Chaotic Butterfly, Consenting Adults

Title: Consenting Adults [Goto/Adachi]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17
Summary: Once the permanence of the situation sinks in, Goto finds Adachi a 600% improvement over anybody else he’s found in his bed in the morning.
AN: Yeah I didn’t mean to write 5k of Adachi today but somehow this happened anyway. Oops.

Consenting Adults

Even after the excitement of the fall dies down, it still takes months for it to sink in that 5*STAR is a permanent thing. Or at least enough of a permanent thing that they can worry about it much less than the next magazine and the next filming and the next time Aoki gets a really good idea about the wires. Tsukioka takes longer than most of them to come around.

“It’s just a medley split,” Sakurai reminds with a roll of his eyes when Tsukioka is clinging to him like a leech. “You don’t have to hug me goodbye every time like I’m being sent to tour France on a bicycle for a month.”

“Shut up, I don’t trust you,” Tsukioka tells him, voice muffled in Sakurai’s practice hoodie. “Any time you start doing things right, another more ridiculous thing happens.”

Sakurai at least has the decency to look chagrined as he scrunches Tsukioka’s hair, and Adachi and Goto exchange a look of amusement as they move in to pry Tsukioka off their troublesome bandmate. Adachi gives Goto a little wave over his shoulder as he heads off with Sakurai to their own group’s practice, and there would be nothing weird about it except that after he turns away, he glances back one more time before he passes through the doorway.

“What’s up with that?” Rin asks. Goto shrugs because he doesn’t know.

He has noticed that Adachi has been a little clingier than usual, especially in bed in the mornings, but then again its about ten degrees in their room every morning, so it’s not that strange. It’s kind of nice, actually, to wake up next to somebody and not have his first thought be panic over who that person might be. Adachi is a 600% improvement over the last half a dozen people that’s happened with, definitely.

“I stopped paying for my apartment,” Rin announces abruptly at dinner about a week after that, making everyone else pause in the middle of shoving their catered concert bento in their mouth. “The other one, I mean.”

“Is that all right?” Sakurai asks after a beat. This is only the second conversation they’ve had about the living arrangements not being temporary, and the first one was just Sakurai and Tsukioka saying in passing that they weren’t planning on going back to their parents’ houses after this.

Rin shrugs. “It was so much farther away from work, it wasn’t worth it. It was too expensive anyway. Shota said he’d steal a van this weekend so I can move my stuff over, so the bright side is that we’ll have a decent TV.”

“We can watch dramas!” Adachi exclaims, face lighting up.

“That’s not the bright side!” Tsukioka scolds, leaning into Rin heavily enough that he nearly drops his whole tray. “Tat-chan’s moving in with us!”

“He’s been living with us for 2 months,” Goto reminds, but Tsukioka’s excitement is cute, and a little contagious. The next five minutes are occupied arguing about when the house warming party is and where exactly Rin’s shoes will fit, before Goto realizes that Adachi is watching him thoughtfully.

It isn’t until that weekend, Sakurai turning up proudly with the tackiest pre-lit christmas tree possible at the same time as Shota and Rin start carrying Rin’s stuff in, that Adachi rolls over at bedtime and asks if Goto thinks this is a real thing.

“What thing?” Goto asks, half-asleep because bedtime should have been more like an hour ago and his shoulders ache relentlessly from carry boxes and shifting the living room furniture.

“You know, this job,” Adachi explains. “Like it’s a real…job.”

“Do you think it’s cute when you sound so dumb?” Goto inquires, peeling open his eyes despite serious misgivings about how worth his attention this conversation is going to be. Adachi looks uncharacteristically thoughtful, though, laptop shut and picking at the blankets restlessly. “Hey, what’s going on over there?”

“Like a permanent job that people live off of,” Adachi completes his thought. “I know we said we wanted to stay a band, but that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily going to work out that way. But it’s been weeks already…I just keep waiting for them to hurry up and fire me. For things to go back to normal.”

“Yeah,” Goto agrees. He isn’t sure exactly how to feel about it either sometimes, since the panic and pressure of those first couple weeks were replaced with just day-to-day practices and planning meetings. “Do you think we’d know by now?”

Adachi shakes his head. Goto wants to tell him to stop worrying and just go to sleep, but it doesn’t look like Adachi will be able to any time soon. Swallowing a sigh, Goto crawls out of bed and pulls Adachi after him by the wrist, wincing at the coldness of the bare wood floor. They’ve definitely got to put down a rug in their room.

Out in the living room, Tsukioka is sitting on the couch with his legs crossed under him and eating a bowl of ice cream that is not on anybody’s diet plan, both his skin and his hot pink Akai Ito tour T-shirt lit entirely blue by the glare of Rin’s television. Goto has to laugh, because it only takes one look at Tsukioka’s comfortable position to understand that irresponsible TV-watching is going to be an ongoing danger of living with Tsukioka permanently.

“We have enough trouble waking you up in the morning already,” Goto tells him. Tsukioka just grins up at him, noticing them for the first time.

“Late night TV is so good, though!” Tsukioka says. “Just a little won’t hurt that much.”

“Can we talk to you a minute?” Goto asks. Tsukioka nods, using the remote to mute the TV with one hand while offering Adachi the bowl of ice cream with his other as he settles on one side of the couch, Goto on the other. Adachi takes a bite of ice cream before pushing the bowl back, wrinkling his nose at the cold and sweetness of it.

“No wonder you’re always up all night,” Adachi says. Tsukioka grins and says it’s fine, totally fine. “We were talking about work.”

“Oh?” Tsukioka asks, glancing back and forth between them as he licks the back of his spoon.

“If they weren’t really going to keep us…” Goto hesitates, not sure how to ask his question. Tsukioka watches him expectantly. “Do you think we’d know? You and Sakkun seem more relaxed about it lately, but this has always been your job.”

“We’re a little worried about what comes next,” Adachi confesses. He meets Goto’s eyes with another one of those serious looks Goto can’t quite read yet. “I’m a little worried…”

“Mm,” Tsukioka says, thinking for a few moments while he finishes his ice cream. “I think…it’ll be okay.” Tsukioka looks Adachi over, and then turns and looks Goto over the same way. It feels a little funny, as if Tsukioka can see through them somehow. “Yeah, I think so. You’re catching up fast, and you fit in pretty well. Aoki-senpai likes you, and Shota-kun and Yasu, and Ko-chan might still be kind of annoyed but he doesn’t have much patience for people he doesn’t think can do the work. At first new people are fun but that wears off pretty quick, and it’s still going okay. Don’t you think?”

“I like it so far,” Goto agrees. He likes it enough that the thought of not getting to work with everyone anymore hurts a little, he realizes. “I want to keep working here.”

“Me too,” Adachi says. His face still looks a little funny, but maybe it’s just the glare of the TV.

“Good,” Tsukioka says firmly. “Don’t tell Yuuichi I made you weird promises, but it feels like this one could work. I think.”

Maybe they shouldn’t take advice from a guy who makes late night television choices like Tsukioka’s, but Goto does feel surprisingly relieved after that, and after Tsukioka kicks them off his couch with goodnight hugs, neither he nor Adachi have any trouble falling asleep.

Goto is lying on that couch a weeks later, trying to read a magazine but mostly just falling asleep, when Adachi’s weight settling on top of his hips heavily wakes him up with a start.

“What the…” he starts to ask, but that’s all the words he gets out before Adachi is kissing him almost desperately, knocking Goto’s magazine to the ground to fist handfuls of his T-shirt. Adachi is cold from being outside, his fingers freezing when they slide under Goto’s shirt, but his mouth is more than hot enough to make up for it. Rin took Tsukioka shopping for the afternoon to try and fix him (good luck), but Sakurai is in his room working, and he’s going to kill them if he finds them defiling the couch. Goto can’t quite make himself care about that, though, when Adachi is so willing and sweet against him, the tiny bit of weight he’s managed to put on since the fall entirely appealing under Goto’s hands.

Somehow they end up with all of Adachi’s clothes on the floor but Goto’s jeans just shoved down to mid-thigh, just far enough that nothing is in the way of Adachi riding him, one hand on the back of the couch for balance.

“You look really good like that,” Goto says earnestly, one hand squeezing Adachi’s thigh and the other curled around his cock. Adachi’s hips don’t even stutter, but he gives Goto a heated smile like Goto is just adorable for saying so.

“I am a professional after all,” Adachi chuckles, and Goto can believe it, because they had dance practice first thing this morning so he has no idea how Adachi can be doing anything with his thighs right now, much less driving Goto out of his mind with them. He tells Goto just to come on already, which Goto does, and in the fuzzy aftermath of that, Adachi closes his hand tight around Goto’s and reminds him exactly how to get Adachi off too.

Afterwards, Adachi curls up on Goto’s chest like a boneless cat, the nubbly throw blanket Tsukioka brought from home thrown over them to keep the warmth they’ve generated against their skin. Adachi is humming with contentment as Goto rubs a hand up and down his side idly, so quietly that Goto can feel it vibrating in Adachi’s throat more than he can hear it.

“What was that about?” Goto asks. He isn’t opposed to Adachi’s sudden bouts of sex, and they aren’t that unusual, but Adachi usually at least drags him back to bed first. “Also, if Sakkun finds us out here, he’s going to murder us.”

“I quit my job,” Adachi says, and for a second Goto’s heart stops before he realizes that Adachi means the other job.

“Fuck, don’t scare me like that,” Goto breathes. “And what do you mean, you quit? You quit months ago, didn’t you?”

“I haven’t done anything since November, but I didn’t exactly quit,” Adachi explains. “But I did today. I went down and quit properly and now I never have to go there again.”

Adachi’s fingers dig into Goto’s shoulders a little, and Goto doesn’t know what kind of response to give other than just to hug Adachi around his back more tightly.

“Technically I was supposed to do at least one more filming but they let me buy out of it, and it was such a relief I almost cried. I never have to go to one of those shady hotels again and make awkward small talk with some guy I met the week before knowing that in half an hour I’ll have to be all cute with him while some other guy who I wish I didn’t know films him pushing me down and…ah, sorry, you probably don’t want to hear about it.”

“It’s okay,” Goto tells him. Out of all of them, he’s probably the one who understands Adachi’s situation best. He’s never been filmed having sex (that he knows of), but he’s done some other stuff to stay afloat that he cringes to remember now that it’s behind him. He isn’t any more proud of himself than Adachi is, Goto bets. “You don’t have to tell me any of it, but you can talk about it if you want.”

“Nah, nevermind.” Adachi presses his forehead against Goto’s neck, his nose somehow already cold again where it presses against Goto’s collarbone, and for a few seconds it’s peaceful.

“Wait a second,” Goto says. “You came home and seduced me on the couch to celebrate you quitting your job filming gay pornography?”

Adachi starts laughing and can’t stop, giggling helplessly the entire time Goto tries to coax him back into at least some of his clothes before one or all of their bandmates finds them defiling the communal furniture.

Just like he’s not exactly sure when they went from being a fake band to being a real one, Goto doesn’t really know at what point whatever’s going on between him and Adachi changes into a relationship. Even after Goto is sure that’s what’s going on they never have an actual conversation about it. There had always been a lot of sex even in the beginning; at first Goto assumed that it was Adachi adjusting down from having sex five times a day, but eventually he realizes that Adachi just genuinely likes sex, which was probably why he had lasted in the pornography job as long as he had. Adachi has a way of making anything sound hot or fun, or both, and it doesn’t take long for Goto to let him try just about anything, to believe Adachi when he promises it’ll be good. Goto never thought of himself as a switch hitter before Adachi; now if he thinks about it at all, he thinks that he was clearly missing out all that time before.

Goto surely doesn’t mind it now when Adachi curls up suggestively against him on the flimsiest of pretexts, that he’s cold or can’t sleep or woke up hard or Goto’s just cute okay. Now that he’s sure he’s the only person Adachi is sleeping with, it’s even better, and maybe sometimes it’s Goto who has the flimsy pretexts. One of his favorites is first thing in the morning, to wrap himself around Adachi’s back and stroke him until all the weird things Adachi says in his sleep turn into whines of Goto’s name instead. The first time he tried it, there had been a moment when Adachi had gone tense as he woke up suddenly, and Goto had paused.

“Okay?” he’d asked. Adachi had relaxed at the sounds of his voice and flexed his hips into Goto’s hand, telling him not to stop, it was fine. Afterwards Goto had asked really, should he not surprise Adachi like that?

“No, it was nice,” Adachi had assured, rolling over to wrap arms around Goto’s neck and cuddling tightly against him. “Being wanted is really nice.”

He does want Adachi, Goto realizes with the slowness of somebody who spends 20 hours a day dancing in feathers, and so really it’s not surprising when not long after that the situation resolves itself when Goto asks if Adachi wants to go see a movie after they get out of work.

“Ohhh,” Adachi bats his eyelashes cutely. “Are you taking me on a date?”

Goto opens his mouth to say no, idiot, he just wants to see Suspect X before he has to wait another six months to see it on DVD, and nobody else will go with him, but instead what comes out is, “Yes.”

They blink at each other, Goto if anything more surprised than Adachi. Then Adachi smiles so happily it hurts Goto’s heart a little and says, “Good. I’ll put out at the end and everything.”

“That’s not a thing you have to do,” Goto tells him. Somehow, though, every time he says something like that it seems to make Adachi that more determined to do it anyway. Goto just sees it as a reason to step up his game, taking Adachi out to eat after the movie and coming home late enough that they huddle in front of the door shushing each other and snickering as if Sakurai is their dad and they’re trying to sneak back into the house.

A few days later, Goto is scrolling through the message board on his phone, seeing if anybody got a particularly good paparazzi shot of his guitar solo during the Golden Week special, when he stumbles over one of Adachi’s posts apologizing for not being around since his cute boyfriend was keeping him busy. Even though Adachi’s description of the situation is completely accurate, seeing it in print makes Goto’s heart skip a beat in surprise.

“Hey,” he asks when he finds Adachi, hiding in a corner of practice to text his mother without interference. Goto holds up his phone so Adachi can see what he’s talking about. “Is this really okay?” Adachi opens his mouth but Goto adds, “There’s no way at least some of these people aren’t smart enough to realize that you could only know the stuff you know if you’re one of us.”

Adachi laughs. “It’s the internet, most of them probably haven’t even guessed that I’m not a girl. Is that what you’re worried about?”

“Well…yeah.” Goto tilts his head. “What else would I be worried about?” Adachi stares at Goto evenly until Goto gets it. His cheeks get warm, but he shrugs. “After all the stuff we’ve been doing, don’t you think it’d be a little weird to freak out about you calling me your boyfriend now?”

“Doing it and naming it aren’t the same thing,” Adachi points out, but he’s already in motion, sliding arms around Goto’s sides to hug him surprisingly tight. “Keep being so sweet and I might have to introduce you to my mother.”

“I really wasn’t doing anything,” Goto says, blushing even harder, but Adachi just murmurs that that’s what makes it so cute and kisses him showily on the cheek.

They settle into something like a routine after that, domestic enough that Rin calls them gross but new enough that Adachi makes Goto blush on stage two out of three lives.

“Make him stop!” Goto whines to Aoki after a particularly touchy incident where Adachi somehow managed to strip a bewildered Goto of his jacket and then sauntered away with it over his shoulder like they were in a high school drama.

“Why?” Aoki raises an eyebrow. “I thought half of A Block was going to faint. Keep up the good work, Rei-chan~.”

“Roger that, captain!” Adachi says, saluting Aoki and still wearing Goto’s jacket.

“Don’t encourage him!” Goto snaps in exasperation. “And you, take that off right now!”

“Not in front of senpai,” Adachi says demurely, like Goto is the one being scandalous here. “Wait for home, Leader.” Goto grabs Adachi by the wrist and hisses that he is gonna get it later, but it only makes Adachi laugh and say he hopes so.

In the midst of the rainy season, Adachi goes out with Tsukioka in the morning to have Tsukioka’s perm redone and shows up to work with a surprise image change. Goto does a double-take when Adachi tugs down the hood of his rain jacket, and Tsukioka cracks up in delight at Goto’s wide-eyed reaction.

“What do you think?” Adachi asks, almost shyly. It’s much darker than before and cut to fall in his eyes a little more. Adachi hadn’t bothered to cut his hair all winter, so the flash of his silver piercing is surprisingly distracting. “Too dark?”

Goto tries to answer, but no sound comes out on the first try.

“See, I told you,” Tsukioka says smugly.

“Would you get out of here?” Goto says, finding his voice at last and shoving a giggling Tsukioka off to find the rest of their group. “Geez. It looks good,” he manages to tell Adachi finally.

“Yeah?” Adachi asks, reaching up to tug on a piece of it. Goto nods. “Thanks.”

It looks better than good, and whatever resistance Goto had somehow built up to Adachi before is reset to zero by the surprise of it. He feels like he’s starting all over, back to fall when everything Adachi did made Goto want to press him into the nearest wall and run hands all over him. It’s even worse now, maybe, because now Goto knows exactly what Adachi will feel like pressed between Goto and the wall, what the warm brown of his eyes looks like when he’s interested and the way his mouth curves into a cute smirk.

To make everything worse, that afternoon is a batch of photoshoots where Adachi ends up in a pair of jeans that fit so well they put Rin’s to shame. What little self-control Goto has been clinging to evaporates as soon as Adachi gets told to stretch his arms over his head, making his shirt ride up and baring a tantalizing strip of his stomach.

“C’mere,” Goto orders as soon as Adachi’s been swapped out for Sakurai’s solo shot. He grabs Adachi by the wrist and tugs him along, calling that they’re going to the bathroom a minute. Rin gives them a knowing look, but Goto’s too far gone to even care about that.

The door’s barely shut behind them when Goto pushes Adachi up against the wall like he’s been wanting to all day, leaning into him hard enough to make Adachi squeak.

“Hey,” Adachi says, more puzzled than protest, but whatever he’s about to say is swallowed by Goto kissing him fiercely. He wants to get his hands in Adachi’s hair but doesn’t dare since they’re in the middle of a photoshoot, so he settles for grabbing Adachi’s waist instead.

He’s supposed to be the more responsible one, but today that’s not happening at all. All of Goto’s common sense goes offline when Adachi is warm under him, Adachi’s hands coming up to grip Goto’s arms. Goto rolls their hips together and slides his hands down into Adachi’s pockets to palm his ass, and that’s when he feels Adachi go tense against him.

Goto lets the kiss break and pulls back just enough to see Adachi’s face, putting some effort into not getting distracted by Adachi’s lips or eyes or that stupid haircut that he’s never allowed to have ever again.

“Hey,” Adachi repeats, more softly. His hands on Goto’s arms are firm, and Goto realizes that Adachi isn’t pushing him back exactly, but he isn’t tugging him closer either. “This is work, huh? Later.”

“Yeah. Yeah, you’re right.” Goto has to take a slow breath to steady himself before he can force himself to step back. He has to fist his hands against his own jeans to keep from reaching right back out again for Adachi’s. When he opens his eyes, Adachi is giving him a funny look. “What?”

“Nothing.” Adachi shakes his head, face quickly smoothing back to normal. Goto almost asks what again, but Adachi is already in motion. He slips a hand into Goto’s to squeeze it quickly before the light touch disappears and Adachi is leaving the bathroom, reaching up to smooth the back of his hair down.

It doesn’t strike Goto until a while later that honestly they’ve fooled around at work any number of times before this. He sets the thought aside to ask Adachi about later, when they’re home.

As it turns out, he doesn’t have to bring it up himself, because once they’re home Adachi all but throws Goto into bed as soon as he can kick the door to their bedroom shut.

“I guess later is now, right?” Goto asks, confused but very okay with what’s happening as Adachi yanks both of his layered shirts over his head at once before throwing himself down on top of Goto.

“Definitely now,” Adachi says. He grabs two fistfuls of Goto’s shirt to roll them over, so that Goto is pressing him down into the mattress. To Goto’s surprise, though, Adachi stops there, looking up at Goto with a serious expression. “Earlier, you stopped.”

“Hm? You asked me to.” Goto braces himself on one elbow so that he can run fingers through Adachi’s hair like he’s been wanting to all day. Adachi’s eyes fluttered half-closed, but he kept looking up at Goto. “Is that so surprising? Did you think I wouldn’t?”

“It’s not exactly that I didn’t think you would,” Adachi hedges, eyes cutting to the side.

“But it was different before?” Goto guesses. He knows he’s right when Adachi’s mouth tightens.

“Sometimes,” Adachi admits. It makes a dull sort of anger ball up in Goto’s stomach, even though there’s nothing he can do about it now. Adachi shrugs a shoulder. “I wasn’t trying to test you or something. I’ve done the same thing to you like a hundred times, at work and everything, so it wasn’t even fair.”

“Shut up about fair,” Goto says, more fiercely than he means to. It’s not Adachi that’s he’s mad at, not at all. “It’s fine to say no whenever. Say no right now and see what happens.”

“Do you think I’m stupid or something?” Adachi smiles. “Who says no when they’ve got a hot, popular idol in their bed?”

“I’m not saying you should.” Goto lets go of Adachi’s hair to palm his cheek instead, running his thumb over Adachi’s cheekbone. “I’m saying you can.”

“That’s why I don’t have to,” Adachi says, leaning up to kiss Goto firmly, and Goto figures that means he must have said the right thing in the end.

It makes it doubly hilarious when Goto tries to sit up to strip off his clothes, and Adachi won’t let go long enough to let him. Goto has to plant a hand square in Adachi’s chest and shove him flat on the bed, which Adachi seems to like way too much.

“It’s nice not to be in charge sometimes,” Adachi admits when Goto teases him about it. He’s still lying there uselessly when Goto has stripped naked. Goto rolls his eyes and reaches for the button of Adachi’s jeans, since Adachi seems determined to make him do all the work.

“That was your whole plan when you got that haircut, isn’t it?” Goto asks, tugging Adachi’s jeans off and tossing them carelessly onto the ground. “To get me to do all the work while you lie there? Spoiled.”

“You love it,” Adachi says carelessly, holding out his arms so that Goto will crawl back into them, and he’s right. Now that they’re skin on skin, Goto takes his time with this part, kissing Adachi until he’s whining softly with every breath and trying to urge Goto on with one leg curled over the back of Goto’s hip.

“Want something?” Goto teases, sliding his mouth over to tug at Adachi’s earring and wondering why he’s never payed a lot of attention to this thing before. Out of sight, out of mind, he guesses. He tugs harder, just to make Adachi choke on his response.

“Would you please get something inside me already?” Adachi demands, so blunt that it’s barely even dirty talk, but it sends a shiver up Goto’s spine all the same.

Maybe Goto took the teasing too far, because Adachi is a squirming mess by the time Goto starts working fingers into him. It’s cute, but difficult, and finally Goto demands that Adachi roll over onto hands and knees or nobody is going to get anything inside of anywhere. The angle’s better anyway, apparently for both of them, given the rising pitch of Adachi’s noises.

“Like this?” Goto asks, and Adachi moans a yes that’s barely even a word, but the way he’s pushing back against Goto’s hand is answer enough. They do it face to face more often, but this has plenty of appeal too. Goto likes being able to hold Adachi’s hips tightly and slide into him at his own pace, to wrap arms around Adachi’s chest and lean down flush along his back so that he can feel every gasped breath Adachi takes. The shorter haircut means Goto can get his mouth on the back of Adachi’s neck; he sucks a little test mark that wrings a sharp moan out of Adachi. Sliding his mouth over, Goto does it again harder, grinning against Adachi’s skin because Adachi is totally going to get yelled at about this tomorrow.

Adachi shudders when Goto slides one hand back to palm his cock, the slickness of his tip saying he isn’t going to last very long this way. Goto slows down his thrusts, trying to make it last a little longer, but Adachi drops his elbows to change the angle, and suddenly he’s squeezing tight around Goto and coming over his hand in hot pulses.

“So much for porn star stamina,” Goto teases, making Adachi whine at him.

With a last nip to Adachi’s neck, Goto sits up, afraid he’ll smother Adachi into the bed after Adachi’s elbows give out from holding up both their weight. Adachi whines a vague complaint as Goto pulls out and shoves him over by the hip, but he wraps his legs around Goto’s waist quickly enough when Goto pushes back into him this way.

“Still okay?” Goto asks. Adachi hums a yes, hands finding Goto’s shoulders to brace himself. Goto wishes he were going to last longer, but after the anticipation of the whole day, he’s already close to finishing even without the casual intimacy of this position, the way Adachi tips his head back to lean into every thrust. Goto’s hips move on their own, driving into Adachi as he comes in a long, sweet wave that leaves him panting and shivering, still hovering over Adachi.

When his vision clears a little, Goto can’t help but stare at Adachi. His eyes are closed, cheeks pink and hair mussed into spikes, everything about it so appealing that Goto hardly knows what to do with himself. Then Adachi opens his eyes, heavy-lidded and dark with affection, and Goto’s breath catches in his throat.

“Stare harder,” Adachi teases, sliding his hands over from Goto’s shoulders to feather up Goto’s neck and then up to frame his face. “I know you like the hair, but damn.”

“Shut up,” Goto groans, too full of feelings to cope with anything, especially Adachi’s cute smirk. He lets his weight fall on Adachi, making him grunt, and lies there bonelessly long after he probably should, enjoying the heat of Adachi’s skin and the circular patterns Adachi traces on his back with his fingertips.

Goto is nearly asleep by the time Adachi shoves him off, and drops off entirely as soon as he’s in a semi-comfortable position on his side and Adachi throws the blankets over them, pleasantly warm from them lying on top of them.

It’s still pitch dark when Goto is woken up by Adachi nibbling cutely on his neck, one hand rubbing suggestive circles on Goto’s hip.

“What the hell?” Goto asks, voice rough with sleep.

“Shh, I’ll do all the work this time,” Adachi promises. “Besides, I heard somebody question my porn star stamina earlier.”

Goto whines a little more, but lets Adachi have his way, because Adachi will totally make it worth Goto’s while, no matter how much sleep Goto loses in the process. If this thing really is permanent, it might kill him, but at least Goto will die happy.

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