Chaotic Butterfly, Way Better Than A Ski Instructor

Title: Way Better Than A Ski Instructor [Rin/Tsukioka/Adachi]
Rating/Warnings: R for what Rin is doing alone in his room.
Summary: Tsukioka needs cheering up. Adachi has a plan. Rin has porn.
AN: I CAN WRITE PAIRINGS NOW YAY! written to cheer up swtjemz.

Way Better Than A Ski Instructor

If there was one thing Adachi had learned about the entertainment industry, adult or otherwise, it was that really, you just had to grin and bear it. It was tiring and sometimes boring and sometimes you felt like your face was going to fall off if you had to give just one more great big smile, but that was just the way it was.

That’s why Tsukioka’s pout, a real one, not the cute fake one that got Leader-san to do whatever he wanted, was rather startling. And also intolerable.

“Ne, Tsuki-chin, what’s up?” Adachi asked, flopping down on the couch next to Tsukioka.

“Nothing.” Tsukioka answered, pouting harder and drawing his knees up to his chest.

Adachi poked him in the cheek. “That doesn’t look like nothing. Come on, tell Rei-chan all about it.” Adachi held out an arm, and Tsukioka let himself be shifted over, leaning into Adachi’s side.

“It isn’t anything,” he repeated, still not very convincing. “Yuuichi’s writing, and I went in to ask Hikaru-kun something, and I didn’t mean to interrupt, but…na, Yuuichi gets a little mean when he’s trying to concentrate.”

“Aw, get snapped at?” Adachi asked, taking Tsukioka’s chin between two fingers and tilting it up to examine his face. Tsukioka nodded glumly. “Don’t worry, we don’t need them and their silly musician’s only club anyway.”

“We…don’t?” Tsukioka asked, wrinkling his brow.

“Nope!” Adachi snapped his fingers, hopping up off the couch and dragging Tsukioka with him. “In fact, I know exactly how we can entertain ourselves.”

Adachi trotted off down the hall, tugging Tsukioka along, until they were standing in front of Rin’s door. Tsukioka balked, pulling back against Adachi’s grip on his wrist.

“What are you doing?” he asked, eyes wide. “Rin’ll just yell at us more!”

“Mm, I don’t think so,” Adachi said, shoving open the door to reveal a very startled Rin in the glow of Adachi’s laptop, quickly hitting the space bar and sitting up on his bed to glare at them. “Ah, I thought so.”

“Can I HELP you?!” Rin demanded, and Tsukioka ducked farther behind Adachi.

“Yup!” Adachi headed inside, pulling Tsukioka along and shoving him towards Rin’s bed. He urged Tsukioka up into the space right beside Rin and followed to curl on his other side, ignoring Rin’s protests. It was something of a tight fit on Rin’s bed, but they were all idols after all, and Adachi didn’t mind tugging Tsukioka into a spoon. “Tsuki-chin got yelled at by Sakkun and Leader-san, and I was thinking we could cheer him up.”

“You brought him to me in the hopes of cheering up?” Rin asked, and Tsukioka looked over his shoulder to give Adachi an identical raised eyebrow. “Are you on drugs?”

“I didn’t say we were going to do it with smiles and rainbows,” Adachi shrugged, the motion making Tsukioka shift pleasantly against him. “Whatcha watchin’, Tat-chan?”

“Nothing, I wasn’t watching any…” Rin started, but Adachi ignored him to turn the laptop more their way, and Tsukioka gave a little “Eep!” when it revealed a frozen frame of Adachi half out of a snow parka and enjoying the attentions of, if he recalled this script correctly, his ski instructor.

“I leave the hat on the whole time, you know,” he said, putting a firm hand on Tsukioka’s waist as Tsukioka started trying to wriggle away.

“Okay, I was watching porn!” Rin announced belligerently. “Now get out!”

“Well, now we’re watching porn,” Adachi informed him, snuggling back down comfortably. “Tsuki-chin, hit play, can you?”

“You know,” Tsukioka’s voice was a little high as Adachi’s breathy gasps started hissing out the tinny laptop speakers, “I’ve never really watched…um, before…and…what’s he going to do with that?”

“You’ll see,” Adachi said smugly, grinning as Tsukioka shivered against him and Rin gave a little curse.

On-screen Adachi gave a moan that almost echoed in the silence, and Rin growled, “Pfft, lung capacity.”

It didn’t take long for Tsukioka’s fidgeting to be less about nerves and more about the usual result of watching pornography. Adachi grinned against the back of Tsukioka’s head, letting his fingers circle a little on Tsukioka’s hip, and when Tsukioka finally turned to look at him, leaned forward to press their lips together.

Tsukioka’s chest hitched in surprise for a second, but he got over it quick enough, eyes fluttering when Adachi slipped his hand from Tsukioka’s hip to sneak under his shirt, drawing the same little circles against the warm skin of his back.

“Hey, hey now!” Rin protested, rolling his eyes. “Fine, you’re all warmed up, now get lost!”

Adachi pulled back enough to break the kiss, giving the dazed Tsukioka a wink. “Ne, Tat-chan, did you think you were just the laptop holder?”

“What…” Rin started, but just then Tsukioka got it and rolled back over to smile winningly at Rin. Rin’s protest trailed off, and Tsukioka pushed himself up on his elbow to share the same kiss with Rin, light and teasing.

“Oh, man, this is way better than the ski instructor,” Adachi murmured, rocking against Tsukioka where their hips were still snug together, and Tsukioka gave a breathy gasp into Rin’s mouth. “Still don’t want to help cheer Tsuki-chin up?”

Rin pulled back from Tsukioka just enough to call Adachi a B-movie hack, before Tsukioka got a hand in Rin’s hair and licked his lower lip, and then Rin got distracted enough that the laptop started sliding off his knees.

Adachi caught it with a lucky grab, the sudden shove forward pushing Tsukioka halfway onto Rin’s lap, and Tsukioka gladly climbed up the rest of the way to get both hands in Rin’s hair and better the angle of their kiss.

“Didn’t take you two much encouragement,” Adachi laughed, moving the laptop to a safer position at the end of the bed and settling back down against the pillows. He shifted a little himself as Rin pushed Tsukioka’s T-shirt up enough to rub his spine, making Tsukioka push into his hands.

Tsukioka leaned back, breaking the kiss and both he and Rin looked over at Adachi. Rin rolled his eyes. “Just going to watch?”

“You two seemed to be doing just fine on your own,” Adachi shrugged with one shoulder, and Tsukioka reached over to yank him forward by the shirt. To Adachi’s surprise, however, instead of pulling him into a kiss, Tsukioka pushed him down next to Rin and gave them both an expectant look.

“Well?” he said when they just blinked at each other. “Where’s your member-ai?”

“You were watching porn of me,” Adachi said with a sly smile, and Rin narrowed his eyes.

“God, no wonder everybody just keeps your mouth busy all the time,” he said, before leaning over to give Adachi a biting kiss.

Adachi groaned and wriggled forward to press tight against Rin’s side, rolling his erection against Rin’s hip and nipping Rin’s lower lip sharply whenever he got the chance. One hand still tight around Tsukioka’s waist, Rin used the other to work in the back of Adachi hair, yanking him more into place.

“I feel better already,” Tsukioka said, voice low and teasing, and when both Adachi and Rin turned to look at him, he rolled his hips against Rin’s, making both of them moan.

Adachi and Rin exchanged a look, and then Adachi sat up.

“Hey,” Tsukioka said nervously as Adachi moved over and threw a leg over Rin’s hips behind Tsukioka. “What are you doing?”

“You,” Adachi announced, sliding up so that he was flush against Tsukioka’s back, “are clearly not to be trusted.” And then he reached around Tsukioka to run a hand down his chest, scraping his nails just a little over the warm skin of Tsukioka’s belly where Rin’s earlier attention had made his shirt ride up.

“Definitely not.” Rin agreed, not wasting any time in using his now both free hands to pop the button of Tsukioka’s jeans. “Clearly we’ll have to take matters into our own hands.”

“Whoa, what, hey…” Tsukioka interrupted himself with a throaty moan when Rin and Adachi began working as a team, Rin unzipping Tsukioka in a smooth motion and Adachi reaching right in to draw Tsukioka’s cock out, giving him a smooth, slow stroke.

He pushed into Adachi’s hands, and Adachi cuddled closer with a purr, rocking his own hips into Tsukioka’s ass. Underneath them, Rin returned his hands to Tsukioka’s thighs and ground up into them, eyes slit thin and predatory.

“Feel better yet?” Adachi asked, nibbling the warm skin right at the top of Tsukioka’s spine and making him shiver. Tsukioka moaned something incoherent and fisted his hands in Rin’s T-shirt, but Rin didn’t protest, even when Adachi twisted his thumb over Tsukioka’s tip and a seam gave with a pop.

“Well,” Rin breathed, voice rough, “since the shirt’s already ruined…”

“Exactly what I was thinking.” Adachi grinned and bit down on Tsukioka’s shoulder as he sped up his strokes, and it only took another minute for Tsukioka to stutter out Adachi’s name and come all over Rin’s shirt.

“You two…are jerks…” Tsukioka grumbled in between gasps for air, slumping against Adachi’s chest and shivering as Rin continued rocking up against him. “And you’re definitely just using me as a conduit for your own repressed desire to do each other already.”

“Get out of the way,” Rin said with a grin that showed all his teeth, “and we’ll see who’s repressed.”


Goto cracked his neck and pushed away from the table throwing his pen down. “That’s it, I can’t do any more. My head is killing me.”

“Me too.” Sakurai stood up and stretched, wincing as he heard some vertebrae pop. “And I have to go apologize to Ryu-chan, who is probably in a world-class sulk by now.”

Sakurai went out to the living room, frowning a little when there was nobody there. Tsukioka wasn’t in their room either, or in Adachi and Goto’s room, and Sakurai sighed as he realized there was only one place left Tsukioka could be.

“Okay,” he called as he pushed open the door to Rin’s room and stuck his head in. “I deserve whatever…you…”

Sakurai trailed off as he realized that Adachi and Rin were curled up in bed, Tsukioka and the laptop in the middle. Rin and Tsukioka were missing their shirts; Adachi’s pants were long gone.

“Go away,” Tsukioka said without looking up. “We’re watching porn. Ne, go back, I want to see that part again.”

“Nobody can do that,” Rin scoffed, and Sakurai pulled his head back and shut the door firmly.

“Well?” Goto asked, coming into the hallway. “Is he still mad at you?”

“No.” Sakurai made a long-suffering face. “But I’m pretty sure the consequences are going to be severe nonetheless.”

“OKAY,” came Rin’s voice through the door, “I BELIEVE YOU ALREADY.”

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