Chaotic Butterfly, Just Like On Tour

Title: Just Like On Tour [Sakurai/Tsukioka]
Rating/Warnings: R for freaking Goto out.
Summary: Sakurai and Tsukioka break in the new apartment.
AN: I just wanted to get a last fic in October before NaNo started.

Just Like On Tour

Tsukioka pulled the door of his and Sakurai’s room shut behind him, still giggling.

“Something funny?” Sakurai asked, already snuggled under the blankets and well in possession of the only pillow.

“Goto-kun,” Tsukioka snickered harder, “just had to run for it from the bathroom to his room, bare-ass naked.”

“Bet he’s glad he got the right room on the first try,” Sakurai commented, and Tsukioka trotted across the room and crawled into bed, grinning.

“Well,” he raised an eyebrow as he got the blankets over himself, “looks like Goto isn’t the only one.”

“I think I heard somebody in the hallway say that this was just like being on tour.” Sakurai rolled over so that he was pressing Tsukioka down into the mattress, and Tsukioka hummed happily at the heat and the rumble of Sakurai’s laughter against his chest.

“I like being on tour,” Tsukioka said, shifting so that Sakurai’s weight was settled more comfortably on top of him.

“Oh?” Sakurai bent his head to brush lips over the underside of Tsukioka’s jaw. “And why is that?”

Tsukioka tilted his head back, letting Sakurai explore as much skin as he wanted. “Because I know how to be quiet.”

Sakurai muffled another laugh against Tsukioka’s neck, before he lifted his head enough to capture Tsukioka’s lips with his own. Tsukioka freed his arms from underneath Sakurai to wrap around his neck, working a hand into his hair and making Sakurai hum into his mouth.

Eventually Sakurai left off of Tsukioka’s mouth and started working his way down Tsukioka’s chest, pausing to tease fingers along Tsukioka’s side as he flicked his tongue over the closest nipple. Tsukioka squirmed, fingers tightening in Sakurai’s hair, but Sakurai didn’t let up.

“Yuuichi,” Tsukioka whined, voice low, and Sakurai grinned and gave Tsukioka’s nipple a last nip before beginning to slide further down again. When he ran his tongue along the ridge of Tsukioka’s navel, Tsukioka gritted his teeth against a groan.

“Are you sure you want to be quiet?” Sakurai asked as he tugged Tsukioka’s heart-print pajama pants out of his way, down Tsukioka’s hips. “Everybody else is probably asleep…”

“I won’t lose,” Tsukioka retorted immediately, but his voice wavered when Sakurai wrapped a hand around his cock and gave him a firm stroke. “…to you…”

“We’ll see about that.” Sakurai flashed Tsukioka a sharp grin, just before he slid his mouth over the head of Tsukioka’s cock. Tsukioka let go of Sakurai’s hair with one hand and threw his arm over his mouth to muffle his low groan.

Sakurai worked Tsukioka over, unhurried and thorough, exploring all of Tsukioka’s sensitive spots with fingers and tongue. Tsukioka’s hips jerked against him, but Sakurai had a firm grip on Tsukioka’s hip with his other hand, frustrating Tsukioka’s attempts at movement.

“Yuuichi,” Tsukioka finally pled, fingers digging into the skin of Sakurai’s shoulder, and Sakurai gave in and sucked hard enough to make Tsukioka gasp. A few more strokes with his tightened fist, and Sakurai sent Tsukioka over the edge, shivering and shoving up against him.

Crawling back up to flop down beside Tsukioka, Sakurai smoothed Tsukioka’s hair back from his face until Tsukioka stopped shaking enough to crawl the whole way into Sakurai’s arms for another kiss.

“Ryu,” Sakurai hissed when Tsukioka ran a hand along the line of his hip suddenly.

“Want me to return the favor?” Tsukioka asked in between kisses, running fingers down Sakurai’s cock, lying heavy against his leg.

“Stay right there,” Sakurai murmured to Tsukioka’s surprise, nosing at him for another kiss. Tsukioka wrapped his hand more firmly around Sakurai, and Sakurai flexed his hips into the grip. “Keep kissing me.”

Tsukioka didn’t tease, but tugged Sakurai’s cock and let Sakurai stifle groans against his mouth, until finally Sakurai pressed his face into Tsukioka’s neck and came in a hot rush over Tsukioka’s fingers.

“Hmm,” Sakurai went limp with a soft groan of relaxation, and Tsukioka curled up against his chest with a little noise of agreement.

They laid in comfortable silence for a few minutes, both of them warm and drowsy under the blankets.

“Ne, Yuuichi,” Tsukioka murmured eventually, voice sleepy. “Do you think we’ll get to do tours again?”

“Dunno.” Sakurai yawned against Tsukioka’s hair, tightening his grip when Tsukioka pressed even closer, rubbing his cheek along Sakurai’s collar bone. “Let’s just try and get through the next six weeks first, then we’ll worry about it.”

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