SixTONES, Dependence

Title: Dependence [Taiga/Juri]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Summary: Somehow it always seems like Juri and Taiga have unpleasant breakups at the same time.
AN: Written for Shiritori.


There’s definitely no way that could be anything but a coincidence, but somehow it always seems like Juri and Taiga have unpleasant breakups at the same time. Both of them prefer to keep quiet about stuff like that, letting the loudness of the others cover up whatever’s going on with them, which is maybe why Taiga can see the signs of it so easily in Juri. But he thinks they would be easy to see anyway, the way Juri’s gaze focuses on nothing in particular and his chuckle at Yasui’s newest dirty joke is a second too slow. Taiga can’t understand why the rest of them don’t seem to notice something’s up.

“Hey.” Taiga sits down on the bench beside Juri, who has been tying and untying his shoelace for about two minutes. He nudges Juri’s arm with his elbow. “Want to go home together?”

Yes,” Juri answers almost before Taiga is done speaking, obviously relieved to have an excuse to get out of tagging along on Shintarou and Morohoshi’s ploy to get Fukazawa to treat them to a meal.

They don’t talk about either of their problems on the way to Taiga’s house, although Juri gets several texts during the train ride that worsen his mood slightly. Taiga has already blocked his ex from doing that, but it isn’t like the silence of his own phone makes him feel any better.

No one is home at Taiga’s house, and the two of them go up to Taiga’s room. Juri’s barely got the door closed before Taiga is stripping off his clothes and crawling into his bed. Juri does the same without comment, far from the first time this has happened. The sheets are cold at first but they warm up quickly enough when Juri hooks a leg over Taiga’s thigh and pulls him close enough to kiss. Taiga hasn’t ever asked what Juri gets out of this, the sex neither romantic nor hot nor sometimes even terribly good if they’re both in a very low mood, but for Taiga it’s the fact that there’s at least one person left in the world willing to touch him when he feels like the least desirable person in Japan.

Taiga feels like those are pretty stupid feelings for a popular Johnny’s idol, which is why he keeps them to himself. Maybe Juri needs the same thing, or maybe it isn’t like that all, but afterwards Juri is always much more relaxed, curled easily against Taiga’s side. Taiga budges up against his pillows enough to stroke fingers through Juri’s hair, making his eyes flutter half-closed.

“Thanks,” Juri says eventually. Taiga shrugs; next time it might be him who needs his hair stroked. “We can’t ever go out, okay?”

“The two of us? Why not?” Taiga asks, since it seems a pretty odd statement when both of them are naked and tangled together.

The arm flung across Taiga’s chest tightens briefly. “Because sometimes you’re the only thing I can depend on.”

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