Chaotic Butterfly, Pictures or It Didn’t Happen

Title: Pictures or It Didn’t Happen
Rating/Warnings: PG
Summary: Adachi and Rin do NaNoWriMo.
AN: So then I wrote about Adachi and Rin doing NaNoWriMo so that I could count it towards my word count for the month. Written for Shiritori.

Pictures or It Didn’t Happen

“Make it twenty percent, and we have a deal.”

“Of the whole thing? You are out of your goddamn mind. And keep your hands to yourself, that’s not adding anything to your offer.”

“Aw, Tat-chan, c’mon—”

“One more word and I’m kicking you right out of this bed.”

Goto, who had been listening to this bickering on the other side of the wall for the last fifteen minutes, finally gave up on the song he was emphatically not writing, and stood up to go stick his head in Rin’s room. Inside, Rin and Adachi were sitting on opposite ends of Rin’s bed, both of them with their laptops in their laps and kicking at each other like five-year-olds.

“Do I even want to know what’s going on in here?” Goto asked. Mostly he was jealous of the fuzzy blankets both of them were wrapped up in because they were having the first serious cold snap of the fall and the heater never seemed like enough especially at first.

“Nope,” Rin informed him, nose still buried in his laptop.

“Leader!” Adachi called cheerfully. “We’re writing novels! It’s National Novel Writing Month!”

“It’s…what?” Goto asked, blinking. “Novels about what? Is this some fangirl thing?”

“Kind of,” Adachi admitted. “A bunch of people on the message boards try it every year, so we thought we’d try too.”

“Mine’s about a band who isn’t really a band but they get hired to be a band so they decide to keep being one,” Rin answered, distractedly typing.

“It’s not writing a novel if it’s junk that actually happened,” Goto informed Rin, amused in spite of himself.

“It’s a high school AU,” Rin retorted primly.

“Mine’s set in space!” Adachi interjected, making Goto laugh outright. “Hey, hey, you want to read what I wrote so far? I have like five thousand words!”

“Never mind that we’re supposed to be at ten thousand tomorrow,” Rin said.

“Shut up, you have like three,” Adachi said, holding out one side of the blanket. It was the blanket that won Goto over more than the promise of Adachi’s prose, honestly, but either way he slid into bed beside Adachi and cuddled in close enough to wrap the blanket back around them. “Yikes! Can’t you wear some freaking socks or something? Your feet are freezing!”

“I’m not in yours, am I?” Goto asked, reaching over to two-finger scroll back up to the top on Adachi’s touchpad. “It’s weird if I have to read about myself.”

“Your face is weird,” Rin grumbled, almost to himself.

“Nah, not mostly,” Adachi answered. “Some people snuck in, like Shota-kun and Tetchu. And Yamashita ended up as the captain somehow? I don’t know how that happened.”

“No kidding,” Goto snorted, not even having to ask which Yamashita he was talking about.

They fell into companionable silence as Goto read Adachi’s first ten or so pages, the only sound the tapping of Rin’s aggressive typing and Adachi’s occasional cough from his fall cold that wouldn’t let go the whole way. Even when Adachi went back to typing, Goto didn’t move, warm enough where he was and with his cheek pressed against Adachi’s shoulder. Adachi had long ago stopped caring whether Goto was reading over his shoulder as he typed, and Goto found his eyes falling shut and didn’t bother to struggle against it.

He woke back up to Rin kicking at them, groaning at them to go away back to their own beds, it was after two in the morning.

“Oops,” Adachi said, unrepentant. “Hey, I crossed six thousand words, though! Where are you at, Tat-chan?” Rin reported that he was three thousand and go fuck yourself, making Adachi giggle drunkenly as he and Goto struggled to free themselves from the blanket and Goto ended up getting shoved to the floor with a crash. “Hey, careful! This laptop is holding the novel of my soul!”

“Like fifteen percent of the novel of your soul,” Rin snorted. “Seriously, we’re writing in your room next time, I can’t feel my ass.”

“Don’t you think we’re busy enough?” Goto asked when they were crawling into their own bed, trying to distract himself from how cold their sheets were after the warmth of being huddled together in Rin’s room. “Do you really have to jam some novel writing in there?”

“It works best when you’re busiest,” Adachi informed him. “Like how I wrote all my FQF exchange prompts in that weekend when we had three concerts and a PV filming?”

“I keep telling you,” Goto said in faint exasperation. “It’s not fanfiction if it’s stuff that actually happened! You’re like a narrator, at best!”

“Shut up, you.” Adachi leaned over to kiss Goto’s cheek noisily. “When I’m rich and famous for writing Jpop romance novels, you’ll be sorry you made fun of me.”

“Maybe try finishing just this one first,” Goto advised, finally warming up enough to start getting sleepy again. “I’m actually curious to know what happens to Captain Yamashita and his crew of stalwart yet surprisingly attractive space pirates.”

In the morning, Sakurai took one look at Adachi and Rin’s ringed eyes and asked exactly what they’d been doing in their apartment, as if he didn’t know. Tsukioka giggled at them shamelessly while Mitsumi just rolled his eyes.

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” Adachi told them, fueling their wrong idea purposely. To Goto’s amusement, Rin went along with the joke for the moment, only smirking mysteriously when Tsukioka whined that they weren’t allowed to have so much fun without him, and then complaining that his back was killing him, damn.

“You gonna tell them eventually?” Goto asked when they were out of earshot, changing for their photoshoot.

Adachi yanked his hoodie off over his head, making his hair poof up from the static of it, before grinning at Goto. “Hm, maybe. If I finish it. Maybe I can get it made into a drama!”

Goto only shook his head, giving Adachi a shove to get him moving again. “You’re a bunch of drama all right.”

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