Arashi, Displays of Affection

Title: Displays of Affection [Jun/Sho]
Rating/Warnings: R for abuse of refrigerator magnets.
Summary: Jun wants to know where his member-ai is at; Sho enlightens him.
AN: Written for Snoozing_Kitten for the 2007 JE Holiday Exchange.

Displays of Affection

There wasn’t anything different about this interview than the hundreds of interviews Arashi had done before. There was the same obnoxiously upholstered couch, so plush that they sank into it inches too deep to get out easily, the same obnoxiously dressed hostess, with such big hair that even Jun looked startled, the same obnoxiously inane questions, ones that they had answered so often that Aiba was muffling yawns against Jun’s shoulder.

Aiba was cutest in the morning (especially since the perm), Nino was the loudest screamer (he always smiled so innocently when he said that), Ohno was the one they all went to for advice (mostly for comic potential), and Sho was the one who kept all their costumes organized (after Nino had been fired from the job for abusing the comic potential). Jun barely had to think about the answers as he twisted a finger in his necklaces and gave the host a smile that made her stumble over the next question.

But today, for whatever reason, Jun’s attention was caught by one question in particular.

“How do you show your affection to each other?” the hostess asked, batting her eyelashes at Jun. Jun just smiled harder, making her put a hand to her chest, and listened to the others answering.

“We call each other!” Aiba exclaimed, making Ohno cough. He perked up off Jun’s shoulder to continue. “And we go out together! Sho-chan takes me out for noodles.”

“That’s so,” Sho agreed from Aiba’s other side, reaching up to scrunch Aiba’s hair and making him wriggle happily. “I even paid.”

“Speaking of Sho-kun,” Nino put in, leaning forward. “Filming a drama with him was the best! When we had to be there very early, Sho-kun would invite me to stay over at his place, since it was closer to the filming. Sho-kun even rented movies! It was a lot of fun!”

“Sho-kun has a lot of member-ai,” Ohno agreed, apparently having pulled his attention momentarily away from the pattern of the couch to join the conversation. “Last week he went shopping and brought me back a necklace. I was really happy he thought of me, yo!”

“I was trying to shop for myself!” Sho added as everyone laughed. “But in the end I only bought things for others! Maa, how troublesome…”

“And what about Jun-kun?” the host asked, leaning forward.

“He shows his member-ai in other ways,” Sho said, changing the subject easily, and even Jun was distracted for a minute with all the happy thoughts of abusing his bandmates both physically and emotionally.

But then Jun came back to himself with a frown. Sho had talked about everyone else, why had he been left out? He tried to recall the last time Sho had done something special just for him, and frowned harder as he failed to come up with anything recent. He’d been out with Ohno, invited Aiba to spend the night, and eaten with Nino…

“Jun-kun is looking very pensive,” the host chirped, interrupting his thoughts. Jun flashed her another smile, touching the corner of his mouth with his tongue for a second to buy himself another minute to think.

Maybe he’d been a little busy himself, Jun realized, shifting on the couch a little, so it wasn’t all Sho’s doing. Still, though, Jun felt that things were unbalanced and needed to be rectified immediately, until they were equal more in his favor.

“Ne, Sho-kun,” he said casually when the taping was over and they were all heading back to their dressing room, Aiba dragging Nino and Ohno ahead in a rush to get out of his itchy sweater and low-slung pants. Jun caught at Sho’s shoulder, holding him back a few steps. “Want to go out? There’s an Indian place near here.”

“Showing your member-ai, Jun-chan?” Sho asked, flicking his hair out of his eyes to give Jun an amused look. Jun scowled at being read so easily, but a shiver rippled up his spine when Sho ran light fingers over the back of Jun’s hand before turning away to saunter towards the dressing room. “Sure, but you’re buying. And we have to sneak out quietly so Leader doesn’t know we’re ditching him.”

They got to the door and opened it to find Ohno flailing, both Aiba and Nino holding his shirt up over his head, trapping him.

“I don’t think he’ll notice,” Jun commented as Nino went for Leader’s jeans.


They came back to Jun’s apartment afterwards, having lingered long enough at the restaurant that dark was falling and the autumn air had turned chill. Jun was shivering as they hurried into the warmth of his apartment, his jacket too thin for the changing weather, and his hands too full of Styrofoam containers containing leftovers to get the lights. Sho got them instead, filling the apartment with warm light as Jun went to put the food in the refrigerator.

He was frowning at the containers, standing with the refrigerator door open, because they were going to make his entire fridge smell like an ashram, when he felt two hands on his sides, warm against his chilled skin just where his jeans ended.

He closed the door and turned, only to be pushed up against it, hissing as his back pressed against the cool plastic. What kept him there, however, wasn’t Sho’s hands, but the dark brown of his eyes, looking Jun over from head to toe, hungry in a way that had nothing to do with Indian leftovers.

Sho skimmed his hands over Jun’s sides, half of his mouth curling in a smile when Jun shivered.

“That for me?” Sho asked, eyes hooding as they followed the ripple of Jun’s body.

“There’s a pineapple magnet jammed into my back,” Jun retorted, then his voice caught in his throat as Sho slid fingers up under the hem of Jun’s shirt, trailing across his skin.

“Sounds like something you’d enjoy,” Sho murmured, stepping in between Jun’s knees so their hips slotted neatly together. He slid his hands around to the small of Jun’s back, kneading the skin. “Only slightly less than jamming a pineapple into somebody else’s back.”

Whatever response Jun could have made never got the chance to roll of his tongue as Sho leaned in for a kiss, unhurried and thorough, using his grip on Jun’s back to roll their hips together. Jun brought his hands up to Sho’s waist and tugged him closer, giving an appreciative murmur as he slid his fingers into Sho’s back pockets and Sho’s body heat began to soak into Jun’s skin.

Sho’s mouth was even warmer as it smoothed over Jun’s, coaxing Jun’s lips apart to trace Jun’s upper lip with the tip of his tongue. Jun tried to lean forward, to take charge of the kiss, but Sho nipped at his lip, then moved away, trailing lips over Jun’s jaw.

“Relax,” he said, pushing Jun back against the refrigerator when he moved forward to chase Sho’s mouth. “I’m showing my member-ai.” He pressed an open-mouthed kiss to Jun’s pulse, humming as it fluttered. “Isn’t that what you want?”

“At this moment?” Jun pulled his hands out of Sho’s pockets, but only just long enough to slide them back down the inside of Sho’s jeans, curling them against Sho’s bare skin. “It’s not number one on my list, no.”

“Hmm.” The grin curling against his throat was all the warning Jun got before Sho slid down the line of Jun’s body until he was on his knees, rubbing his cheek against the stripe of skin that he’d been teasing with his fingers a moment ago. He slid his hand down to feather over the front of Jun’s jeans. “Is this a little higher on your list?”

“Moving up fast,” Jun said, pushing into Sho’s touch before Sho gave a throaty laugh and used the arm that was still around Jun’s waist to hold him still.

Jun let his head tip back against the refrigerator as Sho worked his zipper one-handed and nuzzled the skin of Jun’s belly, hands coming to rest on Sho’s shoulders. He tightened his grip as Sho drew his cock out and gave it a slow stroke, and Sho shrugged into the attention, encouraging Jun’s touch with a nibble of the pale skin he’d just bared. Obligingly, Jun slid his hands just under Sho’s collar and fingered the delicate stretch of Sho’s tendons where his neck curved into his shoulders.

“A-ah!” Jun breathed when Sho swiped his tongue teasingly over the head of Jun’s cock, then again more deliberately. Sho grunted a protest when Jun’s fingers dug too hard into his shoulders, and Jun moved them up to his hair instead.

Sho gave a soft groan as Jun wrapped his fingers securely in his hair and gave a yank to move him where he wanted him most. The groan went right to Jun’s cock, unsurprising since Sho had breathed it right there, and Jun smirked a little to himself as he tugged again.

“I thought member-ai wasn’t high on your list?” Sho asked, flicking his tongue against Jun’s skin and chuckling when Jun growled. “Or were you thinking of a different member?”

“You know, when Aiba-chan talks like that,” Jun informed Sho, “he ends up facedown on my bed, or bent over the nearest convenient surface.”

“Don’t worry, Aiba-chan tells me all about it,” Sho answered, tilting his head back to let Jun see his eyes, to read in them all the things Aiba had passed along about Jun’s bed. Jun shivered as he imagined Aiba whispering all those things in Sho’s ear. “Now shut up, please~.”

Sho licking his lips was all the warning Jun had before Sho wrapped lips tight around his cock, jaw working and palming Jun’s hip as he worked Jun’s cock deeper. He didn’t stop until Jun was scrabbling at fridge for support with the hand not still tangled in Sho’s hair, knees threatening to buckle.

“Aiba-chan’s been talking out of turn again,” Jun gasped, squeezing his eyes shut when watching the slide of Sho’s lips over his skin became too much. “Who knows what he’s telling Ohno and Nino right now? I’ll have to punish him later.”

Pulling back, Sho laughed throatily and gave Jun’s stomach another teasing bite. “I’ve changed my mind; you can talk all you want. That is, if you can.”

“If I…” Jun started, narrowing his eyes, but then Sho got serious, swallowing Jun’s cock until his nose nearly touched the coarse curls at Jun’s base, and Jun’s heart stuttered as all the air was driven out of his lungs.

Jun tried to warn Sho when it became too much, stars sparking behind his eyelids, but he couldn’t even draw a deep enough breath to do that as he slipped over the edge, couldn’t do anything but tighten his fingers in Sho’s hair and arch against his grip as he came hard and sharp into the heat of Sho’s mouth.

Sho didn’t seem to mind, sucking Jun until he was almost through shivering, fingers stroking at the skin of Jun’s back. He stood up then, licking the corner of his mouth. Jun yanked him close again, pressing into Sho’s warmth and kissing him fiercely until he could taste just Sho. Jun groaned softly into Sho’s mouth when Sho rocked his hips, his cock hard against Jun’s stomach, the denim of his jeans rough against Jun’s bare skin.

“Ne, Jun-chan,” Sho said, getting the words out by creating tiny breaks in the kiss before Jun seized his mouth again. “Did you think I forgot you?”

“Bed,” Jun ordered in between kisses, confident that Sho’s question had already been asked and answered, although he wouldn’t have been adverse to a repeat of the answer. “Unless you’d prefer the nearest convenient surface…”

“I’ll leave that to Aiba-chan,” Sho answered, reaching around his back to grab Jun’s wrist and slide Jun’s hand down under the waistband of his jeans. “I think you promised me something about being face-down…”

Jun laughed as he let Sho tug him away from the refrigerator, but palmed the pineapple magnet behind his back and slipped it into his pocket.

He’d save that for later. After all, Jun did have his own ways of showing affection.

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