Category: Chaotic Butterfly

Chaotic Butterfly, Consenting Adults

Once the permanence of the situation sinks in, Goto finds Adachi a 600% improvement over anybody else he's found in his bed in the morning. (Goto/Adachi)

Chaotic Butterfly, Every Day is a Start

It took Sakurai years to figure out how to let Kouji go, so it's no wonder he has no idea how to have him back home. (Kouji/Sakurai)

Chaotic Butterfly, Pictures or It Didn’t Happen

Adachi and Rin do NaNoWriMo. (Goto, Adachi, Rin)

Chaotic Butterfly, Thursday Doesn’t Even Start

The more calmly Mitsumi is sitting there, the more Fujishima just wants to rile him all up. (Mitsumi/Fujishima)

Chaotic Butterfly, Flavor of the Month

Everywhere Fujishima turns, it's pineapples lately. (Fujishima, Mitsumi)

Chaotic Butterfly, Flash

How Akai Ito entertain themselves the rest of their trip to New York for their photobook. (Kurosagi/Aoki)

Chaotic Butterfly, Hitori Jyanai (The 6-Week Rule Remix)

For Sakurai, who has broken more units than anybody (except Shota), member-ai is in the small, quiet moments. (Sakurai, Tsukioka)

Chaotic Butterfly Novels: Download PDFs or Get Hard Copies

Downloading and Purchasing links for Chaotic Butterfly.

Chaotic Butterfly, Reversi

Rin isn't the only one who can't sleep. (Rin/Goto)

Chaotic Butterfly, Grounded

Even when he thought it was just a ploy, Goto didn't really mind being woken up so much. (Goto/Adachi)

Chaotic Butterfly, Ten Words Or Less Meme

10 different categories of fic, each in 10 words or less.

Chaotic Butterfly, Stuck in Fanservice Mode

Goto is getting a little concerned that the message boards are right about him after all. (Goto/5*STAR)

Chaotic Butterfly, Just Like On Tour

Sakurai and Tsukioka break in the new apartment. (Sakurai/Tsukioka)

Chaotic Butterfly, Way Better Than A Ski Instructor

Tsukioka needs cheering up. Adachi has a plan. Rin has porn. (Tsukioka/Adachi/Rin)

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