Kamen Rider Kabuto, Careless Touch

Title: Careless Touch [Yaguruma/Kageyama]
Rating/Warnings: R for injured handjobs.
Summary: It’s dark when Kageyama wakes up, and his head is pounding from the sake Yaguruma gave him before he passed out.
AN: Spoilers up through Yaguruma’s reappearance (mid-30s). This is completely all prillalar‘s fault, and you should all be in this fandom right now, dammit.

Remixed by Marksykins here.

Careless Touch

It’s dark when Kageyama wakes up, and his head is pounding from the sake Yaguruma gave him before he passed out. His tongue is thick and dry in his mouth, and when he tries to sit up, his chest feels like it’s on fire.

He has no idea where he is, or where Yaguruma is. The room is small and dark and empty, except for the sounds of Kageyama’s labored breathing. He swallows, and that makes everything hurt, face, throat, and chest.

He scrabbles at the drywall as he tries to stand, suspecting that if he topples over like his knees are threatening that he will just lie on the floor until Yaguruma returns. But he stays upright, miraculously, even though his head spins a little, and starts a slow shuffle, one hand still on the wall, to find the bathroom.

The first door is a closet with nothing in it but a battered, one-armed leather duster, but the second actually is the bathroom. Kageyama braces himself in the doorway for a minute, panting, before he can brave cracking his skull open on the edges of the sink or the chilled linoleum of the floor to take a much-needed piss.

He smells, he realizes when his head clears a little more, of sweat and fever and blood. His shirt’s missing anyway, and his pants slide off his hips since he hasn’t eaten in who knows how long, and he can at least lean against the cracked green tile of the wall while he fumbles the shower on.

The hot water feels good against his aching muscles for a few seconds, until he tilts his head up into the spray and it gets into his cuts, the burning stripe across his nose and cheek making him gasp.

Kageyama doesn’t dare scrub at his wounds, but lets the water sluice the sweat off him and rubs his palm against the flakes of dried blood that stick to the places where his skin is intact. When his legs start to tremble from holding him up for too long, Kageyama twists the shower off and realizes that there isn’t a towel.

He could reach for his pants, in a heap on the floor, but it’s way too far for him to chance bending, and instead Kageyama just takes one unsteady step after another, along the wall out of the bathroom until he can sit heavily on the bed, wincing at the way his limbs jar when he hits the mattress.

The door opens while he’s still sitting there, and Yaguruma strides into the room, casually shoving the door shut behind him. He shrugs his coat off, letting it drop to the floor, and kicks his boots away before coming to sit beside Kageyama on the bed. The breeze of his movement brushes over the water beaded on Kageyama’s skin, making him shiver.

Yaguruma regards him with a tilted head for a moment before reaching out to press a thumb along Kageyama’s nose. “Partner,” Yaguruma greets, and Kageyama hisses as the salt of Yaguruma’s touch stings the torn skin. “You’re bleeding again.”

He pulls his thumb away and brings it to his mouth to suck the blood off it, still watching Kageyama. Kageyama follows the motion with his eyes silently. Off to the side there’s the metallic rattle of one or both Hopper Zectors moving around, but Kageyama doesn’t spare them much thought.

Yaguruma’s kiss is rough and warm, and Kageyama doesn’t even try to resist when Yaguruma’s hand finds his shoulder and pushes him down onto his back. Yaguruma smells like smoke and sweat and leather, and tastes of Kageyama’s blood, coppery and sharp.

His hand strays down Kageyama’s chest, and Kageyama lets his eyes flutter shut as Yaguruma probes the edges of the burn on his chest, then lower, until Kageyama’s uneven gasps for air make his chest ache more than Yaguruma’s careless touch. He tears his lips away from Yaguruma’s to breathe, turning his head away when Yaguruma chases after his mouth.

Yaguruma settles tight against Kageyama’s side, propped up on one elbow, and when Kageyama forces his eyes to slit open, he’s stretched the length of Kageyama’s sprawl, one knee bent to display exactly what his body thinks of Kageyama’s laid bare in front of him.

“Come to hell with me,” he purrs, letting his tongue brush over Kageyama’s ear as his fingers curl lazily around Kageyama’s cock.

“Brother,” Kageyama answers, because it sure doesn’t feel like hell is where Yaguruma plans on leading him, especially not the way his hand tightens over Kageyama at the sounds of the name.

Yaguruma strokes him, purposeful but unhurried, thumbing the slick spot that gathers on Kageyama’s tip and pressing closer when Kageyama’s “Aa” turns into his name again, rough and pleading. Kageyama’s chest burns from the long drags of air and with the way his body tries to follow Yaguruma’s touch.

His balls draw tight suddenly, almost a surprise, as if his body has reached its limit all the way round, and Kageyama calls Yaguruma “brother” again and comes all over his hand.

Kageyama forces his eyes open in time to see Yaguruma casually sucking his thumb clean again, and even though it hurts to move, lungs tight in his chest, Kageyama lifts his arm to rub the back of his hand across Yaguruma’s fly.

Fortunately, because there’s no way Kageyama possesses the strength to negotiate buttons or zippers at the moment, Yaguruma smirks down at him and reaches down to undo his pants, drawing his cock out. He slides his hand around the back of Kageyama’s and curls them both around his cock, hard and hot and smooth.

Tightening his stiff fingers as best he can, Kageyama lets Yaguruma drive the rhythm and hums softly at the slide of skin over skin, hoping vaguely that Yaguruma won’t get salt into any of his cuts where it will sting like a bitch.

He’s already slipping back into sleep by the time he feels the hot rush between his fingers, Yaguruma’s body stuttering against his side. Dimly, he feels Yaguruma strip off his shirt and wipe them both down, muttering something about light and dark that ends in “partner.”

“Mmm,” Kageyama agrees vaguely, rolling over just enough to press his face against Yaguruma’s shoulder, and then drops into unconsciousness.

Remixed by Marksykins here.

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