s ass, Yabu pushed him back to drop into Takaki’s lap, searching out his mouth for a rough kiss.

“Okay, you’re forgiven,” he murmured during one of the frequent breaks for air they both needed. Distractedly, Yabu was trying to kick his jeans the rest of the way off so that he could slide deeper into Takaki’s lap, but he was having little success fighting the tightness of the material. Finally, he broke the kiss to lean back and yank the jeans off, anchoring himself with one arm locked around Takaki’s neck, and Takaki took the opportunity to strip Yabu’s shirt off over his head.

While they were in motion, Takaki rolled them over so that Yabu was flat on his back. Yabu only waited long enough to yank Takaki’s shirt out of the way as well before pulling him back down in another series of rough and breathless kisses. Takaki settled in between Yabu’s legs with a hum of appreciation as Yabu got his hands back in Takaki’s hair.

“Hey,” Hikaru’s voice cut through their preoccupation, and Yabu turned his head to see a shirtless Hikaru divesting a disheveled Inoo of the rest of his clothes. “Budge over.”

“It’s a single, you freak,” Yabu grumbled, “there’s a perfectly good bed over there,” but he and Takaki did indeed slide over to the edge, leaving just enough room for Hikaru to flop down beside Yabu. “Good thing none of us are allowed to eat.”

“Good thing,” Hikaru agreed, and he dropped a tube on Yabu’s chest just before he pulled Inoo into climbing over top of him, settling Inoo in a straddle across his waist. “Since these two want to watch so badly, I thought we ought to give them what they want.”

“Who’s whipped now?” Yabu inquired, but his eyes were glued to the situation beside him as Hikaru urged Inoo up onto his knees and started doing something with his slick fingers that made Inoo grab the headboard for support and gasp.

Meanwhile, Takaki had scooped the tube off Yabu’s chest with a pleased grunt, and after leaning down for another quick kiss from his distracted boyfriend, slid down to the end of the bed to kneel between Yabu’s legs and do something very similar.

Yabu’s eyes fluttered at the first touch of Takaki’s fingers, but he fought to keep them open, to watch Inoo push himself down on Hikaru’s cock, his pale skin flushed and his head thrown back, teeth sunk into his bottom lip. With Takaki’s hair out of reach, Yabu amused himself instead by trailing fingers over Hikaru’s arm until Hikaru grabbed his wrist and dropped his hand on Inoo’s half-hard cock instead.

Yabu and Hikaru grinned at each other in conspiracy, and then Yabu focused his attention on working Inoo back into full hardness.

“You two are kind of creepy,” Inoo said, voice thin, but eyes glued to Yabu’s hand. “In a really hot way, I mean.”

“I told you,” Hikaru hummed, pushing up into Inoo, slow and steady before Inoo pushed him back down, “we’ve been friends a long time.”

“If you’re all through up there,” Takaki said, standing up to kick off his own jeans, then crawling back over top of Yabu, “I wouldn’t mind a little attention myself.”

“This was all your idea~,” Yabu reminded, but he reached between them to help line Takaki up, then pushed down against him to help Takaki push the whole way inside him. Takaki braced himself up on his elbows, but Yabu pulled him down for another kiss, wrapping arms tight around Takaki’s neck.

When Yabu relaxed in Takaki’s arms, Takaki pulled away to prop himself back up on his elbows, resisting Yabu’s attempts to pull him back down.

“Make out with Hikaru or something,” Takaki laughed, hitching up Yabu’s hips to thrust properly. “He’s convenient down there.”

“Yeah,” Inoo put in, voice distant, but eyes sharp. “You—oh—definitely should.”

Hikaru laughed, deep-throated and rough, and leaned up on one elbow.

“Gotta give the people what they want,” he said, as Yabu leaned up to meet him.

It wasn’t particularly practical, but they managed for a few seconds, Yabu holding himself up with a hand tight in Hikaru’s hair, the messy slide of their tongues making Takaki thrust harder and Inoo groan, and then Yabu collapsed onto his back, lips puffy and both of them grinning like morons.

After that, everything was a blur of gasped words and squeaking mattress, Hikaru letting go first, having been holding back the longest. All three of them watched Hikaru throw his head back and dig his fingers into Inoo’s hips. Inoo wrapped a hand around himself and jerked himself off in time with Hikaru’s stuttered thrusts, hurrying to catch up.

Takaki lost it about the same time as Inoo, pulling out suddenly and pressing his forehead to Yabu’s shoulder as he fisted himself to completion on Yabu’s stomach. Yabu whimpered and leaned up to press his mouth to Takaki’s, still making breathless noises as though Takaki were still thrusting against him.

After a few seconds, Takaki broke the kiss with a grin and slid down, holding Yabu’s hips still as he bent to lick Yabu’s stomach clean in long, slow swipes of his tongue. Yabu’s eyes widened, then fluttered as Yabu moaned and fought to keep watching. When Yabu was clean enough for Takaki’s liking, Takaki finally moved down to where Yabu was most desperate for him to touch, sliding his mouth down as far on Yabu’s cock as he could manage at once.

Yabu wrapped hands in Takaki’s hair, but didn’t pull; he just held on and stroked encouragingly as Takaki sucked him off, letting his hips raise as they would under Takaki’s hands. The moment stretched out until Yabu finally came as well, back curling with a low whine of Takaki’s name.

When Yabu came to and lazily opened his eyes, he’d been rolled up onto his side, Takaki spooned tight and warm up against his back. Hikaru met his gaze with a lazy grin of his own, Inoo tucked up against him, nose pressed into the hollow of Hikaru’s throat and snoring cutely.

“Good thing Ya-Ya-yah wasn’t like this,” Yabu yawned, wondering vaguely how long they could all stay bunched up so tightly before somebody fell off the tiny hotel bed. “I’d be dead.”

“Right,” Hikaru murmured, eyes amused. “And I was totally innocent until Kitty GYM.”

Yabu chuckled and leaned over the few inches between them to brush his lips against Hikaru’s, closed-mouthed and sweet.

It lasted until Inoo stirred and asked sleepily if they were starting over, and Takaki chuckled against the back of Yabu’s neck and said they’d all have to do it again when Daiki came back anyhow.

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