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NEWS, Second Try (the Don’t You Ever F-stop Remix)

Koyama has been Shige’s best friend for so long that Shige can’t even imagine life without him. (Koyama/Shige)

Loveless, In the Darkness (The It’s Only Natural Remix)

Soubi is having trouble sleeping, but only because Ritsuka keeps waking him up. (Soubi/Ritsuka)

Chaotic Butterfly, Hitori Jyanai (The 6-Week Rule Remix)

For Sakurai, who has broken more units than anybody (except Shota), member-ai is in the small, quiet moments. (Sakurai, Tsukioka)

Kis-My-Ft2, Foxfire

Love or like can be so complicated. (Tamamori/Miyata, Tamamori/Fujigaya)

Nobuta wo Produce, Attention (The National Deficit Remix)

Akira's job is to make Shuuji pay attention to what's important. (Shuuji/Akira)

Just the Facts, Ma’am (The Like a Hummingbird Remix)

It's not Tamamori who's causing all the trouble here by getting hot, that's all Miyata's fault. (Miyata/Tamamori)

Hikaru no Go, Shiriai (The Other Woman Remix)

Even now that Touya sees Shindou all he wants and more, he and Akari still keep their regular tutoring sessions up. (Shindou/Touya, Hikari)

Arashi, Re-Assignment Female (The Option B Remix)

After they get turned into girls by the combined forces of KAT-TUN and NEWS, Arashi does what any grown men would do in their situation. (OT5)

Butoukan, C=Normal (The Like a Lady Remix)

Sooner or later, Yamamoto will figure out that Yara showing up as a girl is not at all an accident. Probably. (Yara/Yamamoto)

DBSK, The Way Soju Are (the Haru Haru Remix)

The first time Changmin gets drunk, it's an accident. All the rest require careful planning. (Changmin/Yunho)

NEWS, Sixth Time’s the Charm (the Sexy Osaka Remix)

Ryo thinks that Tegoshi's new magazine column is going to be a disaster; as usual, none of the other morons in either of his bands will take him seriously. (Ryo/Tegoshi)

DBSK, Break Hearts, Not Sidebars

International_Huge needs a new website. (Jaejoong/DBSK)

JE, Natural Genius (The Around Every Corner Remix)

Jin is a genius. Yamapi is slow. Ryo is a jerk. (Jin/Yamapi)

KAT-TUN, Don’t Blame Yourself Only

Yamapi bets Jin that Jin can't have sex with all five bandmates in a single day of PV shooting, and you'll never look at LIPS the same way ever again. (Jin/Yamapi, Jin/KAT-TUN)

JE, BYOY (Bring Your Own Yamashita)

Ryo shows up with Pi, so it's only fair that Jin gets to bring his own Yamashita. (Jin/Yamapi/Ryo/Shoon)

Ouran High School Host Club, Sweet Burning (The Chip on Her Shoulder Remix)

Haruhi battles her arch-nemesis: the chocolate chip cookie. (Gen)

Heroes, According to Plan (Live Long and Pon Farr Remix)

What Hiro saw, or if at first you don't succeed, try, try again. (Hiro, Peter/Claire)

AftS!, Sum Identities (The Hey Baby What’s Your Sine Remix)

Kazuhiro is failing both Trigononmetry and team sports; Kobayashi isn't doing much better. (Kazuhiro/Kobayashi)

Prince of Tennis, Oscillate Invariably (The Hz So Good Remix)

It's Inui-kun's tennis that interests Renji most of all. (Inui/Yanagi)

Loveless, Sacrificial Savvy (The Such a Simple Word Remix)

Ritsuka just doesn't understand anything at all. (Soubi/Ritsuka)

w-inds., Better to Give

Ryuichi really likes giving presents, because Ryohei and Keita really like giving them back. (OT3)

w-inds., Sounds Like

Michishirube plays just one too many times for Ryohei and Ryuichi. (OT3)

Heroes, Language Barrier

Hiro's learning lots of new words from Charlie these days. (Hiro/Charlie)

Kamen Rider Kabuto, Careless Touch

It's dark when Kageyama wakes up, and his head is pounding from the sake Yaguruma gave him before he passed out. (Kageyama/Yaguruma)

Hikaru no Go, On Camera

The bathroom at the Go Institute sees a lot of action. (Shindou/Touya)

Death Note, Insomnia (The Games We Play Remix)

Raito hasn't slept in days, and L takes matters into his own hands. (Raito/L)

Velvet Goldmine, Momentary Seizure (The Hold Me Like a God Remix)

Curt is amused. (Brian/Curt)

Prince of Tennis, Best Laid (The Easy as Pi Remix)

Inui needs a plan. (Inui/Kaidoh)

Hikaru no Go, Metonymy (The Ragin’ Meijin Remix)

Four Meijin matches that Touya Akira doesn't win, and one that's still up for debate. (Shindou/Touya)

Prince of Tennis, The Echizen Effect

Things are different without Echizen, only, you know, not really. (Inui/Kaidoh)

Prince of Tennis, Warning: Will Brighten Your Colors

If you watch them long enough, it looks like they're flying instead of swimming.

Kyou Kara Maou, 20 Themes

20 different fics about Kyou Kara Maou, using 20 different prompts.

Hikaru no Go, V for Victory

Touya's hair does things to Shindou.

Harry Potter, Loyalty (The Going Postal Remix)

What could Oliver Wood, Weasley lover extraordinaire, possibly have to say to 'I don't know any of you anymore' Percy?

Harry Potter, Till All My Skin Was Gone (The Homes That I Have Loved Remix)

He showed the boy his tattoos, all of them, explaining what each one meant. Harry listened raptly, eyes following the lines first of childhood daring, then of adult devotion, and of prisoner suffering.

Harry Potter, Just That Sort (The Epiphany Remix)

Lily is just that sort of girlfriend, and James is just that sort of best mate.

Harry Potter, Skins (The Bodies Under Siege Remix)

Sirius doesn’t believe in apologies, but it’s going to take something huge to make up for the Shack incident. Meanwhile, with his big secret revealed, Remus is creating new ones.

Harry Potter, Lightning Has Just Struck My Brain

Things aren't quite adding up for Harry.

Harry Potter, Worthy Prey

Remus is a hunter after all.

Harry Potter, Triumph of the Last Marauder

Harry goes through Sirius's things and finds something to remember him by. (Gen)

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