Chaotic Butterfly, Grounded

Title: Grounded [Goto/Adachi]
Rating/Warnings: R for middle of the night wake-up calls.
Summary: Even when he thought it was just a ploy, Goto didn’t really mind being woken up so much.
AN: I dunno, I just wanted snuggly middle of the night porn. You all should feel free to write more of the same. Haha, this is my Goto/Rin otp icon.


The crack of thunder jarred Goto out of his sleep. He blinked into the darkness for a few confused seconds, before there was a second burst of thunder, and then the rain started slapping against the window. Just a spring storm, he realized, turning his head enough to read the clock. It was still hours before they had to get up, miraculously.

Beside him, Adachi slept on, curled up in an exhausted knot on his side despite the rising volume of the rain striking the window. Goto snuggled a little deeper into the pillows, but couldn’t seem to go back to sleep. Every few minutes, another burst of thunder set Goto’s teeth on edge, making it all but impossible for him to relax.

Finally a boom of thunder loud enough to actually rattle the window made Adachi stir and mumble Goto’s name.

“Quit it,” Adachi groaned. “Go jerk off in the shower, you’re shaking the bed.”

“That’s rich, coming from you,” Goto grumbled back, but he slid a little closer, poaching Adachi’s body heat. “It’s a thunderstorm, idiot.”

“A wha?” Adachi asked, voice slurred, then yelped when another burst of thunder cracked, waking him up further. “That one was close!”

“Relax.” Goto gave up all propriety and slid close enough to wrap an arm around Adachi’s waist, settling Adachi’s back against his chest. Warmth seeped into his skin, and Goto muffled a little groan of pleasure against the back of Adachi’s neck. “That’s why there’s a lightning rod.”

“Is that what that is?” Adachi rolled over in Goto’s grip, sneaking a hand in between them to brush the front of Goto’s boxers. The next flash of lightning illuminated the room just long enough for Goto to see Adachi’s dubious expression. “This is what’s protecting me? I think I better get to lower ground.”

“Fuck you,” Goto responded, flexing his hips against Adachi’s hand. He hissed when the following thunder made Adachi tighten his grip. Adachi pulled his hand away and leaned in closer to press his forehead against Goto’s shoulder.

“I don’t like storms,” he mumbled against Goto’s skin. He shrank even closer when the rain picked up, loud enough against the glass that Goto could barely hear Adachi.

“Think about something else,” Goto suggested, rubbing his hips against Adachi’s, since they were convenient.

“Make me?” Adachi asked, a plea rather than a challenge, and Goto threaded his hand through Adachi’s hair to pull his head up for a kiss.

Adachi rolled them so that Goto was on top, his weight pressing Adachi firmly into the mattress. He wrapped his arms around Goto’s waist and tightened them, until Goto could feel Adachi shivering at each new crack of thunder. He’d thought at first that Adachi was just using the storm as a ploy, but now kissed Adachi harder, doing his best to fulfill Adachi’s request, until eventually Adachi’s shivers had nothing to do with the storm.

“Mm, Hika-chan,” Adachi murmured, pushing up against Goto with purpose. Goto was grinding back down against him with just as much force.

“Yeah?” Goto answered, then grunted softly as Adachi pushed him back by the shoulders until they were far enough apart to blink at each other. “What? Do you want…”

“Too lazy.” Adachi grinned, letting go of Goto with one hand to work it in between them. “This is good enough.”

He pushed Goto’s boxers down just far enough to wrap a hand around his cock. Goto rolled onto his side, holding his weight up on one elbow so that he could reach in between them to help as well. Adachi’s pajama pants didn’t provide any more of a barrier than Goto’s boxers had.

Adachi’s mouth fell open on a moan as Goto started stroking him, and Goto leaned down to capture his mouth again, teasing his tongue along Adachi’s with the same unhurried pace as his hand. Adachi gripped him tighter and tried to hurry him along with the speed of his own hand on Goto’s cock, but Goto refused to be rushed, even when the slide of their mouths together grew rougher and more clumsy.

All at once, it was too much, and Goto tore his mouth away to press his forehead against Adachi’s shoulder, groaning a ragged, “Rei,” as he came in a hot rush over Adachi’s fingers.

“Ne, my turn,” Adachi reminded after a few seconds, and Goto struggled to make his fingers close tight around Adachi again when all his muscles were limp and not much for obeying him. “Tcht,” Adachi scolded softly as he wrapped his own sticky hand around Goto’s to help him out, “you’d never make it in my circles, you know.”

Your circles?” Goto growled, hand tightening enough that Adachi gasped and pushed hard into Goto’s fist. “You better not have any circles other than this one.”

“Jealous much?” Adachi asked, but some of the tease disappeared in the breathless way Adachi said Goto’s name in the next breath.

“Damn straight,” Goto said into Adachi’s ear, voice steely and making Adachi clutch at him tighter. “There’s only one Leader in this bed, got it?”

“Yeah,” Adachi gasped, control finally breaking, “yeah, yes, don’t stop, please!

Adachi shuddered himself out against Goto, then collapsed in a boneless sprawl against the pillows. Before Goto could move, Adachi casually knocked Goto’s elbow out from under him, making him topple on top of Adachi with a grunt of sharp elbows and knees meeting.

Serves him right to be crushed, Goto thought to himself, even as he shifted down just enough to fit more comfortably in the curve of Adachi’s arm. Letting his eyes fall shut, dimly Goto registered the soft rumble of retreating thunder.

“Seems like the storm blew over,” he mumbled, cheek rising and falling with Adachi’s slow breathing.

“Hm,” Adachi replied. “The what?”

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