Chaotic Butterfly, Reversi

Title: Reversi [Rin/Adachi]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for Adachi always getting his revenge.
Summary: Rin isn’t the only one who can’t sleep.
AN: For seeschildkroete‘s birthday, and because she helped fix all my typos ♥


After he woke up for the third time that night from a dream about falling stage lights and the crunch of glass, Rin decided that sleep was for losers and dragged himself out to the kitchen for a drink.

He was actually on his way back before he realized that he wasn’t the only one up past his bedtime.

“What are you doing?” he demanded, leaning over the back of the couch, making Adachi shriek and jump three inches off the couch. Rin slapped a hand over Adachi’s mouth, wincing, and hoped that Sakurai and Tsukioka were too worn out to be woken up by such trivialities as their bandmates screaming in terror.

Adachi pushed Rin’s hand away with a glare and hissed, “Are you trying to give me a heart attack?!”

“Don’t you have filming in like four hours?” Rin countered. “Go to bed!”

“I can’t sleep.” Adachi slumped against the couch and poked at the down arrow of his laptop. “And nothing good’s happening online.”

“Because it’s three in the morning!” Rin insisted, coming around the couch to sit down next to Adachi. “Even fangirls have to sleep.”

“I didn’t say nothing was happening,” Adachi clarified. “I said nothing good was.”

Rin took the computer out of Adachi’s hands and peered at the screen. He read silently for a few seconds, only giving a low “Hn” when Adachi’s head fell on his shoulder. He paged down once and then wrinkled his nose.

“Seriously? Ryu and Yasu-san?” Rin demanded. “Why are you reading this crap? This chick doesn’t even know how to use punctuation.”

“There’s nothing good!” Adachi repeated, pressing up closer against Rin. Rin made a disbelieving noise. “Everybody good’s writing other stuff.”

“What other stuff?” Rin asked, clicking ‘back’ a few times. “What can be worse than this?”

“They’re all writing Hikaru with Pantheon,” Adachi finally admitted. For a second nothing happened as that sank in, and then Rin gave a snort that was more of a growl. “Cause of the PV and the…well, you know. It’s hot and all, but…”

Rin cut off Adachi with the sharp click of him closing the laptop, and then he pushed it back into Adachi’s hands and stood up suddenly, making Adachi tip over comically on the couch.

“You have to get some sleep,” he ordered, and then when Adachi didn’t move for a second, reached down to grab his wrist.

“Watch it!” Adachi snapped just as Rin’s fingers closed around the wrist brace, making Rin snatch his hand back. “Sorry, it’s my…”

“Just come on,” Rin said, turning and stomping out of the living room without looking to see if Adachi was following him or not. He didn’t hear any footsteps behind him.

Fine then, Rin thought to himself, let the moron stay up all night, it’s not like I’m his mother or even his…

“Tat-chan?” said a voice right behind him and Rin smothered half of his scream as he whirled, back pressing against his door. Adachi was standing right there, holding his laptop, and Rin glared down at Adachi’s bare feet before returning his glare back to Adachi’s face.

“What?” he snapped. He should’ve known better than to sneak up on Adachi earlier; the damned porn star always ended up being reversi.

“Lemme sleep with you,” Adachi asked, edging closer.

“Get lost,” Rin answered, fumbling behind himself for his doorknob.

“Aw, c’mon,” Adachi sidled closer, “it’s no fun sleeping alone, right? And I keep having dreams where I forget all my lines and the stunt fighter punches me in the face. But you understand, right? About the nightmares.”

Rin closed his mouth and narrowed his eyes.

“Because I suppose it’s possible that you’re having some other kind of dream about the stage light…”

“Fine,” Rin said quickly.

“…and maybe you just sound like you’re screaming when you’re…”

“I said fine!” Rin interrupted. “Just shut up, okay? But we’re going to your room because my bed is way too small for your fat porn star ass.”

“Fine!” Adachi agreed readily, already starting down the hall without so much as a “Takes one to know one,” leaving Rin blinking for a moment. “Well?” Adachi paused at the doorway. “Are you coming?”

Adachi sat the laptop on the floor and scrambled up into bed. Rin took a moment to toe the laptop farther under the bed, not having any desire to repeat the morning when Goto had accidentally tested the weight limit of the new MacBook.

Good thing it had passed, or Goto would have been subjected to the same sort of testing.

Rin crawled into bed, Adachi occupied for a moment trying to find a position where he wouldn’t probably roll over onto his wrist. It eliminated a lot of his favorite positions, making Adachi grumble in annoyance.

“Here, moron.” Rin settled on his back, then reached over to tug Adachi closer, by the elbow this time. Adachi rolled against Rin’s side, and Rin pulled his arm over further, until his injured wrist was sitting palm-down on Rin’s chest, out of harm’s way.

“Oh,” Adachi said, shifting around a little until his limbs fit against Rin better. “Okay.”

“If you try anything I’ll sprain the other one,” Rin warned. His eyes suddenly felt heavy, and he let them close. Adachi’s breathing evened out, and Rin was just on the edge of sleep himself when he asked, “You dream about the drama?”

For a moment nothing happened, then Adachi stirred. “Sometimes,” he answered. “Sometimes it’s other stuff. Sometimes it’s that day with the light.”

“You dream about that?” Rin felt the crunch of glass under his sneakers and heard Yamashita’s shout. He opened his eyes and looked at the darkness instead. “Why?”

Adachi’s fingertips flexed against Rin’s chest. “It’s not the accident itself. It’s that minute, when Yamashita was shaking you and you weren’t moving. When I dream it, that minute goes on and on, until I wake up.”

“Well.” Rin scrunched his shoulders against the pillow. “Well, sorry.”

“Don’t apologize, nitwit.” Adachi thumped Rin in the chest, making them both grunt. “Go to sleep. I won’t molest you much.”

“You can’t even molest yourself with that wrist,” Rin countered, shutting his eyes again.

“That’s why you can’t go around getting squished by lights.” Adachi punctuated his statement with a little snore.

“Jackass,” Rin said, then gave a little grumble when he curled his arm around Adachi’s waist and made the cut on his arm pull.

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