Hey! Say! JUMP, These Times of Ours

Title: These Times of Ours [Yabu/Hikaru]
Rating/Warnings: R for Yabu’s costume and barely making it back to the dressing room.
Summary: On stage, the fangirls amuse Hikaru; once they’re alone, not so much.
AN: There’s not enough good, hot Yabu/Hikaru in the world, so after watch the Hi! Hey! Say! livestage for the Yabu/Hikaru duet “GO!!!” today (watch or download here and believe me it’s worth it), I felt this was worth writing. Title from the lyrics of “GO!!!” as found here.

These Times of Ours

At live stages where Yabu wears that costume lately, the one with the long swoops of fabric that hang open in the front and leaves Yabu’s arms bear, the fangirls are particularly psychotic.

Not like Hikaru hasn’t gotten used to that over the years, although the shrieks have raised in pitch and volume since Yabu’s last growth spurt, but this particular costume raises the insanity to a pitch where Hikaru thinks twice about stepping off the stage into the crowd no matter how many times they’ve done it before.

While they’re singing together, while they’re performing, the fangirls’ response is vaguely amusing, a sort of familiar curiosity, something that makes Hikaru smirk in amusement, makes Yabu catch his eye with a knowing smirk of his own.

Once they get off-stage, though, the least of what Yabu’s costume inspires in Hikaru is amusement.

“Come here,” he orders tersely, grabbing Yabu’s wrist and leading him off without another word, twisting and turning past a few pieces of stage machinery in the wings, waving off people calling congratulations at them. Hikaru can feel Yabu’s pulse thrumming against his fingers, can feel his own heart rate increasing to match, until finally they get back to their dressing room.

Shoving Yabu inside it, Hikaru slams the door shut behind them and throws Yabu up against it, crushing their mouths together before Yabu has time to get anything out besides a snort of laughter.

Yabu’s arms come up quick enough around Hikaru’s neck, though, and Hikaru groans a little as he gets his own arms around Yabu’s waist underneath the coat of that infuriating costume, feeling the heat of Yabu’s skin soaking through the sweat-damp material of the thin shirt and into his own skin.

“This is getting to be a habit,” Yabu says when they break for air, their mouths still close enough that Hikaru can feel Yabu’s breath over his lips. His tone is half-tease and half-scold, and Hikaru isn’t sure which one he wants more at the moment, head still spinning with the feel and taste of Yabu. “What are you gonna do when the rest of BEST does live stages with us again?”

“They aren’t allowed,” Hikaru growls, his hold on Yabu’s waist tightening. He know it’s a stupid, crazy thing to say, but he can’t stop himself. “You’re only allowed to sing like that with me.”

Yabu tilts his head back against the door to laugh, the vibration of it pouring into Hikaru’s body through all the places they’re touching. “That what you want, partner?”

“Yeah,” Hikaru answers, sucking kisses along Yabu’s exposed throat until Yabu’s laughter turns to quiet groans. “Promise me,” he orders, words muffled against Yabu’s skin. “Say it.”

“Only you,” Yabu gasps, hands scrabbling at Hikaru’s shoulders, “I only want you.”

It’s close enough, Hikaru rising to his toes to seize Yabu’s mouth again, swallowing his moans like he won’t even share them with the air. Then he drops to his knees, yanking Yabu’s belt out of his way and shoving Yabu’s pants down to mid-thigh.

The loose drape of Yabu’s coat is swishing in the way as Yabu arches into Hikaru’s touch, so he shrugs out of it, letting it fall to the ground in a heap. Hikaru only breathes against Yabu’s cock for a few seconds, nuzzling at the base of it and running his hands up the stretch of Yabu’s maddening, wonderful legs.

“Please,” Yabu asks, long fingers stroking through Hikaru’s hair, and all he has to do is ask for Hikaru to give in, to raise one hand up to hold Yabu’s cock steady so that he can slide his mouth over it.

Hikaru hums in pleasure at the taste and weight of Yabu on his tongue, at the way Yabu tugs his hair and the tremble in Yabu’s voice as he says Hikaru’s name over and over. Hikaru’s hard too, so hard it’s starting to hurt, but there’s no way he’s taking his hands off Yabu, the hand not holding his cock steady coming up to slide under the back of Yabu’s shirt, to splay against the hot, damp expanse of Yabu’s lower back.

“Hikaru,” Yabu warns when he’s close, trying to tug Hikaru off, but Hikaru refuses to budge, digging his fingers tighter into Yabu’s skin and working him just a little deeper into his throat, until Yabu cries out and tenses, and it’s only then that Hikaru pulls back, just enough that he can taste Yabu’s release on his tongue.

Yabu’s legs are shaking, and Hikaru’s arm around his waist isn’t enough to hold him up for more than a few seconds. He tumbles down against Hikaru, knocking Hikaru onto his back on the floor and making both of them grunt with the impact.

“You’re still hard,” Yabu comments, the way they’re sprawled against each other making it impossible for him to miss it. His hand starts inching down Hikaru’s chest, but Hikaru grabs at Yabu’s wrist and distracts him with a kiss, just as fierce and possessive as the first one. Yabu tries to pull away, laughing, but Hikaru won’t let him, squeezing him tighter. “What’s with you today?”

“It’s that costume,” Hikaru’s voice drops half an octave just thinking about it, and he can’t stop his hips from rising against Yabu’s weight. “You look so damned good, so tall and strong,” Hikaru’s fingers tighten on Yabu’s bare arms, “and those girls scream at you and look at you like…”

“Like you look at me,” Yabu interrupts, kissing the scowl off Hikaru’s face. “But they can’t have me. Only you can, right?” Yabu pulled back to smile indulgently at Hikaru’s still-fierce expression, stroking the fingers of one hand through Hikaru’s hair again. “Now let go so I can have you too, hm? Just a little.”

Huffing a sigh, Hikaru loosens his grip on Yabu’s arms just enough for Yabu to wriggle down Hikaru’s body, settling between Hikaru’s thighs and making short work of Hikaru’s belt and zipper.

Hikaru can’t help but arch as soon as Yabu’s mouth touches him, and Yabu holds him down with firm hands and works him harder, only lifting his head when Hikaru starts to get loud to remind him that they’re only in the dressing room.

“Nngh,” Hikaru tries to clench his jaw to muffle his noises, and ends up just throwing one arm over his mouth instead. He scrabbles at the floor with his other hand, looking for purchase, and after a second it comes in contact with something warm and familiar. Hikaru tangles his fingers through Yabu’s and holds on tight, making another noise against his arm when Yabu squeezes his hand back.

It doesn’t take long for Yabu to work Hikaru to the edge of his control, and then to push him over it. He doesn’t let go of Hikaru until Hikaru’s practically a puddle on the floor, and even then he only does it to crawl up into Hikaru’s arms, their hands still linked.

“For the record,” Yabu says, pushing Hikaru’s arm down out of the way and stroking his hair out of his face, “you look pretty good in that costume yourself.”

“Good to hear, partner,” Hikaru murmurs, eyes still closed. He noses at Yabu’s cheek, and Yabu obliges him with a lazy kiss. “Hey,” he says when the kiss breaks, “about what I said earlier…”

“We should get up,” Yabu interrupts, and when Hikaru cracks an eye, Yabu winks at him. “Get dressed, get out of here. Come home with me, I’ll make you dinner.”

“You’ll talk your mother into making me dinner,” Hikaru corrects, grunting as he lets Yabu pull both of them to their feet. He sways unsteadily for a second before his balance works itself out. With both of them standing, Hikaru has to tilt his head back to lose himself in Yabu’s brown eyes. “Why do I put up with you again?”

“Because I won’t sing like that with anybody else but you,” Yabu answers, leaning in for another kiss, and Hikaru lets Yabu have him.

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